Then there is the world of Biden and the realm of Netanyahu… both in their own bubble, and each have their own thought police… or fake news puppets. So Biden 2.0 declares Netanyahu government is too conservative, meanwhile, Netanyahu is trying to wipe an entire ethnic group of people off the face of the earth?…Continue reading“TRUTH VERSUS A LIE”

Fake News and Truth Tellers…

What do we know for sure? Why is it that those who go behind the curtain and show you what is going on back there are called conspiracy theorists? And why do those who make up big fat lies get to be the ones that fake news says is telling the truth? Even when the…Continue readingFake News and Truth Tellers…

Precious Living Stones? Analyze that one!

Horns, Beasts, Clouds, Horses and Sheafs….??? What do we make of all the symbology of the Word of God? There are many scriptures that tell us how when the prophets didn’t understand their vision, an angel(s) came to them to interpret it. Why is that? Because sometimes the vision was very symbolic and they were not…Continue readingPrecious Living Stones? Analyze that one!

Four Views of Revelation

Steve Gregg wrote a very good book on Revelation: Four Views, a Parallel Commentary. And a revised and updated edition. In the book he states that whereas some readers may be curious about his own position (Steve Gregg), the commentary is not a showcase for his opinions, “which have changed a number of times and…Continue readingFour Views of Revelation

Truth Versus Fabricated Stories – Know The Difference!

If it sounds made up…it probably is! Research everything! Houthi Attacks on Commercial Shipping in International Waters! A Press RELEASE from the US Central Command States: “SOUTHERN RED SEA — Today, there were four attacks against three separate commercial vessels operating in international waters in the southern Red Sea. These three vessels are connected to 14…Continue readingTruth Versus Fabricated Stories – Know The Difference!

Silver Prices Rising While Gold Is Tried In The Fire…

The meek shall inherit the earth. What does this mean? Meekness is not weakness. It is full power restrained. Held back with discipline. Today, at every turn, we are bombarded with words of men shouting all sorts of things. People are waking up and sorting through what is a lie and what is truth and…Continue readingSilver Prices Rising While Gold Is Tried In The Fire…

Humans Are Not WEF’s Hackable Animals!

Crimes against humanity can no longer be hidden. They are out in broad daylight and melting in the Sun! The devil is not a god he is a liar and the author of it. He will never be God nor erase God! Imagine if you will, if the world council of churches decided that the…Continue readingHumans Are Not WEF’s Hackable Animals!

If You Don’t Know What Scriptures Say, Anyone Can Deceive You!

The same goes with fake news. If you aren’t aware of the truth and facts, you will fall for the lies! The more we read the books that give the details of what it was like in the days of Adam, Noah, and Abraham, Jacob and Moses… you know the books that give us the…Continue readingIf You Don’t Know What Scriptures Say, Anyone Can Deceive You!