Sady’s Cafe Night…

Since there were requests to read some more…we pick up at Sady’s Cafe’ – Night, and finish with a few of today’s headlines.


Grace sat down at a booth and grabbed the menu from beside the napkin holder. She glanced at it quickly and placed it down. A waitress came by and she ordered coffee and the Sady’s Special which was a roast beef sandwich with gravy and mashed potatoes.

The waitress came back quickly and poured the coffee and asked  grace what she wanted for her side. Lost in her own thoughts, Grace asked, “Side?”

The waitress answered, “We got cole slaw, green beans, corn, or a salad”.

Grace,  “Um, salad please… with ranch dressing.” The waitress nodded and left.

Grace looked at her notes and called Si Radar. She got an answering machine and hung up. She then called Dr. Danner.

Dr. Danner, “Hello, Dr. Danner speaking.”

Grace, “Dr. Danner this is Dr. Grace Taylor. Dr. Stein asked that I call you to discuss …”

 Dr. Danner interrupted, “Excuse me, I don’t like to discuss anything important on my cell phone. But, I’d be glad to meet with you in person.”

Grace, “Well, if you could meet now, I’m at Sady’s Café on 2nd street.”

Dr. Danner, “I know where that is. I’ll be right there.”


4 Star General Hawthorn and several officers are heading out to the heliport where a helicopter is waiting. The general is on the phone with his 16 yr. old son, named George. The skies are ominous and the wind is whipping around.

Telephone Conversation:

General Hawthorn, “Get your things ready. Jericho and his dad are on their way. I’ll meet you later in San Diego.”

George, “Ah dad, I really want to ride out Zeus. I’ll be fine.”

General Hawthorn, “George, you have no idea what is about to hit. The whole east coast is in a fist. You will do as you’re told.”

George knew when he heard his dad speak in that tone, it wasn’t up for discussion, it was an order. He quickly snapped to, “Okay. Okay. I’m getting ready now. Bye.”

General Hawthorn shook his head and got on the copter. It lifted up and the view of Hurricane Zeus in the distance was terrifying. As the copter proceeded a view of miles of traffic jams were seen below.


George was still at his computer, looking at Hurricane Zeus’s radar pattern. He reluctantly shut it down, then went to his closet. Rummaging around he found his duffle bag and threw some clothes inside it. He went over to his big computer and disconnected the hard drive. He wrapped it in a jacket and stuffed it in the duffle along with other computer items and things.

The doorbell rang, George shouted out, “Coming!”

George grabbed his lap top and duffle, took one last look around the room and then hurried to the front door.

Standing on the porch was his friend Jericho, an autistic 14 year old. He motioned for George to hurry. George saw the rain and stuffed his lap top inside his jacket. He shut the door behind him and double checked to make sure it was locked. He stepped quietly to the edge of the porch and looked over at Jericho.

Jericho was mesmerized by watching the rain pound against his dad’s windshield as the wipers went back and forth.

George pulled his hoodie over his head and looked at Jericho and they nodded at each other.

George started a count down, “One – Two – Three – Go!”

Jericho snapped to with his eyes focused straight ahead and ran with George straightway to the SUV in the drive way. Jericho jumped in the front and George jumped in the back with his duffle bag and laptop. George immediately flipped open his lap top and pulled up the hurricane storm radar.

Jericho’s dad, Dr. Phillip Hoyer, a science researcher, backed out of the drive and onto the road. He glanced at George through the rear view mirror.

Dr. Hoyer grinned, “I don’t know who’s more addicted to that, you or Jericho.”

George was oblivious to the comment. Dr. Hoyer shook his head and drove  on through the rain.


image 40

Back at Sady’s Café, Dr. Grace Taylor and Dr. Danner have long since finished their meal and are talking about nano particles.  Their table is still full of their dirty dishes. Grace pulls out a wad of napkins from the napkin holder.

“Sorry, Dr. Danner, but this is bugging the heck out of me.” She stated firmly, as she wrapped the napkins around her fingers and slid the dirty dishes and silver ware to the edge of the table.

“Thank you, I was about to do the same thing.”

Grace tossed the napkins on top of the dirty plates at the same time the ditsy waitress came over to pour more coffee.

“My goodness. I’ll get this cleaned up for ya.”

With the coffee pot in one hand, the waitress picked up one dirty plate and left. Grace and Dr. Danner exchange dumbfounded looks.

Grace, “Well one down and a row to go.”

Dr. Danner, “It was the…” he stopped talking  as the waitress returned with a large tub and sat it cockeyed on the corner of the table, and began putting the rest of the dirty dishes inside it.

“Any desert for ya?” asked the waitress. She picked up the last dish and scraps of uneaten food fell to the table, then scooped it up with her bare hand.  “I’ll come back and wipe the rest up in a minute. (laughing) I forgot to get the rag.  I think them chem trails are get’n to my brain.”

Grace and Dr. Danner were not amused. The waitress stood holding the tub of dirty dishes on her hip and recited her desert list, “We have cherry pie, apple pie, white cake, and vanilla custard.  Did ya leave any room for desert?”

Dr. Danner answered, “As delicious as you made that sound, I must decline. I have no room for another bite.”

Grace added, “Same for me. I couldn’t possibly eat another thing.” Then she thought to herself, “Especially after watching all that.”

The waitress smiled and hurried off with the bin.

Dr. Danner leaned over and said quietly, “How long do you think it will take her to come back with …(he clears his throat) the rag?”

Grace smiled, “I have no clue.”

They wait for a moment and look over and the waitress is taking someone’s order.

Grace, “But, it may be a while.”

Dr. Danner, “You were explaining before we were interrupted, about isolated projects?”

Grace, “Right. So these projects were never designed to stand alone. They were always meant to operate in tandem.”

Dr. Danner, “They are masters of disguise. Just like the solar turbines I told you about. They were never worried about future energy, they need them now for Solar Satellite Space Based Programs.”

Grace, “From what you’ve told me about those programs it’s obvious they can now destroy any thing on the planet, and hack into any human brain as easy as a computer.”

Dr. Danner, “Hallucination Semiotics are just one aspect of their mind control games. There are many, and they need all of their systems in place. Each one feeds off the other.”

Grace, “The sad thing is, we could expose their evils to the world and only a handful of people would believe us.”

Dr. Danner, “There are more than you know. Many activists are out there spreading the truth trying to understand how things work and what things are called.”

Grace, “I know, I’ve talked to some of them.”

Dr. Danner, “It takes Scientists like myself and you to expose the lies and open more eyes.”

Grace, “The Truth is, they have kept us all in the dark, lying about what is and isn’t sustainable for humanity.”

Dr. Danner, “The combination of our ignorance and their power is about to blow up in the face of science. Once the people know- it’s over.”


Dr. Hoyer, Jericho and George have arrived at the Pentagon and are running toward a private jet awaiting for them in the runway.  The wind is whipping the rain in unnatural patterns while a continuous bolt of lightning flashes in the distance.   George and Jericho automatically stop in their tracks to watch what they deem as an awesome light show.

Jericho, “Beau…ti…ful.”

George, snapped a photo with his cell phone.

Dr. Hoyer started to board the jet and looked over at them standing watching the sky. He made a frustrating face and shouted, “Move it! Get on the jet!”

George and Jericho snap out of their daze and run to board. They take their seats and George put his duffle down in front of him. They no sooner buckled up and the plane was headed down the runway. As it lifted up George and Jericho looked out the window and stared at the ominous sky.

George, “This is awesome!”

 Jericho, “Awe…..sum.”

Once the jet was in the air, Dr. Hoyer noticed George’s duffle bag was taking up too much room. He went over to move it and picked it up.

Dr. Hoyer, “What on earth is in here? Don’t answer.” He repositioned it in the same area and returned to his seat.

A length of time passed by and Dr. Hoyer looked over at Jericho, “It’ll be nice to see our summer home in San Diego and get away from all this. Right, Jericho?”

Jericho answered, “Nothing is safe.”

Dr. Hoyer’s smile turned into a concerned look as he glanced out the window and saw the jet headed across a very devilish looking sky. He looked over at Jericho who was now blinking his eyes as though he was sending some sort of morse code; which is a thing he often did when he was calculating without his computer.  Doctors had said, Jericho had a gift of being able to program his own thoughts and could recall anything he ever said, did, or thought at any time in his life. Dr. Hoyer had often questioned this unusual gift of his and wondered if it was true or just something the doctors had made up to explain his blinking habit and his unexplainable ability to recall. But, here he was blinking again and for the first time in years, Dr. Hoyer was paying attention to it as something more than his own personal opinion, of which he felt it was simply a nervous twitch.

Dr. Hoyer starred at Jericho remembering  he was told it was a self programming code. “Was it truly a gift I couldn’t understand? Why didn’t I ever try to understand it?”, he thought. “Partly because I never believed it was even a thing possible. For the first time I’m  seeing this as a real possibility.”

image 41

Dr. Hoyer then turned his head and peered out the plane’s window at the ominous sky. He was instantly mesmerized by it. This was something he had never before seen, let alone ever imagined he would be in a plane flying through such a strange lightning ridden purple maze.


Dr. Hoyer and the boys arrived safely at the military airport and were picked up by a man named Colonel West who escorted them to the summer home in San Diego. As they pulled up Dr. Hoyer instructed Jericho, “Jericho show George around the house and where to put his things. I’ve got some catching up to do with Colonel West.”

At that Jericho nodded and the boys ran ahead to the porch. Colonel West smiled and he and Dr. Hoyer followed. As soon as Dr. Hoyer unlocked the front door the boys took off through the house.

Dr. Hoyer motioned for Colonel West to enter. West and Dr. Hoyer had a long time relationship that went way back. West was an informant and long-time friend. He too was against the world elite’s evil plans. Once inside they immediately began talking.

Colonel West, “The goal is to alter the brain, then control it.”

Dr. Hoyer, “Why would they do such a thing?”

Colonel West, “For total spectrum dominance.”

Dr. Hoyer, “Please explain.”

Colonel West, “The plan is to depopulate the masses, and reprogram the rest. They’ll have no memory, thereby, no cause for rebellion.”

 Dr. Hoyer, “So it isn’t enough to make us slaves, they want us to be mindless slaves.”

Colonel West, “They will control all behavior. Any person whose brain registers activity beyond their boundaries will be detected as a dangerous threat.”

Dr. Hoyer, “What do they plan to do with these threats?”

Colonel West, “Threats will be eliminated by neuronal synoptic processes.”

Dr. Hoyer, “To reprogram non material to think as a whole, I doubt will be successful.”

Colonel West, “The brain is very much material.”

Dr. Hoyer, “I’m speaking of the soul, spirit, and psyche. The true operators of free will.”

Colonel West, “Those who display that, are called resisters. They are to be found and destroyed.”


After a very long, stress filled day, Grace was now at home, in her pajamas sitting up in bed watching Si Radar’s most recent YouTube program on her cell phone.

“So this is Si Radar…”, she thought. “I had no idea these people even existed.” Grace scrolled down to see how many views Si had and her eyes bulged. “1.8 million views? You’ve got to be kidding me”, she said under her breath out loud. “They have more followers paying attention to them than Scientists lecturing at Harvard!”


“Targeted HAARP ring pulses coming from Hurricane Zeus is lighting up the solar satellite storm watch. The actual number of…” Grace fast forwarded the You Tube mumbling under her breath, “Yea, yea, yea, tell me something I don’t know.”

After fast forwarding and watching the screen as she did so, Grace paused it and began listening again. Si Radar was speaking. “We’re now seeing a subsequent Yellowstone earthquake swarm. Yesterday we saw earthquake activity along areas to the west side of the continental divide.”

Grace fast forwarded the YouTube a bit more. Then paused it to listen.

Si Radar, “The defined edge goes all along the continental divide it’s kind of  a transfer effect. We’ll just put our coordinates in and look at them on Google Earth.”

Grace,  “You just do that Si. But, without me.” Grace clicks out of Si Radar and googles NASA’s seismic activity program. Ironically they are showing the same Yellowstone earthquake swarm. She clicks back to Si’s You Tube and fast forwards to his google earth radar.


“What NASA will not show you is the seismic activity that is building up.”

Grace, “Wrong Si. Good bye.” She clicked out of Si’s You Tube program, then compared some of her notes. She clicked back to NASA’s satellite and found the shield was now up over D.C. and nothing was over Denver. She jotted down some notes, then picked up the phone and called Dr. Stein.

Dr. Stein, “Glad you called, did you connect with Amanda and Dr. Danner?”

Grace, “Yes. I’ll fill you in, but first, do you remember our conversation about the seismic activity over Yellowstone.”

Dr. Stein, “Yes. Go on.”

Grace, “Our lab monitors show extreme seismic activity throughout Yellowstone. NASA is showing mild seismic swarms west of the continental divide. Nothing abnormal.”

image 42

Dr. Stein, “Very different indeed.”

Grace, “Dr. Danner told me of C.I.A. psyop reports that are used to throw people off. One of these radar readings are wrong.”

Dr. Stein, “Or someone is hacked? Either NASA or your research lab?”

Grace, “Hacked?”

Dr. Stein, “I’ve learned some things tonight that make all this more clear.”

Grace, “ Me too.”

Dr. Stein, “I’m meeting with a source from the Pentagon in the morning. Can you be here at 8:00?”

Grace, “Yes.”

Dr. Stein, “Good. We have much to discuss.  I have a feeling time is running out.”

Grace hung up and checked on her cell to see the time. It was 1 A.M., she shut off her cell, and put it on her nightstand. She pulled the covers up and spoke to herself out loud, “Grace, get some sleep.”


The scheduled EMT tests have not functioned properly, leaving General Hacker very concerned. He is with Colonel Blackwell and not happy.

General Hacker cautioned, “This show is scheduled after Zeus rears it’s wrath in Manhattan. Not before. Fix the flaws!”

Colonel Blackwell, “Relax, the show will go on. The discharge of built up frequencies is par for the course.”

General Hacker, “You’re right. You can’t build up rage and not release it. Have them slow down the generating systems.

Colonel Blackwell, “Once they start the dance, it will all flow together as designed.”

General Hacker locks eyes with Colonel Blackwell and spoke in a deep stern voice, “I will hold you to that!”

End of excerpts.

Meanwhile here are a few headlines of today:

Not surprised, are you?

Yep…. we knew it! Keep calling them all out folks!

“Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.” That scripture comes to mind???? Do you know where that one is found?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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