What Would Rush Say?

Those who can, will remember back in the days where any and all involved in organizations like “Bilderberg Group”, “Bohemian Grove”, and even the term “New Word Order” were denied to even exist by the very ones who formed, advanced and attended them. Those who pointed these out and questioned the motives were labled conspiracy nuts, tin foil hats, bat stuff crazy, and more names to quiet them. So here we are today, and people wonder how we got here.

Ironic isn’t it, how human nature is to ignore the warnings of the watchman telling the truth. It’s the way it has always been. The Bible is full of scriptures showing the watchman’s crys falling on ears that will not hear and eyes that will not see. Nothing is new under the sun. When no one was listening, and few could see and many who saw refused to even acknowlege it, as though that would make it all go away, I took to writing truth in both fiction, and nonfiction in an effort to awaken those who were sleeping through the most obvious chain of events that were in lockstep leading up to this very day.

Fiction was the only way to get any truth to the masses, for everyone loves a thrilling story, but few want to look at reality. For you see, Hollywood has always produced fiction to tell the masses what is planned and people pay to see it and marvel at it and can’t wait to see the sequels, and all the while they have no clue this is what they are doing, are planning to do, or have already done.

Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh, A Conservative Lodestar, Dies At 70 | WAMC

In talking with a friend recently, I brought up my book, “Manifesting The Wrath”, written in 2009. The events today are playing out as though the book had come to life. But, there were many people who did the same warnings in their writings so there is no special accolades to be shed here. One of the fun parts in the book was using the media as characters reporting the news as the Cabal’s foul evil acts were being played out. One of those whom I admired then and miss today was Rush Limbaugh. In my book he was Crush Danner. And of course I paired him with another favorite Greta Van Susteren, who in the book is called Rhetta.

In honor of Rush, I want to share a piece from the book where he is reporting along with other big news names back in those days. Maybe you can guess who the others are? Please enjoy. I’ll start where Rush has been introduced and is giving his live report.

“It was the most devastating, despicable outrage I … why, I can’t even begin to tell you how devious the masterminds behind this most blatant man-made disaster are. At this point, my only words for them are words I can’t legally say on the air.”

Trent Rogers added, “So you were at the United Nations, and you say you saw sheiks? Sheiks? Getting aboard an Air Force One helicopter?”

       “That’s right, Trent. They were loading up the almighty sheiks, while they pushed the Israel prime minister under the burning bus, so to speak. He was shoved out of line and thrown on the fires like kindling wood. My guess is that big fascist government needed more fuel to fan the fires with, and his body seemed to be well seasoned for it! And all the while mainstream media is reporting that Homeland Security did their best to save him, but the poor guy died. This burns me up—I can’t tell you how angry I am at the lies of false reporting! Well, I’m here to tell the whole world that he is alive, and it was true blue American Constitution loving conservatives that hauled this man out of that burning inferno. And the most important—and I can’t say it enough—the most impressively important, heroic, daring feat he performed before he was hauled off to safety … Are you ready for this one, Trent?”

       “I think I know what you’re gonna say, and I’m ready.”

       “This brave hero—” Crush choked up. “Sorry, Trent.”

       “Hey, take your time. I can’t imagine what you and every human being in that hellhole, and I can say hellhole, have experienced.”

       Crush, regaining his composure, continued, “That brave heroic icon reached bare fisted into the fire, grabbing hold of a flaming chunk of debris, and heaved it away. You should have seen it; flames were shooting off of it three feet out and getting higher. I said, ‘We can’t get it. We have to find something to push it out of the way.’

“And while I was starting to look for something that would be an equalizer; he just reached in and grabbed hold of that thing and heaved it away, saving the life of Sakr Al-Erefac.”

       “You mean to tell me that Aaron Yuseph, the prime minister of Israel, reached into the fire to save Sakr Al-Erefac?” “That is exactly what I am standing here today telling you! He singlehandedly saved him from the premature cremation that fascist big world government had planned for him! And yes, you did hear me correctly. This is bigger than just some left-wing crazy liberal ideologies; even their pea-size brains won’t carry things this far. This is the hideous, laborious efforts of the Hilderburg Group. Or something worse.”

       “Sorry, Crush, we’re out of time. But we’ll have you on again. I think you’re going on next with Rhetta Jones. She has more to say about the fires in L.A. Rhetta, are you geared up for Crush?” The scene broke to Rhetta.

       “Sure am, David. There’s something heading north in the Pacific, and it’s not the migration of the blue whales. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out. We have Crush Danner and Admiral Barnes as our guests tonight. We have a lot of surprises you won’t want to miss. David, when are you coming on my show again? I always love to have you on.”

       “Ah, I know it. And I love being your guest. Soon. It will be soon. That’s all for tonight’s show. Stay tuned for Rhetta!”

       Briskly, the man in charge grabbed the remote and clicked to a mainstream media channel. An extreme Southern drawl was heard from a female reporting the so-called news, “I tale ya, thar’s sumethin fishy go’en on in Florada. Lacey Laley is still missing and wait till ya hear what the muther has to say about—”

       He gave the remote a click, switching to another channel, and yelled, “I don’t know how that woman keeps her show.” He gave the remote another click.

       A deep voice belonging to a talk show host was speaking, “So you really think the government was lying to the people?”

       “I’m not sure what to think, George, after the Associated Press sent out the liberal left FEMA alert all the little acorns went rolling down the hill like a Pixar movie. And the Homeland Security squirrels let a whole bunch get away trying to desperately grab the one little nut that looked like it just might be a conservative?”

       “What say, did it confuse you?”

       “Why, no, George. It scared me to no end! This is bigger than a liberal assault on America; they’re killing off their own precious media groupies. And heaven knows, the president won’t want that on his conscious. If you take away their dark suits and their self-glorifying, devious weapons—like let’s say their An-M-14s—then and only then will they be exposed for the spineless little sissies they are.”

       “Sounds like you’re not a fan of theirs?”

       “Fan? Did you say fan? When did you start to catch on? Was it when I accused them all of playing fascist mind games and inventing their own news, via the new liberal Marxist government newspaper? Which, if you remember, used to be the liberal Manhattan Daily Times before fascist big government bailed that out too. Nothing like just reaching the big long arm of the government into whatever it was you wanted to be when you grew up and making it yours. It’s obvious the members of Congress still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up. But they’ve certainly been trying on all the different hats. Let’s see now, some of them have tried to be big bankers, all of them, actually. And some of them have tried to be big CEOs of the automobile industry, the insurance industry—all industries, as a matter of fact. Some of them decided they didn’t like those hats, and so they have tried to become doctors and nurses, taking over and deciding what’s best with national health care. Oh, and some just want to be a superhero and save the planet from the innocence called daily living. Meanwhile, they blow up Manhattan and take it state by state.

       “What’s next? They’ll probably decide they don’t like any of the hats available to them here on earth, and then they will try to play like they are supreme beings, supreme gods. They’ll try and wear that hat too. They’re practicing for that role as we speak; that is why they are creating all of this chaos.

       “My question is, while they are all out fighting amongst themselves like the little brats that they are, struggling to see who’s going to get to play the devil and who gets to play God, what hats do the sane people get to wear? What’s left? You know, the sane ones that they all want to grow up and be like; what will be left for them?”

       “You never cease to amaze me, Fran. Sorry we are out of time. I’d really like to talk to you some more on this. Can we have you back on again, Fran?”

       “I love your confidence, George. It’s as though you don’t even see Rome burning around you. But to answer your question, I’d love to if we are all still here anywhere in the immediate future. I always love being on your show.”

       “There you have it folks. Great insights from syndicated columnist and best-selling author—Fran Ingles. Fran, you’re always a delight. Now if you’re suffering with arthritis and leg and back ache, Pharm-assist has some good news for you. We’ll be right back after this word from our sponsor.”

       “Can I turn it back to Unbiased News?”

       “It’s off.” click “I’m sick of listening to this junk. I need to call Johnston now. This isn’t going the way they planned. Operation Middle East Peace was supposed to do away with the leaders of Israel and Palestine. Then, in the middle of the world’s mourning and despair—combined with all the other chaos, designed to kill the last ounces of capitalism—both countries would embrace a unity. This was going to allow an international unity and global reordering. A new system like the world had never seen before.”

       “I don’t know how they are going to turn this all back on course. Unbiased News and conservative pundits are ruining our mainstream media efforts. If you get to talk to any of your directors, ask if they know for sure that Benson is still clueless about the other plans.” End of excerpt.

Marine One Has A Plush New Interior | The Drive

So while we are in the process of the Republic versus the Corporation, remember this to shall pass and keep the faith that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord. Remember when you are renovating any structure sometimes you have to eliminate everything down to the bare bones foundation. This is where we are and soon we will have all the debris moved out of the way and the new infra structure construction can begin with the most reknown builder in the world…President Donald J. Trump.

Keep on pressing forward….never surrender and stay strong!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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