The Swamp Drain is Swirling!

Biden et al says… Ukraine is on hold for the moment as the US braces for Justice coming to a city near you. Enquiring minds want to know if now women on the left will all self abort and will Pepsi look for another way to enhance their beverages? This also puts a big cog in the bio lab wheels of experimentation…. so Zelenksy is on his own for a while as the United States braces for the Return of the Republic.

In short… no money for you today Ukraine. Pelosi needs more vodka and Waters is looking for street soldiers, while ANTIFA is gearing up for their night of rage starring Jane’s Revenge… brought to you by Soros and the lefties.


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Which, thanks be to the Supreme Court ruling yesterday, Americans will be packing protection and not the condom type. So bring it on and watch the wild west and how it was won. We all now know how they do what they do and won’t be buying into that live theater show this time around.

Meanwhile the grifters are still asking for donations and rallys have T-Shirts and the jabs are being pushed on the children who weren’t aborted. Liz Cheney’s advertisement for democrats to register republican and vote for her has been compromised with her recent Tweet on her support for right to life. So, there went that idea… at least she’s going out with an insurrection… the thing she knows all about.

Is there an end to the madness or is this a perpetual nightmare? One thing is sure there are a host of Senators who will not retain their seats in the mid term elections. And some are already eating each other up on the left.

Just in, the irony of the unselect committee of J6 and their kangaroo court to call it an insurrection may have to be postponed for the insurrection of their constituents in the streets on their “NIGHT OF RAGE” as their leader Pelosi, and her ax grinders Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Pencil Neck, Schumer and waddling Nadler all take to the podiums to scathe and hiss at the Supreme Court Justices who they are NOW ALL THREATENING TO DO AWAY WITH. BIDEN’s clock strikes midnight and we now have a real insurrection in the works.

But fear not, the DHS has issued a statement telling churches and pro life facilities to get extra security during the days of rage.

Did I miss anything?

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Watch as the Rules for Radicals meet their RESET… there always comes a point when the last straw is the one that broke the camels back and everything that was laid upon it goes crashing to the ground. We are watching the last straw and now… the tumbling down…..

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It is all going up in the smoke it rode in on! What took them a progressively long time is going out very rapidly. They never knew when to shut up and sit down. Now they will be dialed back to ZERO!

And now the radical left is already planning mass protests in front of Justice Clarence Thomas’s home.

What will Joe Biden do? What will AG Garland do?

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Read: IT BEGINS: Leftist Group Announce Mass Protest Outside Justice Clarence Thomas’s Home Tonight (


As always if all hell breaks loose in one place, look at the other place.

Russian FM says Ukraine events an attempt by the West to establish a new world order!

Surprised? Nope. Read:Russian FM says Ukraine events an attempt by the West to establish a new world order – Insider Paper

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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