Ukraine Shouts War, Taiwan Shouts Come and Take it…and Joey is drooling.

How long will this go on before it sounds different. This soap opera is like rinse and repeat, then rinse again and repeat….over and over and over!

As if there isn’t enough crazy taking place… the unelectable leaders that were inserted by various means onto their power thrones by globalists who want to rule the world, continue to boldly make their war moves. Zelensky shouts and throws out his chest as though he could fight and win something, all the while making sure the camera catches his good side, of which there is no good side to him at all these days? But once again the petulant child with a hand grenade has his hand out begging, while dressed like a street thug for his virtual conference at the United Nations. The purpose appears to be another round of lies and begging for someone to help him blow Russia up, and of course weapons, weapons, weapons and billions of dollars.

If the UN really wants to show the world they know what is taking place, they would do better by encouraging the NAZI child to resign and hold him accountable for his war crimes against his own people and the destruction of his own infrastructure, and address the biolabs, the human lab experiments, drug and child trafficking, and the money laundering. They would address the blatant bombing on their own citizens for the last 8 plus years and the other atrocities committed against them. At this point, those who continue to encourage Zelensky’s behavior are obviously in league with his actions.

There’s nothing new under the sun…Eccl. 1:9

History continues to repeat itself. The game goes on in each generation, the only thing that changes is the trends of the times that are manufactured for us to buy, consume, and or occupy our minds with. Isn’t it time to break out of the time warp games and do something different? Like how about ushering in the Kingdom of God! That has not yet been done. It is time!

This Coke can is a good example of what these greedy merchants of the earth do. They give you words that are meant to divide and to anger. Throw the coke away – boycott that fizzy, slimmy, toilet cleaner at all costs…. Try to be less coke!

image 342

Palki Sharma Upadhyay is always open and truthful in her reporting. She points out the lies and questions what is said to be fact. For those who wonder who they can trust these days with what is taking place in the world…Palki is one that so far, I have not seen any lies or fake news. In fact she exposes both. On all sides.

Pelosi caused serious war tensions between China and Taiwan when she made her Asian tour. China is clearly fueling a war. The question is…says Palki, “Can they afford to? For you see wars are not just fought for oil, they are fought with oil. You need fuel for your jets. You need air craft carriers. And that could be a problem for china because China is the second largest oil consumer in the world. The US is the first, but unlike the US, China is not energy independent. They make 13% of global consumption but only 1.5% of reserves. 72% of China’s oil is imported. That is 11.8 million barrels imported per day.”

image 343

And this is during peace time. If war breaks out, China will need much more oil. The question is where will this oil come from, especially when 60% of China’s oil imports must come through 3 important choke points. These are Strait of Hormuz which is located between Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman; the strait of Malacca that separates Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s the shortest route from West Asia to China.; and the Singapore Strait which is 19 Kilometers long and links strait of Malacca to South China Sea. The U.S. Navy dominates these choke points. The U.S. also has military bases in West Asia. China has none. Washington could leverage China and cut off their oil supply. China’s oil imports are 72% of their oil supply and all of these imports pass through strategic choke points controlled by U.S. Navy Ships. Let that soak in.

And then there is Russia and Ukraine on the verge of a few more “Booms” as Putin is done with Zelensky and ready to go full throttle to oust the one murdering his own people, and destroying his own infrastructure and blaming it on Russia. It’s obvious the lying punk has got to go.


So that’s how he’s getting all the dough… from a bankrupt nation.

image 347


And Biden just signed on your mail carriers… for this risk~

Joey’s proud list of UN-accomplishments.

image 345


Just FYI for those who want to know how he can do this.

image 346

This is why the U.N. needs to be dismantled. It is the machine of the World Economic Forum. This is their hub in plain sight.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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