Would the Real Gavin Newsom Please Stand Up? In an article written by Mr. Ed Link: Would the Real Gavin Newsom Please Stand Up ( he raises interesting questions regarding the disapearance of Gavin Newsom. He makes a photo comparison from before the jab…and after. According to Mr. Ed, the rumor is- “They say he…Continue readingUSELESS PUPPETS….

Wrap Up Smear At It Again!

TODAY STEVE BANNON TURNED HIMSELF IN TO THE FBI IN WASHINGTON, DC. for an alledged MISDEMEANOR charge that fake news pushed out as though it were A CLASS A FELONY. Can theses people get any more ludicrous? The word is the subpoena Bannon did not show up for, and or refused to cooperate with, was…Continue readingWrap Up Smear At It Again!

Wickedness In Your Face!

Are You Ready for What Will Occur over the Next 6-12 Months? The Jesuits are asking you. These dress in hoods of holiness but beneath their cloaks lay wolves with big teeth. Is the Lord falling or is BABYLON THE GREAT AND ALL THEIR MINIONS FALLING, FALLING AND THE MEEK INHERITING THE EARTH? Spiritual warfare…Continue readingWickedness In Your Face!

United States Of Secrets

Once upon a time in America, not that long ago… …it was a time when most all were sleeping and only a few were wide awake. It was a time when only a few had understanding of what was taking place in America. The invisible ones stayed behind the veil and laughed as they watched…Continue readingUnited States Of Secrets

World Shaking – Blasts in China

Ten explosions in China and not a word being said about it? What’s up with that? A series of explosions have occurred in various places in China since Oct 21. According to experts, the timing of these explosions is very sensitive, right before the 6th Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee…Continue readingWorld Shaking – Blasts in China

Dr. Martin’s Fauci Dossier

Read the Full FAUCI DOSSIER PREPARED BY DR. DAVID MARTIN It is full and complete listing every commercial actor, and all the swamp coup! I have to say…Dr. Martin did uncover all the stones. His short lecture in videos did not give the dossier justice. So…the devious details are in the dossier! I have read…Continue readingDr. Martin’s Fauci Dossier


If you are going to tell a story about the vaccine….then TELL ALL OF IT! So what is the ANSWER? BIOWEAPON! Once again the public is shocked to hear it’s Trump’s fault, but this time it is shouted that it was Trump who put a death warrant out on all Americans…through his vaccine executive order.…Continue readingSNAKE SEASON, WATCH OUT!

The Programming Is Evil!

How far will people allow crazy to get before they see it? Sadly, many accept crazy and participate in it as though it was right. When you see something that is wrong and you ignore it. You are now allowing evil to grow. You are now part of the evil. The same thing when you…Continue readingThe Programming Is Evil!

Athletes Die After Jabs!

The Silent Media Fails to Report Vaccine Deaths of World Class Athletes by Susan Price | Nov 12, 2021 | Healthcare, Politics, They spent their entire life getting ready to be the best of the best in their game, all to be let down by their governments’ medical mandates that kill and maim not only their physical being but the soul…Continue readingAthletes Die After Jabs!


HERE WE GO AGAIN….NOW WAR ROOM’S STEVE BANNON IS INDICTED FOR CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS! Two Charges Filed for Failing to Honor House Subpoena From Select Committee Investigating Jan. 6 Capitol Breach! Stephen K. Bannon was indicted today by a federal grand jury on two counts of contempt of Congress stemming from his failure to comply…Continue readingSTEVE BANNON CHARGED!