Lizards Desire To Manifest Hell On Earth….

God has another plan – HIS KINGDOM COMES ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! KNOW IT IS COMING FAST NOW! In 1991, Dr. John Coleman, a career professional intelligence officer, authored a book warning Americans of the dangerous forces that have infiltrated the United States and all of its agencies Federal, State, and local…Continue readingLizards Desire To Manifest Hell On Earth….

President Trump Is

There’s nothing new under the sun. Except one hot seering iron called President Donald J. Trump, who has now branded the deep state for what they are! Treasonous lizard people out to destroy humanity and have global tyrannical control. The lizard people take down is in progress! Their rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat… is…Continue readingPresident Trump Is


Lots of things are happening… it’s just not happening the way fake news says! In this April Fools time warp we have people who are no longer the original person they were born as. We aren’t talking transgendering… we are talking about those who have been removed and had something else put in their place.…Continue readingIT’S SHOWTIME!

Discern Everything…Hold To Truth!

Don’t play the show games, call everything by the name it is. If it’s fake…shout fake. If it’s a rubber mask…call it a rubber mask. If it is real, call it real. If it’s evil, call it evil, and if it’s good, call it good! Stay in reality and don’t get caught up in believing…Continue readingDiscern Everything…Hold To Truth!

WHO Are The Angels of Bull?

The question is… what did Trump reveal in this message on Truth Social? Do you see the key words? “Traffic Ticket”, as in human and child trafficking? Joe all cleaned up? Ready to go? Crooked DOJ, State, and city prosecutors (corruption cleanup now on state and municpality levels?) Marxists, and communists all? Hit me from…Continue readingWHO Are The Angels of Bull?


Lin Wood recently said some very insightful words on Telegram. I pondered them and am passing them on to you. Lin speaks of that sly ole devil…and his demonic minions who go to and fro. He said, “If targeted by the devil and his minions, the devil studies your past and your humanity to figure…Continue readingFIGHT BACK!


It’s not going to end well for the lizard mutants, nor the wicked! This is the sick type of *%$@# lizards we are dealing with. The behavior of men sitting in offices looking at war as money makers for corporations at the risk of killing women and children and just not caring how many innocent…Continue readingCORRUPTION AND DECEPTION IN YOUR FACE!

It’s Conspiracy Theory Time!!

It’s been a while since new conspiracy theories were able to be seen and argued about as all the old ones were coming to pass. New things are taking place and so now it’s time to sleuth some new ones out! It’s time to take a closer look at the biggest distraction that took place…Continue readingIt’s Conspiracy Theory Time!!

Bank Deadline For LIBOR – What Comes Next?

U.S. dollar (USD) LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) panels will end on June 30, 2023! What does this mean? It means that the present LIBOR banking system has been transitioning away from the LIBOR increasing rate system in preparation for a new rate system. (Some rumors have it that this is a new digital currency…Continue readingBank Deadline For LIBOR – What Comes Next?

How Do You Depopulate The Earth Peacefully?

You simply don’t. It isn’t possible. But yet, that is exactly what the mutant “lizard people” have planned to do! Did you ever just know something was true and had a hard time having anyone believe it? If you have, then welcome to my world. So often if you hear a thing from someone that…Continue readingHow Do You Depopulate The Earth Peacefully?