J6 Day 2 Gets a- “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire” Fact Check!

They are done… no one is listening to their lies. People are too busy telling the truth and showing their own unedited videos of what really happened. Google can archive and social media can ban, but funny thing that people have kept their own originals and archived their own videos for such a time as this. Tick tock – the entire lineup of J6 dominoes has already fallen and this is just the second session.

They really are stupid. They hire not so smart people to do their dirty work like protests, burnings, ballot harvesting and things…. and keep them organized so when they need crisis acters or instant riots they have their cause covered. They are so confident in controlling others through their coins that they forget about real Americans who have brains to remember everything, who think critically and who will stand up for their nation on their own dime. This will be their downfall.

The likes of Cheney will look right at you with her withered stone-cold face and lie, lie, lie and expect you to believe it. She’s forgetting that we aren’t her crisis acters nor are we her organized ground soldiers. We are honest folks out for truth and justice. She’s done.


She forgot that we all watched the movie and the hidden camera’s don’t lie like she does. We also saw the footage of the ballot boxes under the tables and all the machine hand fed ballot stuffing that was done when they thought they could get away with it. It’s called ELECTION FRAUD. AND IT’S A CRIME.

Gotta love Representative Lauren Boebert she has the right idea!


Once again… for those who didn’t see it. Kash Patel was there when the stuff went down and here is his testimony. These liars are not going to get very far in anything put committing perjury in their own little kangaroo court sessions.

Shouldn’t our congress, senate, news, and medical field be talking about this?

image 175

We are dealing with some ultra mind washed folks who are organized and ready to riot in DC in front of the Supreme Court. They are gathering even now. They are very angry at those who value life and have already started their riots and street wars that the J 6 Committee so wants to get to the bottom of. They should just look at their own organizations…the ones that the DNC sponsors and funds. They will find all sorts of dangerous and mentally ill people who need some help before the next crime is committed.

Now this is the type of thing Cheney should be holding a hearing to stop. It’s the organizers who organize these type of riots and destruction to property.

But that would involve a complete shake down of their own DNC… but she’s a RINO so I doubt she’ll address it?

This weekend, pro-abortion activists firebombed a pregnancy center in Gresham, OR, which provided material help for mothers & children. Imagine if this had been an abortion clinic. It would be headlines news. But because it’s a pro-life center, media & the Biden admin ignore. Read: Pro-Abortion Terrorists Firebomb Oregon Pregnancy Center (msn.com)

image 177
image 176

This is lawlessness and it appears to be condoned by the Democratic mob rule party which is proving more and more every day to be communist just as it was always said it was.

image 178

Remember Pelosi didn’t worry about the Supreme Court Justice’s needing any protection. So she obviously could care less about this unwed women’s home.

It is time to make this type of mob action as the poster child for evil acts.

This was not a protest, this was a crime. The people who did this are mentally ill. Those who condone these crimes are mentally ill. How many mentally ill people can you count on the J6 Select Committee?

image 179

This is a problem because it has gone unaddressed and even condoned by Democrats in office.

They now await to see the mayhem after the Supreme Court verdict is given. Oh the irony of this taking place while the mob / NAZI leaders such as Elizabeth Warren, have cheered them on and told them to fight- for this is war etc. While at the same time, the select committee is holding J6 kangaroo court hearing of their own. Ironically the evidence and film footage not shown by the select committee, is showing up in all the social media and other articles with eye witness reports by key witnesses. Everything outside their hearing points to the fact that certain Democratic and RINO individuals and some police and or military, knew of the plans to enter the capitol in advance. Why? Because they helped to plan it. It was a thought out, premeditated coup to bus in their own protesters dressed like MAGA supporters, to riot, which is an act of treason.

Meanwhile the pro-abortion protesters are waiting to march and or do whatever it is they will be told to do when the verdict is given.

image 180

Tick tock tomorrows the big day. Or it is expected to be. Pray that our good people are all safe and protected.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press! Pray unceasing!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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