You Can Holler Until The Cows Come Home…

… And most will continue doing the same things in the same way expecting different results.

President Trump came to office with a mission. His purpose was to awaken the people who could be awakened to see the truth that was behind the veil of this great nation that we live in. Many already knew what needed to be done and that is why they supported him. He was their voice. He is still the voice of the people and that is why those who seek a global order hate him. Trump has told us what our part is, yet he said, it is up to you.

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Trump has continued to do his part to make America Great Again, but he is but one man and America is made up of around 330 million people. It is a melting pot of all nations. Few Americans know their true history or that of their own family anscestors. Many Americans, don’t even know what is being decided right now in their own city councils, let alone their state and federal government.

We either awake out of a deep spiritual sleep or we shall be left to the whims of true crazy and rogue men who sit in secret places planning tyrannical ideologies to rule the world. And they are getting very sloppy in their presentations. The dark side is losing!

Have you been watching?

The Destruction of The Old Guard has been in progress all along the way…

We are watching many perp walks and most can’t see it. Because we have not been taught how to look beyond what they shout at us to believe. Who can see what is true and what is a lie. There is a great awakening taking place and many are starting to speak out regardless of the consequences!

Meanwhile, European Commission President Ursula von der LEYEN shouts Russia is Blackmailing us…? What?

Excuse me…wasn’t it the EU that decided Russia should be sanctioned and not allowed to trade? Russia was the recipient of a host of sanctions thrown at them along with the UN and Biden pushing, pushing, pushing to reduce Russia to nothing and have them starve….all because of their interference with the multiple biolabs and Ukraine Oligarch Piggy Bank. Oh how proudly Ursula announced the travel bans on Putin allies and a ban on providing technology and loans to the Russian oil and gas sector in March this year. And now she has the balls to shout Russia is blackmailing us and using energy as a weapon! She just now figured out that by heigthening the market and cutting off the suppy it created a huge crisis.

But, alas it backfired and now Ursula who is the spokes mouthpiece for Klaus Schwab is crying…”How dare they!” Meanwhile Joey is begging the world for oil like a fool when we are sitting on the largest oil reserves and could be self sufficient like President Trump had it all set up to be.

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President Trump was so right when he said, the ones behind this global order are rich people, but not so smart.


This is exactly how we got our upside down world history and the history of the followers of the way. The world darkside minions lie to your face and swear they are telling you the truth. Those who were there that day and those who WATCHED THIS LIVE AS IT WENT DOWN are sick and tired of watching the liar show.

How much do these reporters get paid to spew their lies? Or do they just do this on their own desire to do so?


Anyone who wants a distraction to hear the update of the Hunter laptop is still where it was 3? 4? years ago… losing track of time… how long ago was it? Still waiting…

If anyone really believes that President Trump just let the thieves sit on this…think again. These guys were toast a long time ago. Enjoy your doubles and don’t count on hearing the skinny on this… just be glad they stopped these treasonous thieves.

Nothing has really changed much… just a lot of distractions with a chance of some camouflaged activity.

How many knew they do this and DEW other things too?

All I see are flies. Flies everywhere… on their heads, on their faces, buzzing and buzzing and buzzing. What do you see?

image 304

To just move along and do as you are told, does not make an easier go of it. It is a passive surrendering to all that is good and allows wickedness to grow.

Sometimes…you just have to post something like this…

Keep pressing into the Kingdom of God! PRESS, PRESS, PRESS!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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