Byrne’s Last Hoorah or is it a Big Horray?

Just ran across this interesting video. Looks like others have the same mindset about the road show, et al…

We are finding out who is who… and from whence they came… it’s not looking good for deep state and the fake patriots who are still working with the deep state.

So, according to Scott Bennett, it was him that gave the intelligence information to Sidney Powell that got Flynn out of jail? Wow….. watch the video. Who is this guy? Scott Bennett was fast tracked into the US military PSYOPS division. He received a Direct Commission as an Officer, and held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) security clearance. Prior to this, Scott had a background in advertising. And Powell had told an interviewer that she never worked with Bennett? Bennett says not so, it was his information and informing Powell that got him off his charges. That kinda sounds like working with her now doesn’t it? Interesting.

From the video above, we now know who was behind J-6 and it doesn’t look good for Flynn, Byrne, Powell and the deep state inside the capital. True or false? Connect the dots. Remember Flynn’s speech on J-5 and his not attending anything on J-6 and now look at the Byrne set up when he allegedly snuck into the Whitehouse in December 2020. Keep in mind also that these guys could be dual operatives… just saying nothing is as it appears.

It’s a private club with many infiltrators and incubators… mostly inside Universities – follow the money!

Stanford University goes hand in hand with Silicon Valley and High Tech where Bitcoin, Crypto Currency Blockchains and hackable human mind concepts are as common as corn in the midwest. It appears that when we see the engineers of mind controlling A.I., and the political aspects of normalizing and organizing profitable abnormal … we find a number of Stanford grads among those involved.

Among the Stanford grads are Patrick Byrne who is also Council on Foreign Relations Member, Barbara Fried, Uncle Sam’s Bankman Fried’s mother who started Mind The Gap, Gary Gensler head of the Security Exchange Commission who has  resolved most cryptocurrency investigations through settlements (gee ya think?), Elon Musk (the front man for Space X and Tesla Motors, purchased Twitter?), Chelsea Clinton, Mitt Romney, Corey Booker, Peter Thiel, Dianne Feinstein, Rachael Maddow, Susan Rice, Adam Schiff, Valerie Jarrett, Christine Blasey Ford (who falsely accused Kavanaugh), and the new Prime Minister of Great Britain – Rishi Sunak, just to name a few familiar names.

Once again… Ray Epps. Who’s he working J-6 for?

Which bring us to the question of…. which podcasters are part of a controlled agenda? Is a 3 star general involved and a carnival barker? Will they carry on when a crypto FBI shadow man disappears?

Recap and hyposthesis: Patrick Byrne had to have a background check whether he realized it or not to get inside the White House… you don’t just sneak in any more than you sneak into the Capital Building without someone seeing you. It is obvious that unless Trump lived in a basement like Joey Avatar that he already knew of the CEO, Byrne Crypto Blockchain King of Overstock, and EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT COMPANY, including George Soros 100 million dollar donations, as well as Carter Page, Strozk, and Byrnes confession on Fox News that he worked for the dirty trick squad and the Russia, Russia, Russia dossier hoax.

And from his many TV appearances and recent troubles with selling his shares of sending them crashing on wall street, and his crypto blockchain troubles and lawsuits that suddenly vanished into thin air… Trump knew very well he had a snake slither in. So, when the little arrogant “I spy with my Bitcoin eye guru” snuck in, as he claims, to the White House with Powell and Flynn… he really wasn’t taking Trump off guard as he foolishly boasts. Instead, it’s obvious now that he was played like a fiddle. Trump loves to play Art of War with narcisists like Byrne.

We now have Scott Bennett who with an advertising background, was fast tracked into the US military PSYOPS division of which Flynn served the US Military for 33 years and had been Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and was the nation’s highest serving military intelligence officer. And we know a bit of what the last 33 years of wars included and that was a lot of Hillary, Bush, Obama and a lot of the deep state mess coming into its grande finale and Hillary was never supposed to lose. Which bring us back to question what Bennett meant to do exactly? Just saying… question everything in this show.

Flynn was thoroughly vetted before Trump brought him on board as his National Security Advisor of which he lasted 22 days before President Trump fired him for what was announced by the White House press secretary as Flynn had reached a critical mass of mistrust, and Trump said publicly that he had lied.

image 361

Knowing what we now know… can you see the possible set up’s in this for General Flynn to possibly be lying? Can you see the way it went down? Can you recall it happened at the onset of President Trump taking office… They said he was informed within four days of his new Presidency? The informant was a Hillary supporter, Sally Yates. Trump didn’t take action that she knew of and informed him again. Can you see the possible set up here? It could go two different ways.

Flynn was officially fired on February 17, 2017.

Sally Yates was Obama’s Attorney General at the end of his term. What was her motivation when she informed Trump of Flynn’s communications, especially when she knew those were false… and the news would do their wrap up smear? Why did Flynn lie and admit to doing something he did not do? Trump is a smart man, and Flynn is a smart man. Was there a coup to be figured out? If so was Flynn in a trap or was he part of setting a trap? Obama’s Attorney General, Sally Yates, on day 4 gives Trump the info. He isn’t acting the way she nudged him to act so she gives him the info again. Trump goes through proper channels and finds Flynn lied to Pence, and to FBI. Flynn is fired. All this as Russia Gate is rolled out. And continues to this day.

image 362
Sally Yates… gave Trump a heads up? Twice.

We were led to believe that Flynn was set up because he knew where all the bodies were buried. That was said hundreds of times and became his mantra. Later, Q drops made Flynn a digital army. People sent money daily to help Flynn with his legal fees. We now see this more of a set up than a Flynn set back.

Flynn lied to the FBI and said he was guilty. He of all people knew better. If we are to be objective… without influences… then it’s time to take a fresh look at this… it now gives the appearance that this could clearly have been a set up from the start, by the same bunch. Flynn’s America Project Foundation partner Patrick Byrne worked for the dirty trick squad and now we learn even though he said he left them on Fox news in 2019 and many times since and was tricked by them….he also continued to work for them, even last year while he was running the road show with CC and his programming up unto the ??? He never quite told us that. Of which for all we know… he still is and his last hoorah could be part of another Byrne clown act. Why? Perhaps because the Crypto block chain was always created to move into a new monetary system phase and it may be their desire to move it fast as the left lost the house.

So… we now see the crashing in (not cashing) of the blockchains and bitcoins rolling all over like Chucky Cheese tokens which in reality, it now appears the tokens have more actual value. This token concept that started 50 years ago and always had a value as a money exchange, for they were purchased and spent in their facility and now they even have a numismatic value.

Meanwhile, the money laundering and dark markets are being exposed along with the deep state and international child and human trafficking racket which we now know is a 500 billion dollar a year business that starts at our borders.

So what came first Chucky Cheese Tokens or Bitcoin? It appears to be the Chucky Cheese Tokens. Which now during COVID they went bankrupt. Chucky Cheese was a flagship brand of CEC Entertainment, Inc.

An interesting thing is that in a Tweet, Chuck E. Cheese called out bitcoin on Twitter as being a fake currency. An article on this subject said, “The venerable Chuck E. Cheese himself responded to a Twitter post regarding bitcoin. It may seem odd at first blush that Chuck E. Cheese and bitcoin have anything to do with one another, but it makes sense as the story unfolds.

“One of the main innovations of bitcoin is that it created a natively digital asset which does not have a third party controlling the exchange rate for any other types of money. Before bitcoin, there were attempts at creating digital cash, but they all required a central company to maintain the value of those digital assets by maintaining a physical peg, whether those assets be gold , dollars , or otherwise. Its totally free market price discovery.” Read: How Much Are Chuck E Cheese Tokens –

But wait…there is more…and it has to do with Epstein!

It appears that Jeffrey Epstein was a key reason for tensions at the top of Apollo Global Management (New owner of Chucky Cheese and other Pizza places…. that recently spurred the exit of two of its three remaining co-founders — and the awkwardness began over a decade ago in 2011 when billionaire Leon Black (there’s that name again) –  revealed he was stepping down from the helm of the giant buyout firm sooner than expected amid controversy over his Epstein ties — first floated the idea of working with the now-dead pedophile to his fellow co-founders Josh Harris and Marc Rowan, according to sources close to the situation.

That’s despite the fact that Epstein had been convicted three years earlier for soliciting prostitution from a 14-year-old girl. In the meantime, Black had continued to associate with him — and was prodding Harris and Rowan to hire Epstein to do some work for them and possibly for Apollo, according to the sources. 

“Leon affirmatively recommended Epstein — it was more than a passing comment,” one source said. “He wanted Apollo to hire him.” 

image 364
Jeffrey Epstein, left, and Leon Black, right, with Pepe Fanjul, center, at a 2005 New York City … [+]

Those years also saw a number of transactions between Black and Epstein, according to the Times. In 2014, several million dollars were sent to Epstein from a company called Narrow Holdings, which Black has used to purchase his famously extensive art collection. In 2015, an LLC that owned Black’s yacht transferred $10 million to Epstein’s Gratitude America, a charitable foundation started by Epstein after his 2008 solicitation conviction. In 2017, $22.5 million was sent from Black’s yacht LLC to the company that managed Epstein’s private Gulfstream jet. Read: Who Is Leon Black, The Billionaire Who Helped Bankroll Jeffrey Epstein’s Second Act? (

Black had paid Epstein around $158 million from 2012 through 2017 for financial services.Leon Black to Step Down as Apollo’s C.E.O. Over Payments to Jeffrey Epstein – The New York Times ( Using Epstein’s tax avoidance strategies, Black saved at least $1.3 billion. Black pledged his intention to donate $200 million to women’s initiatives.

It appears once you get in with the wrong bunch… you never get out. Russian women are used a lot to create a downfall. They tried it on Trump with the golden stuff … it never stuck … they created all sorts of propaganda and Trump was too clean for their dirty laundry machine.

So it appears that someone liked the concept of Chucky Cheese and tokens in general and figured out a way to make these out of thin air…without having to put up an asset of some sort behind it. And no wonder the likes of Byrne and dark web buyers gravitated toward it. The likes of Soros had a use for it, to the start up captital of 100 billion dollars to Byrne…. and it appears there were many other uses.

And it appears Byrnes Rabbi never liked Bitcoin. In a CNBC interview in 2020, the billionaire investor, Warren Buffett, said he didn’t like Bitcoin because he considered it an unproductive asset. “Crypto currencies have no unique value at all”. Buffett has a well-known preference for stocks of corporations whose value — and cash flow — come from producing things.

Which bring us to the question… could the oligarchs have helped to crash crypto by sacrificing their front persons on the money alter to increase their wall street stock market sales? Drive the market up? It appears they believe the failure of crypto will help drive investors to solid corporate investments. Now isn’t that a coincidence? Read: FTX crisis bruises BlackRock, VanEck: ‘Crypto industry will need to work twice as hard to rebuild bridges’ – Financial News (

I have a feeling if it was preplanned to fail…it is not going to save them. Babylon is falling is falling and it will fall flat on its face before anything gets to breathe again. These Oligarchs are not going to win at their market manipulations with their front pawns who they are already starting to do their documentaries to program the masses that the young mindless punks actually conned the big investors out of millions and billions. That never happened folks. It was bigger then they were and they were always the mask on the front of their money monster.

Which brings us to the Trillion dollar question…. and that question is… WHY ARE CONSERVATIVES MORE ACCEPTABLE TO BELIEVING CERTAIN LIES?

Is it because they have been programmed to believe things spoken from the 501c3 global world church pulpit by pastors and authority figure heads? Who knows?

Which brings us to the other bigger topic of human and child trafficking….

Let’s face it…Bitcoin and crypto was made for these type of resource exchanges!

image 359

OOPS…. looks like somebody was hiding something or got caught? There are many rumors….

image 360

Sometimes you just have to listen to other people describe how they see what has and is taking place…and some say it all very well in very few words.

Yep…that sums it up. Not hard to understand at all.

image 354

Who knew Burisma was in court in Ukraine? Is this a fact or someone wishing it was a fact?

image 358
image 355

Dr. Aseem Malhotra – to the point and succinct!


As always… actions speak louder than words!

Yup…. they’ve had enough…!

Pictures speak louder than words…

Democrats saving their democracy… yea we watched it.

image 356
image 357

Which bring us back to Merrick Garland and his obedience to the Oligarchs and his coming downfall….

This will not end well for deep state. Reason this…if we, as lay people can find out this much…imagine what Trump and the good generals know with their intelligence and cyber teams. Imagine what they have accomplished to bring this to a festering head ready to burst open!

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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