Discern Everything…Hold To Truth!

Don’t play the show games, call everything by the name it is. If it’s fake…shout fake. If it’s a rubber mask…call it a rubber mask. If it is real, call it real. If it’s evil, call it evil, and if it’s good, call it good!

Stay in reality and don’t get caught up in believing a lie! Call on the Holy Spirit to teach you, guide you, lead you, comfort you, give you wisdom and discernment. And most of all… to protect you from the wicked ones.

We know these guys are gone… this is a perp walk and a distraction. We have to say this when we post these compilation of old tapes with the show news so we don’t push the psyop mind control and remain grounded in the truth. So why post these things? Because they are being posted everywhere possible and we have to remind people that these people are not with us in the flesh anymore…and this is a distraction. (You may have to read this a second time.)

Our minds do not know the difference between a real event and a made up event unless we program it as we see and talk about it. Everything we see goes into our memory. When something triggers us…like a smell or sound… our memories are triggered and that event comes forward. We then, in our mind, experience the event all over again, as though it were real or just happened.

I remember as a teenager watching the movie the Fly with the family. When it was over it was time for bed and my oldest sister who was then 17, was afraid to go upstairs as the stair light was blown out and it was dark. So my dad went first, then my older sister and younger sister. And I… being me and thinking it all silly to be so afraid afte the dumb fly sci fi flick… stood quietly at the foot of the stairs and in the best impersonating voice said feebly…. “help me…” like the fly.

There was an immediate rumbling and I got out of the way as it sounded loud and one by one they came out and my dad was first, my older sister second, and younger sister third. (A complete reversal of order going up).

Needless to say… I did get in trouble for that (mostly for my laughing, I couldn’t help it)… and I was made to go upstairs and turn the lights on. My dad said, “You think it’s so @$#*# … !@#$+* funny, you go up there and turn on the @!#*^ lights.” And so, I did with no problem.

I giggled all the way up the dark stairs. How could I not be afraid? Because I kept the truth separate from the fake… mentally we have to do that. I spent most of the time watching the show trying to figure out how they got the man’s head on the flys body (in the filming and special affects) and pointing out which parts looked the most fake. Of which when we were watching the flick I was told to hush for I was ruining the show.

Today, this is what we have to do in this show. Why? To keep the fictional made up lies (psyops) separate from the facts and truth. If we know someone is a rubber mask, we need to call them a rubber mask. Most people have adopted the terminology of 1.0 to mean original and 2.0 to mean impersonator or rubber mask. There is also a 3.0 being used in some cases. I guess they got that from web versions where 2.0 is the second generation of something, generally new and improved… and 3.0 is the third generation of something. We are watching different versions of people. Fake versions, avatars, or impersonators, or rubber masks, and C.G.I. (computor generated images). Lots of green screen CGI animations.

So keep ahead of the game and question all things as you are watching and discern everything.


James O’Keefe said on Twitter ….

After our @BlackRock video OMG is facing denial of service attacks where every second our email tip inboxes are filled with state and municipal government notifications. Sources can submit their tips and info on signal or through http://OKeefeMediaGroup.com/Contact

All of this and more … is owned by the 1% KM Oligarch controlled lizard people.

image 174

And they don’t need humans anymore.


We talked about this before… but now they are advertising for buyers much more than before. This is not good. Buyer beware and more like RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

As the plan unfolds they are not hiding their SMART CITY open aired concentration camps any more.

Pay attention, these are the things you want to remember for what they actually are! Danger…danger…danger!

Pay attention… child and human trafficking is real.

Traffickers make multi billions a year! KM Oligarch lizards have no value for life. They view children and humans as crops to harvest, and cattle to butcher. This is real – remember it!

The story may be fiction drama based on truths, but human and child trafficking is very real and those who do this must be stopped. This is a world wide crime against humanity.

Ukraine can’t hide behind Joey and the wicked West KM Oligarchs any longer. It’s over! These evil acts are real!

Then we see things like this… and this is not real. But we want it to be…but it isn’t. The plot may be surprisingly accurate, but it’s a fiction piece. Keep it straight… just enjoy it.


The Holy Spirit is in you and with you as you breathe. Know this and know the Lord resides in you and you in Him and God is your Father. Now… talk to them and they will answer you. Listen for it and you will hear. Read the scriptures for yourself and the Holy Spirit will give you understanding and discernment. Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given to you.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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