Who Is In Charge?


Remember Satan rules the world and he works both sides of the war….he has his minions every where. The Lord told us he is like a ravenous wolf among he sheep. He also told us to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove…..for he sends us out as sheep among wolves.

SO, as Nancy Drew is filming Marine One in the sky, Fox News is forecasting that it has landed already. Nancy laughs at the false reporting. So what are we to learn from what the News Reports. Are we seeing a code…that sometimes when Biden is landing it is Daddy T? Who is not Biden? Have they been using a code to communicate while we watch the show and are told other messages? It appears that could very well be the drill.

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Nancy Drew Nov 3 Arrival at WH at 1 30 AM TRUMP Arrival Marine 1 (roxytube.com)

AT 1:30 A.M., MARINE ONE LANDS AT WHITE HOUSE….LIGHTS GO ON FOR A MOMENT AS THOUGH TO GUIDE MARINE ONE IN…OR SIGNAL SOMETHING…AND THEN GO OUT. MARINE ONE LANDS, NANCY DREW SAYS THIS IS DADDY T. The press is there, by her, at the same distance away, filming and taking notes. So, on November 3, 2021 President Trump lands in Marine One at the White House. The question is why? We know sleepy Joe is not on it and we also know according to eye witnesses, and Nancy Drew being one of those, that there has not been Marine Guard at the Whitehouse, and the lights are always off. What has been taking place?

Meanwhile, we have other updates on events since Nov. 3rd, and many interesting things showing what appear to be arrests taking place.

Watch the footage on Patriot Party News.com

Listen to the Patriots and Trina at around 17.50 min. in, as she says….how did we miss all of this? Everything means something. Those who have followed the Marshall Report were there in the beginning and recall all the flack received for showing the exact same things as they took place. Finally eyes are opened and focused on the show and not the side distractions! We need to see all of it…in order to catch all the clues and know what is taking place.

More great footage!


Ok, guys. So this video, was taken right after my live this morning at the WH. In my live, I noticed them having their pics taken, and thought Id shut down, just in case, for privacy. This was about 20 min, or so, before my live of the motorcade. Ima need, a little help here, I think. Watcha think? Did, a sista, accidentally get hooked up, today? Kinda appears as if its Daddy T, and that gorgeous, Melania πŸ˜²πŸ€”
That motorcade, would be very fitting, to happen, right after this. Oh, please, let it be themπŸ™πŸ˜

πŸ‘‰ https://noahreport.com


THE JURY VERDICT IN THE RHITTENHOUSE TRIAL IS EXPECTED TO COME AT ANY TIME NOW….Just in: Prosecutor Thomas Binger will NOT comment after the jury reaches a verdict, citing ethical rules. His full statement below..


Keep on pressing…..and pressing, and pressing!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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