False Flag Coming?

Nothing is as it appears. Be prepared for a big false flag.

They have set the stage with the very same plans that were put on hold during the Judge Scalia murder. It appears that the old plans are back out and on the table. The plan then was to eliminate a number of judge appointees and some Supreme Court Judges, 3 to be exact,  by way of  angry protesting citizens and FBI snipers planted among them who would then take them out.  The same “sniper fire” playbook as Ukraine on Fire during their orange revolution in Maidan Square.  They would make sure it looked like a angry protest and equip the people with everything they needed to create a little hell on earth and distract from the real crime which was going to be multiple major assassinations. And to camouflage the event, they would have multiple false flags taking place simultaneously to give the appearance that a nation of citizens were out of control, when actually it was all planned as a false flag. Will our white hats catch this false flag before its’ presenters push to get it done? Or is this all just a wad of conspiracy theory chewing gum?

image 295
Supreme Court Justice Judge Scalia.

This can explain the 14 RINOs and their dissent to compromise the second amendment, along with the leak of Roe versus Wade (acting as a buffer and preparation time to build up steam and set the stage for anger and momentum)? Put them together and you have all the makings of an organized astro turf false flag event, especially with the second amendment push on the table. The desperate Biden et al has one last shot and they will make sure it is heard around the world.

Putting two and two together…

In reviewing the case from the Whistle Blower of the Dirty Tricks Squad and his testimony back in January and March of 2021 from the case that Lin Wood showed us the transcripts to and the whistle blower’s testimony of.  The whistle blower’s name was not given, but the entire PDF of the transcripts were revealed.

If you recall, we posted in an article last fall of all the transcripts provided by Lin Wood at the time,  from the Dirty Tricks Squad whistle blower. It dealt with the whistle blowers dealings with them, and with his knowledge of the plans against the Supreme Court Justices and the involvement of Justice Roberts.  The plot to go down was one that would allow Hillary Clinton to pack the courts. Well, they never thought she would lose, but she did. Meanwhile, the plans were altered to bring us Russia, Russia, Russia. However, we all know that these people are not very creative and they always rinse and repeat. So in looking long and hard at what is going down… it sure smells like a false flag and one that has a lot of opportunities for the corrupt ones on Capitol Hill.

Just saying to watch everything and stay safe. The entire scenario has been set up to carry out another one of their false flag events.

Send extra prayers of protection to our Supreme Court Justices, and the Justices in the states. The plan was to take out a lot of Judge appointments. The only thing that is standing in their way now is what is left of the law that they cannot control and any good judges, military and first responders who are not compromised by their black mail.

image 296

Read part of the deposition transcripts that lay out the scenario at the time.

What opportunities to you see happening today that lead into the same type of false flag scenario?

Why would this be needed? What do they have to gain by rinse and repeating the same playbook?

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image 290
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image 293
image 294
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Read the rest: FULL Transcript of Whistleblower Interview.pdf

Pray that someone do the right thing and protect the Supreme Court Justices and their families. All who are protesting in front of their homes should by law be arrested! Why are they allowing this? False flag coming?

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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