Table of Nations-Shem, Ham, Japheth

In the Book of Jubilees, it tells the same story as the prophets and of Enoch of the end of days and what the Lord said would be coming upon the earth. I will begin with the dire situation we are facing this very day and the promise to those who are faithful to the…Continue readingTable of Nations-Shem, Ham, Japheth

The Table of Nations

Nothing is where they told us it was! Nothing is as they said it was. Nothing is taking place in this show the way they are telling us it is. Everyone needs to read and see the truth with their own eyes and listen with their own ears. Take nothing for granted and discern all…Continue readingThe Table of Nations

Psaki Lies Again For Biden and the Oligarchs!

The economies that have been wrecked by Biden’s sanctions are in the western world and here in the U.S.! Ukraine was already wrecked by the west since the day they were released from the Soviet Union. The entire plot was always to weaken Russia and a pay back by the Khazarian Nazi’s for the damage…Continue readingPsaki Lies Again For Biden and the Oligarchs!

The Alliance… Does It Exist?

Think of the possibility. Ponder it. What would be the motivation for such an alliance? What do they all have in common? Which of these have stated they want a new world order? Which of these men have toppled nations in the last 22 years? Which one of these men had China paying their share…Continue readingThe Alliance… Does It Exist?

It’s Time To Rate The Information From Gaslight Central…

Propaganda, crisis actors, and maybe some of it’s real? Looking at the news clips and suddenly, I realized how I take for granted how easy it is to see through the lies and how difficult it can be for people who are listening to influencers and government officials. So I threw together a fun piece…Continue readingIt’s Time To Rate The Information From Gaslight Central…

Russia Declares Babylon Has Fallen, Has Fallen!

The replica of the tower of Babel in the Kaluga region of Russia, was set on fire and is burning, burning, burning! It sure looks like Putin is sending a message to the Khazarian Oligarchs that their New World Order shall never be built – they are going down just like the Bible says they…Continue readingRussia Declares Babylon Has Fallen, Has Fallen!

Trump Said Tonight…It’s Time!

President Trump is not on board for Biden’s “Build back broke “ agenda nor any of the 33 degrees. It was sure cold in SC tonight. BOOM! President Trump just torched the Deep State and rallied the people! “Together we are standing up against some of the most sinister forces, entrenched interest and vicious opponents…Continue readingTrump Said Tonight…It’s Time!

Ukraine, Russia Update

New Reports coming in for today…. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree allowing to impose restrictions on Russian exports and imports of products and raw materials to/from particular countries, the list of which the government should prepare within 2 days. The Russian defense ministry has released the results of the first 2 weeks…Continue readingUkraine, Russia Update

Nuclear Arms Control or Ban?

It’s time to understand the U.N. Nuclear Arms Treaty…or at least review it. The United Nations has pushed to have a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) that prohibits/bans any nuclear weapon explosion or any type of nuclear explosion anywhere in the world. Remember all the peace talks??? Well the idea to end nuclear testing was…Continue readingNuclear Arms Control or Ban?

Bored Oligarchs & Ancient Things

The world the oligarchs live in is not the one we think we are living in, nor the one we thought we had. This world is filled with wickedness in high places and always has been. As President Trump has said about human and child trafficking, this is ancient. It goes way back and it…Continue readingBored Oligarchs & Ancient Things