The Veil Has Ripped From Bottom To The Top!

The world is getting smaller and the flies need a big swat!

As we journey through the lifting of the veil in search of truth, the sorcery played becomes more clear. In seeing the sorcery… we now are left with sorting through all the layers of propaganda that covers it, even behind its veil. For it is sorcery and nothing is as it appears.

What has been cleverly done before, and so foolishly believed by those who think themselves superior that it will cleverly work again, is now spinning out of control as truth breaks through their smoke and murky mirrors. There is a pattern that when one finds it, can truly see there is nothing new under the sun. Whether we look at Nero setting the Circus and Rome on fire to blame Christians, or whether it is the Reichstag Fire and the Nazi Rise to Power… or a sloppy Dem and Rino preplanned J-6 riot, we see the same patterns of deceit with the outcome being opportunity to rear down an angry fist and justified war against the ones they set up.

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With the Pelosi, McConnell firestarter set, we get to see how, with a little help from Mayor Bowser and her blind eye, and a general or two, their own bussed in ANTIFA led assault team, filtered with FBI to assure their coup to blame Trump supporters for their own manufactured riot on the Capitol, falls apart. If not for patriots finding hidden explosives the night before, and promptly reporting that find… it would have been much more dire. But alas, those in on the coup were prepared for it as they headed for the tunnels right on cue (or a couple hours late as Trump’s speech was late getting started and ran over). So, the ANTIFA had to find things to do inside the capitol and outside as they waited… and they just decided to start early as though no one would ever know. I wonder what they thought as they waited in the tunnels and no explosives were fired off? There went their sensationalized headlines up in Tesla’s aether instead of their firy smoke.

The point is, they are still pushing their narrative all the way to being exposed and Cheney losing her seat. Things just are not working as good for them as they used to. Perhaps thanks to Tesla’s wireless, and their own sloppy boldness, coupled with believing people are as stupid as they have judged and written in their think tanks at WEF, Club of Rome, and Foreign Council on Relations.

These same antics went on in the days of the Robber Barons who turned the wheels of industry into their own world wars and used all the patents of Tesla to make those wheels turn and grind the earth into a powder keg. Some of the very same players in the days of Tesla were the same ones gleefully orchestrating all the master plans of their future world order in place. Their thousand little points of light.

Between Tesla’s technology and the paper clipped crew of WW II… we made it to the moon. Or did we?

With narrated documentaries that give the viewer emotions felt of quite a range as though they were watching “Gone With The Wind”…and then there comes a generation that shouts…”Frankly my dear….you lied to us!” Bummer…it felt so good to see us go to the moon and travel the galaxy. How dare you. But then again, there is a reason they call it “Real Stories”. Cinderella is a “Real Story”. What we want is not another story…we are wanting the TRUTH!

So now that we know the games they play… the question is…are the documentaries made by Admiral Byrd and his expeditions along the same lines of the ones that came later from our same government projects…like the moon landing?

People were glued to their radios, and went to parades to see the arrival and departures of great swelling words of good tidings and progress for mankind. How long will we listen and never ask for our proof? The proof they ask us to have, and then we present, and then they fact check it as fake.

 Part 1 “Admiral Richard E. Byrd in Discovery” a south pole documentary…was this another moon landing?  It doesn’t look like what they have told us….today when I watched this it just reeks of fake things. But you watch and then you decide. I’m only one little opinion here.

These sure remind me of the same sort of skewed visuals we watched with the moon landing. And the childlike events shown to Americans as though they were thoughtless is rather insulting. It’s as bad as the moon landing in the studio. Was part of the Artic filmed on a set too? It is beginning to look like it. Question all things. Some of the real clips are much different then the documentaries for happy families to watch and cheer to the story fed to them.

Part 2 “Admiral Richard E. Byrd in Discovery”.

Mysterious tidbits to question on our dear Admiral Byrd.

Note: Before you read the tidbits, keep in mind the various things taking place world wide. We have the Bolshevik revolution and the entire Russian Tsar family murdered, the toppling of a Orthodox Christian Monarchy and the rise of the communist Bolshevik Party of Vladimir Lenin in its’ place. We have world war I and the Jekyll Island meeting in 1910 where the draft legislation for the creation of a U.S. central bank was created and key parts of this draft (the Aldrich plan) were incorporated into the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. We have just had a major bank fail, and the great depression was just around the corner looming to begin in 1929. We also have Tesla announcing to the world with his trumpet all of his inventions and the power of them all, and a host of U.S. government agencies working hard to steal his patents and a host of nations acquiring the same patents and all of them building his projects in secret. There was a lot going on that the public was not supposed to know about.

Admiral Richard Byrd served in the United States Navy during the First World War, 1914-19. But he injured his ankle and was forced to take a desk job.  Nevertheless,  even though he injured his ankle a few years earlier, in autumn 1917 he was sent for naval aviation training where he developed a love of flying.

Is this another rah, rah, propaganda film? Sure looks like it.

Mysterious tidbits of our dear Admiral Byrd.

Byrd volunteered for numerous challenging missions during the early 1920s, and in 1925 Byrd travelled to Greenland to command the aviation unit of Arctic explorer Donald B. MacMillan’s most recent expedition. It was here that he was inspired to attempt to navigate the first flight over the North Pole, for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1926. Doubts have since been raised over whether he and the pilot, Floyd Bennet, actually reached the Pole as they claimed. But, maybe they did. Maybe it wasn’t as they thought it was going to be. For there is a big polar opening which he wrote about in his diary, but never was reported to the public. Why do they play these hide and seek games and never tell us the truth?

image 358

When Google Earth first came out to the public, we could see the hole at the north pole but then when people started sharing photos of it…they put a big black square over it. Why is that?

That being said… watch the hearty man with the ankle injury move about the heavy Artic Tundra like an athlete!

Every time they landed in Antarctica, either by boat or by plane, from the first trip in 1933 onward. The man never spoke of a problem with his ankle, nor did the press make note of how he did so well with a permanent injury that gave him a desk job and now…just look at him hiking in the artic tundra, a famous world reknown explorer. What a trooper!

Byrd and three crewmates completed a non-stop transatlantic flight in 1927, and used the success of this mission to secure financial backing for an Antarctic expedition the following year. Arriving on the Ross Ice Shelf in January 1929, the explorers constructed the ‘Little America’ base camp from where they undertook photographic expeditions and geological surveys. Eventually, on 28 November, they launched the first ever flight to the South Pole.

The four-man crew boarded a Ford Trimotor airplane named the Floyd Bennett after Byrd’s previous pilot who had recently died, and at 1am on 29 November reached the South Pole where they flew beyond and to the left and right in case of any navigational errors. The round-trip took them more than 18 hours, and saw Byrd promoted to the rank of rear admiral on his return to America. He continued to undertake Antarctic expeditions, his last being in 1956.

And now a few things that make you think when you ponder them…

There was a fleeting video where Byrd was speaking to the president after his return from his Artic exploration. At that time he spoke of his warning that the people he met inside the polar opening said no more atomic bombs or they would have to intercede. They took that down around 2007 or so. It was up for a short time.

Follow the politics and the money.

Above is a must watch, propaganda film…war is a lark and we must save the world for DEMOCRACY. Nothing new under the sun. I can hear Pelosi narrating the save the world through war section. But one thing is sure, none of Biden would fit into any of this… it would undo all of the push with just a few of his drooling babbles and wondering in circles holding a cue card trying to find the podium.

The point is, Admiral Byrd had originally said one thing, then later came back and said another thing as though he had never said the first things. And he stuck to his story after that. So I believe his first words were the truth and the rest was Goverment script (lies) and that type of deceit.

Today they sell us fear and the story is still the same. We have to save the world for Democracy…while they go and topple free sovereign nations.

Imagine if everyone knew they were going to the ice walls and trying to break through a dome… and what that would do with their alien plans….and all the other ideas they had to gain money for war by fake moon launches? And fake moon studies. It is my opinion…just my opinion…based on what dots I’ve connected that the moon funding and research was always to develop Tesla’s war weapons….the entire space station is for space based weaponry. Based on lasers, radar, and beams that incinerate…Tesla’s war weapons. They were never to be used by the governments for peace keeping…that was a facade… like jabs will keep us from catching covid type of facade. HAARP is a perfect example of Tesla’s playing God machine….with frequencies high and low. Low frequencies penetrate into tectonic plates and cause earth quakes, higher frequencies move air streams and cause bad weather. Weather wars are real. The government now holds all of these patents. But then again, they control the patent office as we have well learned through Leader Technologies and the lawsuits of McGibbens… when the Government wants something, they just take it.

The World May Never See His ‘OTHER’ Inventions… but we are all feeling the effects of them…most of them are not visible to the naked eye.

A great crime was perpetrated upon the world when Tesla died alone on January 7, 1943 at the age of 86, making it possible for the FBI to seize his papers, and belongings which have never been seen again. Among his missing possessions, there are possibly hundreds of far reaching creations that would have made the world the utopia of freedom that Tesla sought, or the nightmare he wanted to avoid. Perhaps one day, Tesla’s greatest inventions to be, will be rediscovered, and our planet will benefit from the original intentions for their use.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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