The World Has Always Been Run By Radicals…

It is just that now we know who they are and how they do it!

Oh the look on Joey’s face… his woke reality is crashing. This is priceless.

The exodus of five million…or one. Who will it be?

image 404

More redactions from the Trump Affidavit.

image 405

Truth is hard for some to believe, but that doesn’t change the facts of the matter.

Well that didn’t take long to get fact checked and taken down. I hope she is safe. She was an employee of the CDC, and gave a dire warning that anyone who takes a jab will have six months up to three years to live. She said there was mercury in the shots 30 to 40% and that is what was highly toxic on top of the other things she listed that most of us have heard of that are causing clots and other failures that she named (I don’t want to misquote ingredients, etc. so I won’t try) …She said her phone was constantly ringing and she was trying to warn people not to take these, but her calls were mostly people who had taken it and were very ill, and telling of deaths. She gave a strong warning that they all know what are in these vaccines and they are pushing them and it was up to us not to take them.

More truth… who is listening? Wake up.

Should we not ask or should we see something, say something?

“You are a criminal for not reporting it.” said President Trump.

So now it’s in your face Canada do your President a favor and die. Will this catch on?

As the earth shakes and rocks back and forth… remember the Lord said it would be like a woman in labor, paining to give birth. And in the end when the new child arrives, the pain is forgotten for the joy of the new born child.

Stay strong and know… the Lord God is with you through this journey. Amen!

image 408

Man’s first mistake and yet one he continues to make is his thinking he can be a god and figure out how God called light into existance. The second mistake is his boldness to play God. His third and last mistake to make, which is now in full swing, is the idea that he can overthrow God’s foot stool, let alone His Throne.

That being said… the show continues and remember, there is nothing new under the Sun… we are just here for a moment in time on the earth for eternity is real… there is that which is good of God and that which is evil of Satan. There is a heaven and a hell and each must choose which path they will follow. The wide path or the narrow one?

image 407

The Lord said, pick up your cross and follow me. It won’t be easy in the flesh, but the rewards in the life everlasting are eternal and the blessings are without number. This life in the flesh has been shortened for a reason, for it is bitter and filled with injustice, sin that leads to misery, deception, hate, fraud, deceit, and lies. This life is fleeting, and rightfully so… for the Lord is hastening to come and in His wait, He has given us the Kingdom inside of us. He has made us the temple and promised to dwell inside of each who believe. Our Father God has sent the Holy Spirit to reside in us to teach us all things, give discernment and wisdom, to guide and to comfort us. We must see it, accept it and live it. His yoke is easy…love God with all your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. To do these two commands, you will have done all of God’s commandments. It is man who adds all the other and complicates it to confuse. Our Lord condemned man’s ways… and said…”Come follow me, do as I do.”

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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