Hey Generals, DOD and DOJ, Being Woke Is Not American-It’s Treason!

There have been so many wrongful acts, it has been hard to keep up!

We haven’t mentioned a lot on the border laws willfully being ignored which are in numbers that constitute an invasion and all being allowed to continue by this bunch who were appointed by those who partook in a stolen election and called that bunch an administration. Instead of upholding the constitution they chose to kiss the boots of the thieves. They are now the enforcers of LAWLESSNESS!

But now, impeachment proceedings appear to be on the horizon.

Call it what it really is…it is TREASON!

Patriotic Americans have been buzzing of what they don’t like about Merrick, Miley and Austin… and of course…. Joey avatar. These and other appointees have forgotten that ‘we the people’ are wide awake and so far we haven’t heard any real convincing apology nor any reason not to be disgusted at their unAmerican rhetoric. During these past and present, very difficult years of LAWLESS MANDATES, COVID LOCKSTEP, TOXIC JAB, AND STOLEN ELECTION, PEOPLE ARE SAYING THINGS LIKE, “THIS ALL LOOKS AND SOUNDS TOTALITARIAN”, and “WHERE’S THE MILITARY WHO SWORE AND OATH TO PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION?”

It is very bad when the people mumble among themselves of a government bunch that act as though they desire to use the US MILITARY AGAINST the AMERICAN PEOPLEā€¦.AND THEN WATCH THEM DO IT!

It’s obvious the three mentioned above have been sitting in their WEF think tank war rooms too long and forgot they serve THE PATRIOTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not Ukraine, not China, not the EU, and not the KM Oligarch’s Cabal. That USA, corporation is busted. This is from after Poland was bombed by Ukraine and the three stooges had to poke some eyes, slap some heads and bump into each other and still lied to the people. Why? Because that is what they do and they do so believe we are dumb and believe them.

It appears their main focus is to help the ones who stole the election divide America and support a proxy war that could get many Americans blown up. And their part in supporting those who are out right lying about J-6 will be their achilles heel.

Those days are coming to a close…rapidly!

Never forget Milley was asked to resign and he said….”He serves at the pleasure of the president”.

He went woke and the disasters that have followed his wokeness are numerous!

Serving with the stolen election’s president’s administration and doing the thieves bidding will go down in history as the worst treasonist act in the history of America and woke Miley will go down with him at the President’s pleasure!

General Miley went woke and there’s no walking it back even if he borrowed Zelensky’s high heels. He has shown the world he is part of the problem that is dividing America. Why is it that everything that stands for America is now under attack, even the word Patriot. What happened to doing your Patriotic duty?

It is now obvious many wearing stars on the shoulders are doing shameful things. And why? Are they really enjoying the Biden lockstep boot kissing or are they just on the side of KM Oligarch’s global government? Their mocking lawful Americans and calling FBI on parents for attending school board meetings, stripping them of their parental and constitutional rights is appalling. And on top of that, calling those who use the word “PATRIOT” as HATE SPEECH IS TOTALITARIAN!

We are watching two power structures within our nation. President Trump addresses the nation and the people listen. Joey Avatar speaks or mumbles muffled cartoon jibber and the people gasp as the world laughs. Joey has no command. He has clowns and fools running around reading their scripts and acting like they are the character they have been assigned to play. These are bad actors and thieves in the show of tyranny.

The show isn’t funny…it is real.

It is just that we are seeing what the world looks like when the fools actually get to run it…and for now they know they are losing any hold they thought they had and because of their own panic and lack of cognitive abilities to actually think…they are falling, falling.


Ask yourself why do all of these lawless ones fear President Trump? Why are they helpless against him? What strange power does President Trump have? It sure looks like they all know and we are not supposed to know. But those with eyes to see and ears to hear all know.

Where is Patrick Byrne today? Has anyone heard? Asking for a friend.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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