It’s Back To Coal~Europe Buckles and needs some energy… their Green has molded over and it stinks!! What happened to all of their solar panels and wind mills? Where’s their little Greta and her “How Dare You’s?”. Have they told on themselves? Oh dear how the hypocrites have fallen, have fallen. 2021 wake up call…Continue readingEUROPE FIRES UP COAL!

The World Has Always Been Run By Radicals…

It is just that now we know who they are and how they do it! Oh the look on Joey’s face… his woke reality is crashing. This is priceless. The exodus of five million…or one. Who will it be? More redactions from the Trump Affidavit. Truth is hard for some to believe, but that doesn’t…Continue readingThe World Has Always Been Run By Radicals…

Trump Affidavit Unsealed…

But it is heavy with redactions!! The Department Of Justice has submitted two filings re: the Trump search warrant. Proposed redactions to the affidavit in support of the search warrant. A submission providing additional evidence/argument against unsealing the affidavit. Here Is The Link To The Trump Search Warrant Affidavit With Redactions: affidavit | PDF |…Continue readingTrump Affidavit Unsealed…


Or Should We Ask, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? If you haven’t figured it out by now… let’s just spell it out for you. THE CERN PROJECT IS AN EXTENSION OF TESLA’S LIFE’S WORK ON HIS TESLA COIL. The question is and always has been…WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO DO? We’ve heard they were looking for…Continue readingWHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO DO?

Clutch Your Pearls On This One – Or Kick Your EV!

$29,842. 15 FOR AN EV CAR BATTERY REPLACEMENT! THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF THEIR JAB THINGS! They tell you how green Electric Vehicles are for the planet…as they bomb the heck out of it and incinerate whatever they please with space based laser technology and create draughts with HAARP, to mine their lithium to make…Continue readingClutch Your Pearls On This One – Or Kick Your EV!

The Veil Has Ripped From Bottom To The Top!

The world is getting smaller and the flies need a big swat! As we journey through the lifting of the veil in search of truth, the sorcery played becomes more clear. In seeing the sorcery… we now are left with sorting through all the layers of propaganda that covers it, even behind its veil. For…Continue readingThe Veil Has Ripped From Bottom To The Top!

Nikola Tesla, Autobiography In His Own Words

This text is from the PDF link that has been entered by John R.H. Penner from a small rare booklet found in a used bookstore. Because of the length of the material, I have pulled from a section of the document, as to cherry pick the excerpts, does not lend the full context of Nikola…Continue readingNikola Tesla, Autobiography In His Own Words

Ukraine Shouts War, Taiwan Shouts Come and Take it…and Joey is drooling.

How long will this go on before it sounds different. This soap opera is like rinse and repeat, then rinse again and repeat….over and over and over! As if there isn’t enough crazy taking place… the unelectable leaders that were inserted by various means onto their power thrones by globalists who want to rule the…Continue readingUkraine Shouts War, Taiwan Shouts Come and Take it…and Joey is drooling.


BYE, BYE AOC! NEW YORK IS READY FOR TINA IN CONGRESS! AND TINA’S ON HER WAY! After winning the nomination,Tina Forte tweeted several thank you’s to her voters – here’s one: “Thank you to The Bronx and Queens. New Yorkers will no longer accept high taxes, rising crime, bad schools, and infringements on our freedom.…Continue readingCONGRATULATIONS TINA FORTE!

Rethinking Tesla and The Government(s)

The problem with Tesla’s Science along with the majority of the community that study it, is simply that they have to work so hard to hide the truths they have discovered, as they push the science they want you to believe in order to control the one thing they cannot harness… your free will. Science…Continue readingRethinking Tesla and The Government(s)