Putin Versus Deep State CIA and NAZIS!

A Historical three part video documentary series produced by “Mr. Truth Bomb”

Where it is often hard to know where to start with how we got to where we are in this show where the world is led by lunatics, I found this series explained that very well. Mr. Truth Bomb has taken his research, along with the work of investigative journalists, and real news reports, and compliled them in a concise and easy to follow order that explains the timeline of events and the ones behind the coup to topple all governments and bring all nations into one – global controlled dictatorship.

The videos below are truly a must watch for EVERY person who wants to understand what’s going on in Ukraine, and what happened along the way to create such wicked lawlessness in America and a Western world led by lunatics.

This is a great historical time line that shows the roadmap to the global one world order (RESET), and the ones behind it, as well as the disinformation and chaos that moved corporations, and shadow governments to topple Ukraine and set up their own little piggy bank complete with its own laundromat, bioweapon labs, human and child trafficking, and dark hub of other illegal resources.

Anyone who has told you that Putin started the war in Ukraine and did all manner of evils to the people there, and anyone who told you that Ukraine was a victim to Russian agression and its lust of power to control it… is misinformed by mind washing from fake news and years of propaganda that Russia is our enemy and Putin is a tyrant.

The truth is Vladimer Putin is fighting the very same Khazarian Oligarchs that we the people are fighting and the same ones who desire to topple the nations one by one until their desired new world order is achieved. Putin’s enemy is our enemy which are the KM Oligarchs and their selected puppets who have been put in place through stolen elections, and bought with bribes of money, power and fame.

These are of the same cloth as those who hold world councils such as the World Economic Forum where they groom and train young men and women to help them globalize the world under one government. The RESET plans are to depopulate the masses and in the process, take away free will, and turn humanity into a transhuman bot and control the world society, from control towers with their joysticks like a world wide digital video game.

Truth is hard to find…so please watch these while they are yet available. They contain some news footage that was censored and never shown publicly. And some reports were available but very hard to find. Some were never allowed to be seen in America but were available in foreign nations. These are the facts and the type of truth the Deep State fears. Back in the day (even yesterday), those who found it and repeated it… were called conspiracy theorists, and few believed a word of any of it…or were to busy to think much about it. Fact checkers are busy pouncing on any of it as MISINFORMATION AND DISINFORMATION and false. The truth is now well known and people who want the truth no longer listen to fake news or fact checkers who work for fake news.

We all remember the mindset of… if it’s not on the nightly trusted news, then it isn’t true. We now know that saying didn’t age well, now don’t we?

These wicked people have all sorts of plans. It is time to take our nation back legally and kick out the central banks! The fake money out of formulated air is over! It’s time for a gold backed dollar.

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Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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