G.O.D. Project Even Has Podcasters!

Who knew that podcasters would truly steal the show and be the real mainstream news?

In my last blog I spoke of the script and book “The G.O.D. Project”. Because of the comments and timing of the entire world of events in which we are now living out… I decided to show a section of the book that entails podcasters. Smile. Of course you must all have known that no doomsday event in the 21st century would ever be complete without mentioning them. Even though Hollywood never did… we all know they are as a secret weapon in and of themselves… just not always telling the psyops the way the KM Oligarchs want it told. Social media has been a big fat challenge to the ones who desire to kill, steal, destroy and gaslight all humanity.

When we look at the KM Oligarch sponsored science community, the ones who get the philanthropist’s money and government grants to research specifically what they are told to research (that’s how grant money works), and find the solutions for the think tanks (the ones with ideas of doom but no real smarts to make it happen on their own), we see their achilles heel is truly the ones speaking out on social media.

Today, social media has become the real place to go for truth…why? Because fake news has been busted and people have taken to their own research, trusting their own eyes, ears and have learned to use their own discernment. Because of this… the KM Oligarchs have set up an arsenal of fake social media podcasters to fulfill their psyops and propaganda pushes. They have even bought off some for a price, and some by deceit.

This has made the quest for truth a bit more challenging for those who rely on others their own understanding. There is only one way to maneuver this fiasco of psyops. That way is to call upon the Holy Spirit to guide, teach and give you the wisdom to discern what is true and what is false. Who to trust and who not to trust. Which way to go and which way to not go. When the people learn to pray unceasing and ask the Lord what to do concerning all things… then the doors open to greater understanding and discernment. Faith grows and fear diminishes and no longer controls ones actions, which fear produces reactions that cause stress, anxiety and poor judgement.

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Ongoing fear depletes the immune system and causes both physical and mental illness. Whereas fear can be good as a warning to danger, and triggers a fight or flight response as a built in warning system, to continue on in a state of fear will destroy the person. It is like letting down your shield of faith. Faith being the opposite of fear. We, in the flesh need a constant reminding to fear not. In scripture, every time an angel appeared to one born of the flesh… the first thing said by the angel is, “fear not”. Why is that? I believe in addition to their appearance, we are not used to seeing angels and things we don’t understand our first reaction is fear. Overcoming fear is what we are told to work on and faith is the way to overcome it.

Ponder it. In our everyday lives, we are not used to having a semi truck barrel at us on the highway head on… so fear of seeing that coming at you can be a needed warning for you to swerve out of the way, or it can cause you to panic and make the wrong move like slamming on the breaks or going into shock and freezing up hitting it head on.

When you turn fear into a warning to prepare of a danger… you are acting in faith that you are going to overcome the danger. You act with courage and orderly direction instead of reacting with poor judgement that brings more chaos.

So the lesson in “The G.O.D. Project” is to stay in faith and seek with courage to unmask the enemies lies and deceit. God hears the prayers of his children and uses others to battle for them. Unlike the podcast generals who are shouting for everyone to get out there and fight, fight, fight, prayer unceasing and the Holy Spirit protection of God is the most powerful weapon to wield. It’s the same power that guided Moses and the Hebrews through the red sea, safely to the other side.

That being said, I hope you enjoy this peek at the book and the Youtube Podcasters.

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From the book, The G.O.D. Project – Chapters introducing the podcaster activists, we begin in the middle of an interesting conversation from the early chapters of the book of what is called ‘the plot ARC’.

Grace stepped away from the microscope, still holding the folder in her hand. She held it out to Dr. Stein, “I’ve been trying to tell you that something inside me said, give these to you and not Dr. Charles.”

Surprised Dr. Stein took the papers and began to read.

Grace softly, “I gave him everything but these.”

As Dr. Stein scanned and leafed through the papers his face grew very serious and his eyes widened at certain intervals. Grace watched his facial expressions carefully trying to read his mind as he skimmed through the folders contents. Dr. Stein looked up at Grace, “I don’t know what were on the other papers, but, these definitely present concrete ramifications. The kind that cause criminal investigations and congressional hearings.” Dr. Stein returned his eyes to the papers and read some more. He suddenly paused and looked up as though he just remembered something important, “You were going to tell me of the seismic activity at Yellowstone.”

Grace answered quickly, “Yes. There is extreme seismic activity from Wyoming to Idaho. The type Geologists have dreaded to see. If it blows, we are all as good as dead.”

Dr. Stein put the papers down and took another look in the microscope.

Grace kept on talking, “And the storm radar showed Hurricane Zeus is still growing. HAARP rings are all over it.”

Dr. Stein asked, “So, what do you make of all this?”

Grace answered in a very confident tone, “It all appears to be connected.”

Dr. Stein still looking into the microscope, “I agree. I want you to talk to Amanda Smith. She has a Chemtrail Radio Blog and is always connecting these type of scenarios.”

Dr. Stein pulled away from the microscope, picked up a note pad and began looking around for something. Grace watched him and realized he was looking for something to write with and handed him a pen. 

Dr. Stein, “Ahh, thank you.” He said as he took the pen and wrote down Amanda’s name and phone number. “You may find her a bit odd, but she thinks outside the box and that’s what we need.    She’s also in the path of the hurricane.”

Grace gave Dr. Stein a puzzled look.

Dr. Stein continued to write, “Also talk to Dr. Jeff Danner, an ex NASA research scientist. He has inside knowledge of the HAARP program. He’s been blowing the whistle on geo engineering.” He tore the paper from the note pad and handed it to Grace.

Grace took the names and phone numbers and placed them in her jacket pocket.

Dr. Stein smiled and said, “Lay people see things differently. Researchers can’t seem to look beyond their own petri dish. We can use their puzzle pieces.”

Grace did not smile back, she stayed in her serious mode, “This is geoengineering on steroids. The question is, how far are they going and why?”

Dr. Stein cleared his throat and straightened up, “I will make some calls to the Pentagon and arrange to meet with some top brass I can trust.”

Grace nodded.

Dr. Stein, “Please call me after you’ve made contact.”

Grace, “You got it.”

Grace started to leave and Dr. Stein added, “One more thing. If they suggest others for you to speak with, do follow up.”

Grace looked back and nodded. Dr. Stein watched until she left and the door was closed. He then pulled out his cell phone to make a call.


At the Denver International Airport, the dark clouds are rolling over in the blackened sky. The top of the airport is shaped like a circus tent, with each peak inset with little windows that send forth a chilling glow  from the light coming from inside. The combination eerily lend the illusion of all seeing eyes peering out like search lights through the night.

A guard raises his binoculars and observes the white peaked roof of the Denver Int’l. Airport. The windows in the peeks suddenly give off a surge of blinding light. He pulls his eyes away and shields them. The dark ominous sky is now lighting up as though it were day.

He quickly pulled out a low frequency EMF meter and took a reading. It rapidly maxed out and stopped working.

Guard, “Holy Crap!”

The ground began to rumble, followed by a sonic BOOM! The guard jolted up off the ground then landed back on his feet. He looked up to see a ghastly sight of eratic lightning bolts striking the white peaks on the tent tops of the airport roof.

“KA-BOOM”, another sonic blast bellowed out, this time creating a stretch of erratic lightning like plasma that was being carried out in the distance, then surging back and forth like it was connected to something. It was too bright, he couldn’t see anything. He pulled special goggles from his belt and then looked through his binoculars and scanned the area, following the plasma bolts. It was connected to and bouncing off the blue mustang statue. Blucifer was engulfed in a ball of sporadic charges of lightning plasma.  From its’ eyes shot forth radiating laser beams that scorched the ground.

The guard’s cell phone rang, and he pulled it from his pocket. Checking the caller I.D., he answered it with a shout, “Jake, what’s going on out here?”

Jake, ”We don’t know. Something messed up in the EMT test. What were your readings?”

Guard, “They were so high my meter busted.”

Jake, “Same here.”

The guard looked up and noticed a rainbow spanning over the entire area, ”You won’t believe this, but there is a rainbow in the middle of the lightning storm.”

Jake, “You’re right, I don’t believe it. Not at night.”

Guard, “I’m getting inside before I become a lightning rod.”

The guard hung up and ran to his jeep. He turned the key and it wouldn’t start, he tried again and it sputtered a bit, “Come on, come on”, he mumbled.  He tried again and it started up. “Yes!” he exclaimed and drove off fast. 

In the sky, the rainbow formation expanded getting bigger and wider. It was now overcoming his jeep even though he was speeding away from it.  His jeep began to blur like it was a mirage.   Sparks shot down from the rainbow formation and disintegrate him and his jeep in a flash. Both vanish in thin air, leaving nothing behind.


Grace was heading home to call the people on the list she received from Dr. Stein. Her mind was racing with thoughts like it always does. “I can’t believe he wants me to talk to YouTube people? Well Grace, you might as well call from the car and get this over with now.”   Grace pulled over and looked at the names Dr. Stein wrote down. First on the list was Amanda Smith, Richmond, Virginia.  She took a deep slow breath and dialed the number of Amanda Smith.

Amanda Smith was outside in the rain, wearing a yellow rubber raincoat and matching hat. She was busy taking photos of the hurricane and her cell phone rang. She snaps two more quick photos and answered, “Who is this?”

Grace looked at her phone and gave it an eye roll, then said, “This is Dr. Grace Taylor, I was…”

Amanda cut her off, “If this is about my last YouTube I’m not taking it down.”

Grace’s eyes widened, “No, I’m not calling about your last YouTube. Or at least I don’t think I am. Dr. Stein gave me…”

Amanda interrupts, “Dr. Stein. He’s cool. What’s up?”

Grace, gave her phone another eye roll and then proceeded, “He asked me to call you about…”

Amanda interrupted, “About the Chemtrails right?”

Grace, “Why, yes. He said you knew a lot about…”

Interrupting, Amanda shouted, “OMG, hold on…this is a great shot. She snapped a few more photos of the Hurricane.”

Grace was now getting very frustrated. She could hear Amanda snapping photos and wondered if she should just hang up, when Amanda returned to the call.

Amanda (still snapping photos), “I’ve been sick from chem bombs. You can’t make this stuff up.”

Grace, “Are we speaking of Chemtrails or…”

Amanda interrupted, “Chemtrails are genocide! They seeded the clouds to make this monster storm.”

Grace, “You said you’ve been getting sick from chem bombs?

Amanda, “Technically they’re called Areal Aerosol Explosions! They’re stringy, gooey, puffy looking junk.”

Grace makes a face and rolls her eye, then gathers her composure.

Grace, “How are they making you sick?

Amanda, “They’re full of aluminum, barium, and strontium! They shoot these up into the stratosphere out in rural areas and they blow in over the cities. They’re deadly, full of fibers, and nano particles that make us sick. Some have blood cells in them.”

Grace, “Blood cells?   How do you know that?”

Amanda, “They’ve been doing that forever. Especially in  chemtrails.  Now in chem bombs.”

Grace, “What’s the purpose?”

Amanda, “To kill us, and to turn us into mind controlled human robots.”

Grace, “With blood cells?

Amanda, “Not just blood cells, they dump nanowire arrays, hexagon metal chips, monster fibers and all kinds of junk that our bodies absorb and then that stuff grows in us and kills us off or turns us into mind controlled robots.”

Grace, “Mind controlled robots?”

Amanda, “Once we got their metal junk and fibers in us, they beam us with frequencies and take over our minds. I got to go now, storm’s getting worse. You need to talk to Jonathan Magnum. He knows everything about this stuff.”

Grace, “Okay.”

Amanda, “Here’s his number, 972-923-0487. He’s got his own internet program and you tube channel. He’s great with the stuff on HAARP and Project Blue Beam. Gotta go!”

Grace hung up and leaned back in her front seat. She closed her eyes for a moment and took some slow deep breathes as though she was preparing to do one more thing she didn’t want to do. She looked at the phone number of Magnum scratched on her paper.

Grace spoke grudgingly under her breath, “Well Grace, let’s get this over with.”

She dialed the phone and it started to ring.

Magnum was leaning back in his chair with his feet on the desk at his computer network station, holding his phone to his ear with his shoulder. He was playing catch with a tennis ball throwing and catching it against the wall. The phone rang and he kept playing catch as he answered,  “Conspiracy Hotline, if you can’t Explain it, we can. Magnum speaking.”

Grace, “Hello Magnum, this is Dr. Grace Taylor, I got your name from Amanda Smith.”

Magnum missed the ball and pulled his feet off the desk, and grabbed the phone with his hand and straightened up to talk. “Say no more. You must want to know about the HAARP manufactured Hurricane Zeus! Well, they’ve made this one a monster!”

Grace, “Actually, what I want to know about is Project Blue Beam, and how they are turning us into mind controlled human robots.”

Magnum, “Well, in a nutshell, they spray us with nano particles and smart dust, we breath this junk in and then it takes over our bodies with a mind of its’ own. They tell the nano particles what to do by shooting frequencies at us. It’s all part of remote neural monitoring.”

Grace, “Shooting frequencies at us? How?”

Magnum, “HAARP and microwave GWEN Towers are the main method. But, they can do it with any high or low frequency device. Even without the nano particles. The nano particles are there to turn us into trans-humans. Part machine, and part human.”

Grace, “How do you know this is true?”

Magnum, “Ex C.I.A. whistle blowers have been ratting them out for years. Telling of military testing and intelligence research. The Gov’s been performing nonconsensual experiments on us for decades.”

Grace, “And dropping Chem Bombs, I hear.”

Magnum, “You have to connect the dots. Just Like with holograms and false flags. It’s like when they built the Denver International Airport. They hired different contractors for every aspect of the job. No one knew what the project was really planned to be and they still don’t.”

Grace, “Say that again?”

Grace has now made a connection and started taking notes.

Magnum, “When they built the 53 square mile project no contactor ever saw the architectural plans.    They only saw their task and when completed they were fired, and someone else was hired.”

Grace, “So it was piece milled together with sub contractors? Each working on their own individual project?”

Magnum, “You got it. They won’t let anyone in to see what’s going on in those tunnels so the dots are really hard to connect. They do the same thing with science.”

Grace, “What?”

Magnum, “The science bots work on their one problem to solve and they are clueless that their one part goes with a ton of other parts and once assembled, it’s genocide for humanity.”

Grace, “Genocide?”

Magnum, “If I tell you something fresh from my source, do you promise not to say a word?”

Grace, “I, I guess so, yes.”

Magnum, “My source said tonight they suicided one of the scientists that was blowing the whistle on them.”

Grace perked up, “Who committed suicide?”

Magnum, “Not committed, died of …died by someone killing them and calling it suicide.”

Grace, “How do you know this?”

Magnum, “It’s all over the news. This nut job Dr. Henry ran away from the hospital and killed himself.”

Grace shocked, “What? Suicide?”

Magnum, “My source said it was a cover-up. They murdered the guy for blowing the whistle on his corner of the project.”

Grace, “What else did your source tell you?”

Magnum, “Just that anyone working on that project that shows any signs of whistle blowing will be saying hello to the dead scientist.”

Grace, “Magnum, I’m not sure if I’m understanding, can you translate that a bit clearer for me?”

Magnum, “Sure. Any one who rats on the project they are gonna kill.”

Grace, looking a bit pale, “Thank you Magnum. You’ve given me the four corners to my puzzle.”

Magnum, “Hey, let me give you the number of this guy named Si Radar. He’s a You Tube, Geo Solar Satellite Specialist. He shows the public what NASA doesn’t want them to see. It’s 513-459- 9823.

Grace jotted down the number.

Grace, “Magnum, you’ve been most helpful.”

Grace hung up and thought about how fast they covered up Dr. Henry’s death and turned it into a suicide and what Magnum’s source said about whistle blowers. “That’s why Dr. Charles didn’t want me talking about Dr. Henry. He knew. How did Magnum have such a high level source? I didn’t even know.”

Grace looked at her watch for the time.  She looked over and saw a café across the street. She spoke to herself under her breath, “Grace, you need some food.” At that, she got out of the car and walked into a diner called Sady’s Cafe.

End of excerpts….

If you want more excerpts … let me know. I can pick up at “SADY’S CAFÉ – NIGHT”. Smile. You see, the book is written it’s just not edited and formated to publish. Which it is looking like I’m about to go ahead and do that real soon.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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