Mind Trivia…To Sharpen Critical Thinking Skills

What happened to Abe?

Shot at age 67. Ultra conservative aligned with Trump on anti globalism views.  Abe  Shinzo served as prime minister of Japan and President of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) from 2006 to 2007 and again from 2012 to 2020. He was the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history.

Allegidly Abe posted a threat that he had evidence to have Hillary arrested. Why would he post this on Twitter? Highly unlikely that he would. What do you think???

image 267

So here we go….

The assassin is behind him and the guards pay no attention. He has his pocket bulging out and his big bag.

I want to also point out these are people behind him…not in front of him. We are told he is promoting some others running for election. Why is he speaking in the streets and where is the crowd? In the video he is in an almost empty area and then we have a bunch of men file out like “men in black” and arrange themselves around Abe like they are promoters.

image 266

Below the first shot is fired. We see smoke at far right coming his way…. so it has to be a gun right? After all it’s home made, right?

image 268

First shot is fired and Abe is stunned and turns and looks to see.

Abe turns to look. No one is guarding him. the smoke is WHITE and getting thick…but he has time to turn quickly halfway.

image 269

Here comes more smoke…remember first shot fired. What do we notice in these photos? Do you see the men to the left they don’t seem to move or be bothered. Not here nor in the video. No one is concerned with Abe. Like they are not concerned or this is what they were told to do???

image 270

Second shot is fired. Abe starts to get down off the stand he’s on. smoke gets a bit thicker.

Men in the back begin to scramble. No one worried about Abe. No one helping Abe.

image 271

Abe continues to get down…people scramble to get out of there. Smoke still hanging in air.

image 272

Men on left more curious about what’s going on over by assassine. Men to Abes right more concerned about getting out of there. Abe all alone continues down.

image 273

Abe turns to his right as he lowers and…no one helps him, no one guards him. But the camera men behind him get out a recording devices and they start filming. They are missing the shot of Abe going down.

Notice… there has never been a crowd of people to hear Abe’s speech? Who was he speaking to?

image 274

Below the men who were scrambling are now behind the metal in the road…and must feel safer on that side of the metal as they now stand and look over. Meanwhile Abe is on his own as he falls. In the next few seconds the man runs around the street bar and keeps running.

image 275

Now watch the video again. What do you see that makes no sense? Who is he addressing? Why are men in black now running out to see the assassin? Who is running to Abe?

image 281

Why does this set up look different than what was in the video? Look how wide that area is behind where Abe was speaking. Why does it look totally different than this picture?

image 282

I just want to know why the videos look different…than the photo shots?

image 283

This smells of false flag to me. I never followed it because I knew it was a false flag. At the same time they rolled this out we had Georgia Guidestones, G20, Monkey Pox, J6, and the senator who can stand on her head and show her arse twerking. So there was a lot to look at. LOL. Were they all false flags? If so what were we not supposed to look at?

image 285

Note the overview below, looks a lot different than the scene we saw. Space wise things look off.

What’s wrong with this picture? Where’s the big gun? Is he loading, reloading, getting ready, is he holding it? Or is it just posed?

image 280

Did it fall? Was he going to shoot it again. Was it a white smoking gun? Or just a smoke toy? What kind of bullets flew out of that? What was the ammo? I smell smoke and mirrors.

image 279

A day or so later, someone posted this:

image 276

I would expect if he were shot in the back he would not be treated laying on it. Now look at the picture on the cover of RT Video. Blood on the white shirt? How did it get there? Or how did it not get on the photo above? When we compare shirts…there may be a sign of blood on the one above now folded back in a bunch. But where is the wound that caused the blood?

image 278

So… this is just a critical thinking exercise. The point is this: If we don’t even know what happened for sure on the day it took place because of deceit and other reasons, imagine how hard it is to put the hidden history back together. Reliable sources…where are any today? Where were they back then? The same tricksters of today were of the same organizations back in ancient times. There is nothing new under the sun…that is why dreams and visions are needed to see and to hear but more than that discernment and being able to reason and see the truth between all the layers of lies that do NOT MAKE SENSE.

image 277

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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