Tell J-6, The Wrap Up Smear Won’t Work This Time!

Truth is going to overcome the lies that these treasonous creatures have been committing ever since Trump was first elected. Who cares if they never thought Hillary would lose? She did. Even after watching the tactics used on Bernie that they somehow tossed a coin and got away with, Hillary lost! And even though the one dressed up like an oven mitt and having a hand full of people at her few and sparce campaign events, she lost! And what happened to Seth Rich? Why aren’t they doing a committee hearing on that one? These clowns have no idea how caught they all are. They have failed to have an audience, even when their paid for media gave them prime time slots on all their lefty stations….and now as they pause for their time out…wrap up smear, they will fail at that one too. Why is this? Because we the people are having our own select committee hearing on alternative media and doing our own wrap up truth and smearing that far and wide! Truth shall prevail! Americans are not all sheep. The lions are roaring their truth!

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Capitol Police called the committee out as stretching the truth to fit their own narrative. The committee claims a republican representative toured people a day before and Capitol Police said yesterday there’s no evidence proving that. This morning, tomorrow’s hearing has been canceled. Draw your own conclusions.

Read: Police: House Republican’s tour of Capitol complex before Jan. 6 wasn’t suspicious (

Why are they postponing their prime time (low viewership audience) Kangaroo Court?

Perhaps they don’t want to compete with their prime-time news coverage of the Roe Versus Wade Supreme Court Verdict protests. Maybe? Who knows? I smell fire burning in the distance. But maybe they simply need to have some help with a wrap up smear since they are failing very badly.

For the one thing true about the J6 select committee is that they are losing big time. So, it’s obvious the best thing they could do was to pass their deflated ball to the press to do their wrap up smear and add words that they didn’t say and interpretations they wanted to say but didn’t think to say…so now the press will lie bigger and say it for them. If bigger lies are even possible.

The lawless ones are desperate to defame any and all who expose them and tell truth.

Then today we are reading headlines like the one from Breitbart stating:

The January 6 Select Committee sought on Monday to highlight that Rudy Giuliani was “inebriated” during election night of 2020 in an apparent effort to discredit him and former President Donald Trump.

Excerpt: “Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said, “President Trump rejected advice of his campaign experts on election night, and instead followed the course recommended by an apparently inebriated Rudy Giuliani to just claim that he won and insist the vote-counting stop, to falsely claim everything was fraudulent.”

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They have told on themselves by using coup members lies as their truth and have forgotten timelines.

And guess who started the Giulani is a drunk rumor? It started back before J6 with none other than Patrick Byrnes, the one who snuck into the Whitehouse and started his own spin off of the election with his General friend who was also not invited… next thing we know there is a book out by Byrne titled “Deep Rig” and his bogus movie to match it all feeding into the J6 scenarios and Giuliani a drunk.  Good grief folks connect the dots. The coup was bigger than you knew. It had generals and psyops and even council on foreign relations member CIA operative Patrick Byrne who helped set up the original Russia Dossier scenario but is now sorry for that and is out to save America… we know this because he said so and his Rabbi Warren Buffett advised him. Read: “Rabbi” Warren Buffett advised ex-Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne | Fox Business

Followed up to discredit Giuliani who had all the goods on Ukraine and Biden et al.

If you forgot how that garbage all went down… let me remind you who it is that many of you have been paying to see and donating to. Welcome to their psyop. And they were the ones doing so many nasty things. Ask Lin Wood. Heck… ask Sydney Powell. But don’t ask Clay Clark… he is too busy fulfilling his prophetic mission to save America promoting these yahoos. READ: Rudy Giuliani a Drunk According to Overstock’s Patrick Byrne (

And not only that…how about him pushing Flynn for President and a movement that does NOT INCLUDE President Trump? Read: Patrick Byrne Proposes Insane Plan To Install Mike Flynn As President! (

Now I touched on all these issues over and over and over again. But it’s obvious in the mind washing Joe Show… we have to keep looking at the truth because the liars lie so good. And no one wants to believe that some people are capable of the things they are doing. They would rather shoot the messenger. BANG! BANG, BANG, BANG!

Now the War Room is on the War Path with the J6 lies on Giuliani and they are smacking some right between the eyeballs! The entire J6 committee has presented nothing but a pack of lies and is being exposed! I have a feeling there will be some strong consequences for the Cheney goes to war show. Besides many on the committee, just like Cheney, are losing their seats in the midterms… others are looking at their last days in any government office. It appears they will be remembered for their coup against the American people and a duly elected president whose name is Donald J. Trump. Their sins go back before Hillary lost and when all of this is over, they will be remembered for the treason they so deserve to be remembered for!

Former NYC police commissioner demands apology from Jan. 6 committee, but plans to comply – POLITICO

These yahoos in the coup have forgotten to mention that Cyber security was watching the machines in real time during the election and detected fraud. They have it all. They are also forgetting to mention that after the election fraud, the head of the Department of Defense Mark Esper, was fired and replaced by Christopher Miller, they also fail to say the Pentagon was cleaned out of around 11 of its’ foreign advisory board including Albright and Kissinger… and Gina Haspel the head of the CIA was fired and the main servers were obtained from Germany. And they fail to mention that President Trump enacted the National Security Action Memoranda [NSAM]: NSAM 57, Responsibility for Paramilitary Operations that took the power away from the bureaucratic channels in Washington D.C., from that point forward, they were no longer in control, the special operation forces reported directly to Christopher Miller. That included the CIA, NSA, FBI etc.  Read:Special Operations Leader to Report Directly to Acting Defense Secretary > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

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Special Operations Leader to Report Directly to Acting Defense Secretary > U.S. Department of Defense > Defense Department News

What J6 is accomplishing is opposite of their mission. What they set out to do was to create a psyop accusing innocent people and taking down Trump, but what they are achieving is pointing out clearly many of those who were a part of the coup on J6 and removing any doubt that psyops were indeed in play. They have succeeded in showing just how guilty Pelosi and McConnell were in their neglect to assist the capitol police chief in his request to have assistance, on that day, and how General Charles Flynn went against President Trump’s orders, (it was NOT A REQUEST), but a command to have 20,000 guard for the event and it was ignored.

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Flynn stated that the optics of having uniformed military personnel deployed to the U.S. Capitol would not be good. Why was that Flynn? 

And right after J6, General Charles Flynn returned to Hawaii and was soon promoted to Commander of U.S. Army Pacific. Was that because he did such a good job on J6?

They are showing the deliberate preplanned actions to set up Trump supporters who came to hear a speech whose lives were put at risk as they had their organized ANTIFA and other crisis acters bussed in to infiltrate the event to cause harm and destruction. Read:Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn slated to command US Army Pacific, and 14 other promotions ( (one correction to this story… Gen. M. Flynn did not resign his White House position, HE WAS FIRED for reaching what the White House Press called a “Critical Mass” of Mistrust. They could NOT TRUST MIKE FLYNN.

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This was an all-out, in your face take down and one of those type of events that you can’t trust anyone to tell you the truth, for the infiltration was and still is everywhere.

It was the people who made their new 3 star heroes shine and the people are now looking at the cold hard truth of it all. Those with eyes to see are no longer applauding the infiltrators. Many infiltrators have made some stupid and bold moves and in doing so, they have shown they aren’t that smart.  Well, those days are gone people are no longer looking for heroes, they realize that they, themselves, are the heroes.

The J6 select committee operate under their own form of lawlessness and still believe they are above the law. In short, they are still operating like they always have.

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Remember Abrams went to the Bilderberg meeting in 2019 and she was anointed to help win the elections as that was her specialty!

SIDNEY POWELL – I’m Going To Blow Up Georgia First! Enter Stacey Abrams… – The Marshall Report (

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In 2019 at the Annual Bilderberg Meeting… who would have ever guessed a star was born?

The J6 nonselective bunch will never bring up some interesting facts about the election nor the world events leading up to it, let alone anything about the states having the biggest election fraud accusations…like Georgia, home of Stacy Abrams.

I look back and remember how it got old to listen to some shout out at the citizens like they were army recruits…shouting orders with no training and expecting mothers and fathers and grannies to just go out and clean up the garbage in America infiltrated politics overnight. Good grief that got me thinking a lot back then and I asked…who does this guy think he’s talking to? I used to say to those I knew in private…” I’m so sick of hearing podcasters and Flynn yell ‘fight like a Flynn’ when the truth is he caved and admitted doing something he said he didn’t do and had to have a woman bail him out!  How about fight like a Powell?” But that was back in the days when he was still everyone’s darling hero.  So, of course one only said such things privately and not publicly. Maybe those who thought such things back then should have spoken out sooner?  Naw… it would have only caused people to shout mean things at those who saw things for what they were.

So, what ever happened to Powell after all the dragging through the mud by Byrnes and an ungrateful Flynn?  He never came to her aid to defend her at all when Byrne said atrocious things about her that were obviously made up.  And Lin Wood called them all out… noting she too had gotten a knife in the back…or at least she posted a meme indicating that and he passed it along.

It is time for all of the patriots who were shouting truth all along the way, to go back to their own archives which contain a day-to-day diary of the real events, and pull out all the truth that disputes the fiery darts the liars have thrown in our faces. Just connect the truth dots that expose all of the evil lies!

This is no longer about Trump this is about every American. This is fire on fire!

We are winning as long as we call them out! Expose the truth!

So many thought this was all part of a distraction… I called it an infiltrated mess.

It’s still a mess and they are eating their own, still now. Lawsuits, new foundations, go fund me, and roadshows making money off of peril are soon to part ways as people will (if they don’t already) need their every dollar (those the stock market and crypto crash don’t take) to pay their gas, food and energy bills. Their hoopla and hollering is becoming as unpopular as the J6 Select Committee. Even prime time has proven lousy ratings that no one wants to hear their rhetoric. Maybe the road show should add some real animals and entertainment?  Or host a DJ dance party?

So, keep on pressing through the grapes of wrath and through the blue berries on Capitol Hill! The wine presses are running overtime!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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