Canada Trucker’s 4 Freedom 2022 Update…

THE “FRINGE”, AS TRUDEAU CALLS IT, IS SPREADING FASTER THAN COVID. THE PEOPLE HAVE ALL TESTED POSITIVE FOR FRINGE! The only remedy appears to be to end the tyrannical covid mandates and all restrictions and have Trudeau step down from his office. Presently, there is no vax for THE FRINGE! Trudeau is called out in…Continue readingCanada Trucker’s 4 Freedom 2022 Update…

Trucker Convoy Road Show!

This Trucker Convoy Road Show is brought to you by the backbone of the marketplace of the Earth who are HARD WORKING EVERYDAY TRUCKERS! Pay attention great merchants of the earth, for without truckers, the world has empty marketplaces and NOTHING TO SELL! Truckers will no longer allow TYRANTS to own their FREEDOM! WORDS FROM…Continue readingTrucker Convoy Road Show!

War – Fourth Reich Rising?

Yemen is in the middle of a civil war and Gaza terror group chants against US and Saudis in pro-Iran rally! Iran has been training and supplying Houthi Rebels. What will be next on the agenda? This is the type of war people are familiar with. The type that has guns, missiles, and deaths of…Continue readingWar – Fourth Reich Rising?

How To Fight The Giants

Pray unceasing and call upon the Power of the Holy Spirit! Remember always that the Lord dwells in YOU AND YOU DWELL IN HIM! AND THAT IS WHAT IS MEANT BY “GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD!“ THE HOLY SPIRIT IS GIVEN TO ALL WHO BELIEVE IN…Continue readingHow To Fight The Giants

World Shaking – Blasts in China

Ten explosions in China and not a word being said about it? What’s up with that? A series of explosions have occurred in various places in China since Oct 21. According to experts, the timing of these explosions is very sensitive, right before the 6th Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee…Continue readingWorld Shaking – Blasts in China

Guinea Pres. Conde Arrested

Military coup in Guinea, West Africa – President Conde arrested. Guinea soldiers on Sunday said they have taken control of the government and suspended the Constitution. Colonel Mamady Doumbouya of the Guinea military said in a video recorded in the capital, Conakry, that the National Assembly has been dissolved and all land and air routes…Continue readingGuinea Pres. Conde Arrested


Holy Radar – that’s the Kraken!!! Who knew it is a Department of Defense Cyber Warfare Program? It Tracks Systems and aquires evidence of nefarious activities and crimes committed by The Deep State! When Sidney Powell stated she HAS RELEASED THE KRAKEN, most of us thought of Clash of the Titans and cheered her on…Continue readingSIDNEY POWELL'S "KRAKEN" IS DOD CYBER WARFARE PROGRAM! WE ARE AT WAR!