Shout Like It’s 1958!

Then Shout Like It’s 2023!

If we have learned anything from the onset of RESET, we have learned they lie and propaganda is the biggest weapon in the war we are in!

Gaslighting to confuse your mind and rewriting history is all part of their arsenal of weapons!

Most refuse to look beyond what was programmed and mesmorized as they were taught to memorize. There is no such thing as psychology as they have presented it to the people. In its beginning it was all about mind control and the study of how one processes feelings, life events, experiences, etc., and how to use these findings in order to control the masses. It was Freud who was hired to study such things and sent to the US to begin a new field they called psychiatry.

Before A.I. they sat with pad and pen asking questions like….”When did you first start feeling like this?” “How did you feel when that happened?” “What made you angry?” “What do you remember most from your childhood?” Etc. It was a data gathering to determine and label different types of behavior and what triggered that behavior. Before that they used religion and confession to find what the masses were thinking. Before that they used the methods of philosophers like Socrates, especially the mindset that “thinking” was not something that should be done by the common man who had no skill in analytics. It’s all about finding out how to control a person’s behavior by controlling what they think. Throughout the anals of history, each age of time had their own methods of experimentation to figure out how to achieve the robotic enslavement of mankind.

Which bring us to the greatest fear of the liars who desire to rule the world. And that is that the masses will learn the truth and will no longer believe their lies!

image 66

And one of those truths are that even though the Greeks had Atlas holding up the heavens on his back for the Greek Gods… they later depicted him as carrying a ball on his back… and called it the world. This was declared as truth by the same who worshipped Zeus, Diana, Poseidon, Artemis, and a host of gods and goddesses like Fame and Fortuna. Even the Romans worshipped the same gods, goddesses and traditions of men whose ships regardless navigated by the patterns of a circle of the earth with due north being in the center.

Originally, the story goes that Atlas was punished by the gods and was made to hold up the celestial sphere of the skys.

image 67

That is why in truer depictions of the ancient lore of Atlas, you see the wheels within the wheels spinning… it is not the earth spinning it is the order of the lights obeying and running their course to track the days, times, signs, seasons and years.

image 68

To believe as the early Greeks and Romans, would be to do as the pagans do. Whether they believed the earth was or was not orbiting, matters little to those who know and believe what the Bible has said… “The earth is fixed and does not move.” They knew the firmament was between the waters above and the waters below as the Bible states in Genesis 1:6-7 And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.”

In Genesis 1:15-17 God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also and set them in the firmament of heaven.

What did the ancient cultures believe of the earth and did they see it spinning?

image 65

They knew there was a dome over the earth and scientists and explorers contemplated and recorded all of this. They also debated as to its origin and purpose. And wrote about it in encyclopedia’s and newspapers.

The video below shows the documented proofs that thousands of Newspaper articles were written on this topic from the 1800s to the 1960s. They say with over 4100 stories and 207 pages of 20 Newspapers per page mentioning Flat Earth.

God called it in many places His canopy of protection. He also said the earth was His footstool.

Today, the KM Oligarchs are pushing their climate change and their new versions of pseudo science. Add this to the spinning globe, aliens, climate change and a new thing called “ground-level ozone“!

Last Friday, Illinois was under an Air Quality Alert! And now so is New York!

Good grief… run and hide in your house and don’t breathe the air… even if you are outdoors enjoying nature… you may just have a respiratory issue and your lungs might collapse!

But go ahead and add 5-G to everything and baste your brain in the “take your breathe away” cell towers with all sorts of electromagnetic pulses beaming at andon you… soak all that up and fear not…? Or are they now warning us of high levels of 5-G that absolutely do take your breath away and calling it !  It appears to be either a control fear technique since COVID is busted wide open and investigations and tribunals are underway… or they are now using high frequencies to zap our oxygen levels and now they can blame it on ground level ozones?????

image 71
At least they put it under a dome….

Oh many don’t follow science, but even this is ridiculous to hear, let alone believe. They are saying that ground-level ozone is formed when emissions of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds from vehicles, power plants, and other industrial sources, react in the presence of sunlight.

They are warning that those with asthma or other respiratory or pulmonary disorders should limit their time outside, because the entire state will be under an Air Quality Alert.

Can you see the big picture?  We will now for the first time in the history of the world have “Air Quality Alert” drills… like tornado sirens going off… only it will be sounded to get you off the streets and inside the house!!!

image 73
King Lizard of the Midwest… back from WEF and ready to have new propaganda alerts on ground-level ozone. Alert, alert!

Now I wonder if this has anything to do with the Lizard Governor Pritzker’s new push to build electric cars in Illinois? He is pushing for EV everywhere… and gee… now he has “Air Quality Alerts”… just in time to build a strong climate change “John Kerry” type of WEF speech to end farming and let the people starve type of irrational idea. A real cut off your head to save your feet type of logic.

image 72

Cannabis farm among recipients of $12.6 million in Illinois grants for EV chargers – Chicago Sun-Times (

Kerry just doesn’t look well anymore. Maybe he has the ground-level Ozone virus?

image 70

But it’s not just Illinois shouting this, they are saying that New York City now has the worst air quality of any city on Earth. They said, If exposed to the current air quality in NYC for 24 hours, it would be equivalent to smoking about 6 cigarettes. Good grief they are smearing on their own new fear, kill, steal and destroy climate change junk worse than Greta…little pig tailed thing. Is she still around?  

image 74

Greta is the poster image for committing crimes against humanity!

They have a big long list of new rules to obey….

“To protect human health and the environment from harm, DEC measures levels of outdoor air pollution. DEC reports these measurements to EPA’s Air Quality System (AQS) API (leaves DEC website). DEC also provides an Air Quality Index (AQI) forecast for some pollutants that can be harmful to human health and current air quality measurement data for New York State. Air Quality alerts are also available through DEC Delivers and other broadcast media. EPA’s AirNow (leaves DEC website) offers air quality data by zip code. Along with measuring and reporting air quality data, DEC also writes reports and network assessments for the public and technical community.

DEC measures air pollutants at more than 50 sites across the State using continuous and/or manual instrumentation. These sites are a mix of federally-mandated and supplemental monitoring networks. Real-time direct reading measurements include:

  • criteria pollutants (ozone (O3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO)),
  • PM2.5 and PM 10 (fine particulate with diameter less than 2.5 or 10 microns),
  • black carbon
  • ultrafine particle (UFP) count
  • meteorological data.

Filter-based PM2.5, PM10, lead, elements, acid and mercury deposition samples are collected manually and shipped to a laboratory for analysis.

Monitoring the air for pollution is a complex technical task requiring:

 Good grief their list of things go on and on and on…Read at your own peril of being mindwashed: Air Quality Monitoring – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

I’m sure this is an international movement… and all subject to crimes against humanity. They always make up lies and pin them on you like it’s all your fault. Gaslighting 101.

image 75

The sad thing is that there are many who will believe that there is such a thing as ground level ozone created by carbon emissions and sunlight that will take your oxygen away. This is not the science we learned from Tesla when he discovered how to replicate ozone which is germicidal from the same principles of nature. For when lightning strikes it does connect with ions and produces OZONE that is germicidal. This charges the rain and is natures way of renewing the earth and plants. But, today they are messing with the weather, cloud seeding, weather manipulation and doing all sorts of sci-fi things and so they must blame any mistakes or deliberate actions on something. So, it just makes sense for them to blame it on man and nature. Bad sun… bad cars…bad, bad, mankind.

The truth is… this is another measure of their control and mandates to obey. They really need to be removed. They are getting on the last nerve of good people. Especially those who know how ozone really works. And carbon dioxide. And who know what they are really doing to destroy the earth and depopulate. But the good thing is their stupid made up stuff now actually sounds to the majority as stupid made up stuff. In that we are winning.

Someone needs to yank the ones in league to commit crimes against humanity off to the side and put them in a house with their own “Club of Rome” think tank ideas and schemes. Then we need to tell them from outside with a bull horn how they are now in quarantine and to not come out. Let them know that the “liar alarms” have gone off and we are on to their propaganda.  Tell them to stay put and the military will be along shortly to escort them to their new “safe space”. It is time to red flag and reverse their RESET schemes and have them deal with it, like they are shouting for us to do.

How Does Lightning Impact Air Pollution? EPA Researchers Use Innovative Air Quality Models to Measure Impact | US EPA

They have not only changed history, they have changed science… this new EPA article must have been written by memorizing fact checkers. It contains made up philosophies like a movie script that is not based on real understanding of how nature works. Read at your own peril of mind washing… How Does Lightning Impact Air Pollution? EPA Researchers Use Innovative Air Quality Models to Measure Impact | US EPA

From Tesla’s experiments with alternating current he came up with his Tesla Coil. He also adapted a High Frequency current that reproduced the germicidal effects of the Ozone layer in the sky and used that with igniting a spark (like a lightning rod) and gases in a tube that actually killed germs and bacteria on the surface of the skin, the same as nature does in an electrical storm with lightning, ions and ozone. So… the science of ground level ozone is pseudo and at best would kill germs and bacteria and cleanse the ground if it were ozone. Oxygen robbing elements are really to be found in their A.I. 5G and up DEW technologies.  

Whatever they are doing… it is not to save you, nor to warn you of anything. It is to instill fear, and control. You obey and now the answer is their electric car and green climate change A.I. killing devices. Wake up and call them out on their lies and expose their real intentions. Read: Tesla’s High Potential and High Frequency Work | Tesla Universe and Read: Nikola Tesla U.S. Patent 568,177 – Apparatus for Producing Ozone (

The new pseudo science is calling man made pollution, ground level ozone. But, the fact is… this is hyped, pseudo, and yes there are gaseous molecules that are harmful, but these are NOT OZONE. These are gaseous molecules that do cellular damage to all living things. Carcinogens. So ask what they are spraying!!!

They are willing to do you harm to persuade you to do what they want. These are crimes against humanity. Stop them by calling them out.

We never should have allowed their Greta to yell her “How dare you” and it’s time, if he isn’t already a rubber mask, to get rid of Kerry and his lies about his climate change. He is shouting the orders of the global KM Oligarchs and has for his entire lifetime.

Warning…this link is pseudo mixed with some facts. That is how they do it. So read it knowing they have filled this up with twisted lies: Ground-level Ozone Basics | US EPA

What they are doing is no different than planting a bomb and having it go off and shouting it was a gas explosion. They plant the problem and make up a lie to explain it in order to kill, steal and destroy. Call them out.

image 77

They ask, “What is “good” vs. “bad” ozone?”

This is what the United Nations are now telling the people of the world. These are the same ones who brought you COVID-19 and want to have their RESET. Do you believe them? I sure don’t. Read: | Ozone Secretariat (

There is a mass push to climate change you now with starvation and stay inside because the ground-level Ozone will kill you. What will really kill you is their direct energy frequencies that operate on 5 and 6G and take all the oxygen out of the air and you! I can see the A.I. set up now… like a big fat video game… watching for anyone who leaves their house and ZAP – THEY ZOOM IN AND KILL YOU! Fake news follows up with another one died today because they did not heed the alert.

image 78

Ozone can be “good” or “bad” for health and the environment depending on where it’s found in the atmosphere. Stratospheric ozone is “good” because it protects living things from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Ground-level ozone is “bad” because it can trigger a variety of health problems, particularly for children, the elderly, and people of all ages who have lung diseases such as asthma. Learn more about ground-level ozone.

They say, “Ozone is a gas composed of three atoms of oxygen. Ozone occurs both in the Earth’s upper atmosphere and at ground level. Ozone can be good or bad, depending on where it is found”. Ponder that and read it a few times. Let that soak in.

Called stratospheric ozone, good ozone occurs naturally in the upper atmosphere, where it forms a protective layer that shields us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This beneficial ozone has been partially destroyed by manmade chemicals, causing what is sometimes called a “hole in the ozone.” The good news is, this hole is diminishing. Learn more about stratospheric, or “good” ozone.

Ozone at ground level is a harmful air pollutant, because of its effects on people and the environment, and it is the main ingredient in “smog.” Learn more about air emission sources.

First of all, there was never a hole in the ozone. That was a lie. Second of all ozone at ground level is pollution. Pollution or contamination is not ozone… WEF scientists in think tanks gave it that name. Ozone is not a main ingredient in smog because that is all man made pseudo science. Ask them why they don’t just clean it all up with high frequency current and watch them scratch their heads, after they tell you to shut up because you don’t know what you are talking about…their science is very sophisticated.

Smog? Is not Ozone.  Air emissions, like as in cloud seeding, is not ozone either. They are playing with the atmosphere and now they are blaming their bad side effects on you, cows, nature, the sun, and cars… and their own chemical pollutants. 

For example, Illinois has been messing with the skys and cloud seeding and now they are saying they are having a heat wave that they created, as farmers have their dusty fields and their top soil blowing away. So, Gee… let’s have an “Air Quality Alert”.  Let’s blame it on factory and car pollution. Even though it is affecting areas far away from any factories and in the fields and woods where no cars go. And what about all the little birds and squirrels… if you can’t breathe…they can’t either. Are they breathing?  If they are falling over dead…then they sprayed you. If they are fine…then they lied to you and there is no ground-level ozone issue. There is a liar issue. Crimes against humanity issue. Tell them to shove their EV and climate change projects. Get children out of the cobalt mines. That is a crime against humanity!

People at ground zero always know the truth, but those who control the news control the narrative. People are shut up! It’s what they do.

image 79
Erin Brockovich put boots on the ground and tested the waters and found it was toxic cyanobacteria. Erin Brockovich slams Florida officials over algae crisis: ‘Do your damn jobs’ (

We all can remember Florida and their red tide that was killing fish, mammals, and birds. They said it was red tide. The problem with that was, Red Tide would have made a feeding frenzy for the sea gulls and birds on the dead fish and there was none of that. In fact the birds all disappeared. Flies and bugs did not even crawl on the dead fish. And the second problem with their lies were people watched as mammals and birds fell dead. People had respiratory issues and were told the air is fine. They insisted it was Red tide, and algae blooms. Even when the manatees and sea turtles died, which manatees and sea turtles breathe oxygen and can live on land. They breathe oxygen. But, they lied and insisted the air and water was fine. They insisted it was algae blooms taking the oxygen from the water. The algae crisis was caused by toxic chemical waste dumping, or what today they are now calling “ground-level ozone”. They lied.


Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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