It Keeps Getting Better…

Just because you get to lie, doesn’t mean people believe you. Remember that. These are priceless…. enjoy! Replies to the New York Post… When did they let Jussie Smollet out of jail? Show us again, exactly how you heard Trump did that? Is she smirking? Yes, she’s smirking. She knows how stupid she sounds…even for…Continue readingIt Keeps Getting Better…

Hearsay Is Not A Testimony….

Good grief can it get any more deranged than it is? I guess that answer is Yes. Cheney has a new eye witness that only has a “hearsay” edge to it, but it is sounding more like “her say”. And that is supposed to make it all a wrap up? A slam dunk? A win?…Continue readingHearsay Is Not A Testimony….

Cold, Hard Truth…

Do you really believe the Brics+ are going to lose to these clueless, rubber faced muppets? Take a good long look. These are the idiots who have been hand picked to do the evil of the Khazarian Mafia. They have been hand picked because of their empty heads that can be controlled due to their…Continue readingCold, Hard Truth…

Michael Stenger, The Sergeant at Arms in Charge of J 6 Capitol Security Shot?

“Mysteriously dies” and “Unexpected Death” are the two most popular reasons given so far for the death of Michael Stenger who happened to be the Sergeant at Arms in Charge of the J6 Capitol Security under Pelosi and McConnell. The question is…”Why the mystery and why keep cause of death a secret?” One rumor that…Continue readingMichael Stenger, The Sergeant at Arms in Charge of J 6 Capitol Security Shot?

Will Someone Take Joe To His Basement?

We all get it…Biden is a RESET PUPPET destroying the Republic. Now do the good thing and remove it! Meanwhile, since Joe is giving more weapons and money we don’t have to Zelensky and his suicide mission in Ukraine… I thought it appropriate to look at the real boots on the ground and losing streak…Continue readingWill Someone Take Joe To His Basement?

Has Joe fallen and he can’t get up…or does that come later?

Look, he’s here, he’s there, he’s every where… and now he’s at the G-7? Here come the lies….and lots of them. Fake news – if you are INTO LISTENING TO the ones who bring you fake news and fan the flames of distraction all while acting like they are truth tellers, then these guys are…Continue readingHas Joe fallen and he can’t get up…or does that come later?

Never doubt it! Biden is a Rubber Mask!

So far it’s just cloudy with a chance of meat balls. The Janes Revenge or Rage of the summer hires or whatever it is… turns out rather dull and fake. We’ve seen some lame videos of angry people…we know they are angry because they have angry faces and signs that say they are angry. This…Continue readingNever doubt it! Biden is a Rubber Mask!

Eugenics – Just One Of The Sins of America…

Eugenics of the left… It is alive and well, supported by the evil paid hirelings . It is time to end it all now… Roe Versus Wade is nothing but a shell… the crimes within the circles of which these were dreamed up are many. The entire progressive democratic push has been to create a…Continue readingEugenics – Just One Of The Sins of America…

President Trump Rally – Mendon, Illinois

Firing up Illinois… taking back all of America one state at a time! People want law and order! They are tired of the lawlessness and corruption. Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press! DianneContinue readingPresident Trump Rally – Mendon, Illinois

Trump Praises Supreme Court Decision!

President Trump said that the overturning of Roe Versus Wade “Will work out for everybody.” “This is following the Constitution, and giving rights back when they should have been given long ago. This brings everything back to the states where it has always belonged,” Trump said. When asked whether he feels he played a role…Continue readingTrump Praises Supreme Court Decision!