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Which wascally wabbit do we chase? Holmes or Maxwell?

Theranos Trial Is Underway and Elizabeth Holmes is slated to take the witness stand in her defense on Monday Nov. 22, 2021.

Meanwhile: An Investor Who Poured $96M Into Startup Claims He Was Duped!

Brian Grossman, a manager for the investment firm PFM Sciences, testified that he met Holmes and Baldwin in 2013 about investing in Theranos and Holmes did most of the talking, and by golly he was duped. He testified that he was told the device was being used by the Department of Defense in battlefield situations and medevac units, and several big pharmaceutical firms were using these in trials. Grossman as an investor, poured nearly $100 million into the failed startup claims he was duped- seriously? A manager for an investment firm PFM Sciences? Seriously? See video and story here:


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Witnesses testified that the claims of military use and big pharma were false. So…. The premise is that all these rich and powerful were duped and Mattis is out there and not even on trial.  Was he duped too?  So duped that he lied and made the claims that the military was using this for TWO YEARS on the website? And Mattis did nothing to make them take that down? He even listed the field results!  He remained on the board until he was selected by Trump to join his administration, of which then he resigned from the Board of Directors and it appears, Trump kept one more enemy closer.

Where is General Mattis on this one? Wasn’t he on the board of directors? Yes he was. Wasn’t he the one who said and even stated on the Theranos Website that the Military was using Elizabeths Blood labs in the battle fields with great success? Yes he was!  Will this even come out in the trial?

General James Mattis, commander, U.S. Central Command, said,We have been using Theranos for two years with incredible results. One of the most challenging parts of my job is contacting families of fallen soldiers, I write multiple next of kin letters every day.  And so, it’s very evident to me the impact that Theranos has had on survival rates. We are able to take these small machines to the frontline on helicopters and planes, test, get extremely accurate results and begin stabilization immediately.  “As a result, we have a 98% survival rate.  Up 30% from 69%.  That’s a dramatic improvement in the quality of care that we can provide the courageous men and women of our armed forces, which means a lot more soldiers are going home to their families.”

Does anyone believe that he did not know what this really was all about?

Why are all the globalists saying they were duped by a 19 year old alledged college drop out and got suckered?  Well, if a 19 year old can outsmart all the leading world order globalists….just how powerful is this gal?  And just how stupid are these powerful world elite who want to force vaxes and force mandates and own us all?

Why don’t we just dupe them?  Call them all out? They are admitting they were so stupid….for not just one time…or one year….but since 2003 up to when it was finally boarded up in 2018….but some were running and crying duped when she looked as though it was over….at the end of 2016 and early 2017.

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The film documentary…explaining her innocence and the prominent powerful people supporting her….was to do what?  Make her look like what?  Did it?

It seemed to follow the same Zucker birdie type story of a boy wonder…only this was the female version…conjured up around the very same time in history. Heck…it was a plan that seemed to work. What if the public was duped… and not so much the investors?

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Feinstein and Schultz met with Elizabeth together the first time.  Do you really think these two would not know what was going on? Former Secretary of State, Schultz was the first big investor and sat on the board until the final closing of Theranos. He has since deceased in Feb. 2021, but was a major player in the entire so called duping of all the elite powerful , rich and famous investors.

And the larger question is….why is this trial taking place at the very same time of the Maxwell trial….and in the middle of the show where everyone is fighting for their lives to be able to live jab free? And of course the Rittenhouse trial made a mighty veil to cover up any real looking into jury selections for both Holmes and Maxwell.  

Isn’t it ironic that the lawyers for both Holmes and Ghislaine Maxwell scolded the press and denied access to any information concerning the case as to NOT SWAY THE PUBLIC BEFORE JURY SELECTION?  Meanwhile the press concocted liar stories galore concerning J6 and before that lies of Rhittenhouse that continue to this very day.

And so….for now we are getting the wrap up smear to clear all the duped rich and powerful….so do we watch Theranos or do we watch Maxewell Trial. Don’ t you just hate it when two good shows you have been waiting to watch take place at the same time? I guess we can watch one and record the other and meanwhile…. fight jab mandates and try to escape the NAZI regime as it accuses patriots of being terrorists for loving America and believing in law and order!

Read what the media says about this topic here: Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Testifies For Defence In Criminal Fraud Trial

Prosecutors presented 29 witnesses to back up their claims that Elizabeth Holmes has put patients’ lives in jeopardy while deceiving investors and customers.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes testifies for defence in criminal fraud trial (republicworld.com)

Meanwhile…Ghislaine Maxwell coverage is meant more for Vogue Magazine!

The wrap up smear … Ghislaine Maxwell article opens up announcing that this child and sex trafficker… is a “59 year old socialite! And was sporting a black turtleneck sweater and gray slacks….” Good grief the world has gone mad! Who writes this stuff?

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast/Getty

Ghislaine Maxwell appeared to be in noticeably high spirits this week when she returned to court for jury selection for her sex-trafficking trial.

The 59-year-old socialite sported a black turtleneck sweater and gray slacks, since the law prohibits jurors from seeing criminal defendants in chains or prison garb. Maxwell shared laughs, hugs and close conversations with her attorneys, and turned in her seat on Thursday to blow a flurry of kisses to her sister Isabel, who sat in the gallery. Leah Saffian, a California attorney and friend of Maxwell, was also in the front row this week. She declined to comment. (According to one Daily Mail report, Saffian staged the photo of Maxwell at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles when the press began searching for her in earnest after Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide in August 2019.) Read full story here: Ghislaine Maxwell Chuckles With Attorneys at Jury Selection for her Sex-Trafficking Trial (yahoo.com)

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom…things will look weirder and weirder so stay close to the Lord. None of these evils will go unattended to by God Almighty. Blood of innocents have reached into the heavens….so….pray unceasing and press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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