Gen. Mattis & His Book!

HE LEARNED EVERYTHING ON HOW TO BE A BOARD MEMBER FROM A LITTLE BOOK, AND IT WAS NOT THE BIBLE! CNN brushed over Mattis….saying he testified in the Holmes trial but failed to report on anything he said. Interesting don’t you think? Especially since it was he who perpetrated the “Military Medevac Use” propaganda. Can…Continue readingGen. Mattis & His Book!

45 Knows Everything!

Which wascally wabbit do we chase? Holmes or Maxwell? Theranos Trial Is Underway and Elizabeth Holmes is slated to take the witness stand in her defense on Monday Nov. 22, 2021. Meanwhile: An Investor Who Poured $96M Into Startup Claims He Was Duped! Brian Grossman, a manager for the investment firm PFM Sciences, testified that…Continue reading45 Knows Everything!

Good Morning!

The world is going like the energizer bunny doing all sorts of things and it just keeps going, and going, and going! But now all is not as it seems…there are things taking place and now the decision of which rabbit to chase has many looking like elmore Fudd! GOD’S PEOPLE ARE WINNING BECAUSE THEY…Continue readingGood Morning!

Keep Pressing Forward!

Rittenhouse not guilty……justice has prevailed….. …and here we go….right on time for their puppet masters! And as though the world wasn’t watching…and as though anyone believes the lies that the evil ones are spewing out? The puppet masters have called out their blue state hoards. But then again…San Fran isn’t quite as far gone as…Continue readingKeep Pressing Forward!

Rittenhouse Aquitted!

Kyle Rittenhouse was finally set free in a full Aquittal of all charges!  A 12 member jury found Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY on two counts of homicide, one count of attempted homicide, and two counts of recklessly endangering safety during RIOTS that were called “peaceful protests” repeatedly by fake news media and presented that tragic…Continue readingRittenhouse Aquitted!

“Patriot Purge”

Tucker Carlson’s documentary “Patriot Purge” exposes the truth behind what took place on Jan. 6! Which that truth is what most every patriot already knows, and that is that the event was infiltrated by organized thugs and it was an inside job. The film exposes the coup by the Deep State apparatus to re-direct the…Continue reading“Patriot Purge”

Laughter as Medicine…

It does build the immune system…and laughing at lies helps us see the truth! We can see ourselves and others for what they are, depending on how it’s done. But when it is to be done…that is the challenge of discernment. While video songs like this help us to laugh at the irony of our…Continue readingLaughter as Medicine…

Fact Checking For Truth…

It’s all about discernment. Today… everything is upside down and nothing is as it appears. We are bombarded with truth coupled with lies. The invisible enemy is saying one thing, then another. The invisible enemy has infiltrated into EVERYTHING, except one thing…..and that one thing is they cannot infiltrate those who are close to the…Continue readingFact Checking For Truth…

God’s Word Is Our Weapon!

The Lord has given all who believe the gift of the Holy Spirit. The question is….are all who believe in the Lord using it? Especially now that the spiritual warfare is out in the open and fear mongering is at its’ height! The news is filled with death vax and mandated fear and even the…Continue readingGod’s Word Is Our Weapon!

Who Is In Charge?

CONSPIRACY OR CONNECTING DOTS….YOU DECIDE! Remember Satan rules the world and he works both sides of the war….he has his minions every where. The Lord told us he is like a ravenous wolf among he sheep. He also told us to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove…..for he sends us out…Continue readingWho Is In Charge?