When Mind Control and Propaganda are Laughed At instead of Feared…

That is when they all go down! For no one buys their fake bill of goods any more!

Klaus Schwab says the system is being rebelled against and calls for higher measures to the little people who are rebelling, Which means tear down everything!

Will his “flying on private jet plane monkeys” go out to the four corners of the earth and eat the children of God? Or will the “flying on private jet plane monkeys: get rounded up by men with BRICS guided by the hands of God?

The battle between the host of heaven and the host of hell is here. The wicked do wickedly and their power is in their fiat dollar that is fading, fading, fading! Their day of recompense is upon them and coming like a roaring freight train whose evergreen containers are filled with blood! It’s coming fast and no one buys their goods anymore.

They scream, they screech, and they make their way to their caves as they get ready to have someone push a big fat button to destroy everything… but will they succeed? The answer to that is in the Word of God… and that is a big huge NO!

Will they be able to walk down the street? And are they who they really say that they are? Or just a fear based clown show to double your trouble?

image 214

The “Disease X” is on its way… meanwhile where are these parasites?

image 215

Today we have another big fat election interference package… sent by WEF. How should President Trump respond?

image 216

They have lost their power and their fist is now a trembling hand with weak fingers… watch as the feet and toes of miry clay shake and wobble as they all fall down!

The Lizard people at their Lizard meeting in Davos just keep plotting along to enlarge their System.

Their RESET button isn’t working like they planned.

In watching the clips of the WEF, it appears that this could be another popcorn movie feature… so much like the inauguration of ole Joe who had to get his own transportation to DC?  Complete with all the various video footage from all sorts of different locations for the swearing in ceremony. The footage you watched depended on which one your media source showed… remember the bright and sunny day in the video and in the real footage of the day it was rainy and cloudy and no sun shining at all.

image 213

We have watched so many castlerock type productions of Biden in his ovaltine office doing ovaltine and cookie sort of things. All of which have dire consequences for all those falling into a very deep sleep.

Programming, programming and more programming!

And now we are watching the Ovaltine Cookie Eaters at the WEF suck on their Ovaltine Straws right down to the bottom of their cup.

Meanwhile Gov. DeSantis is hiding from independent reporters that don’t do his wrap up smears.

And Nikki “Deer in the Headlights”… doing her bird brain owl thing…

Watch Nikki tied for last place lose South Carolina. It is coming. They remember what she did as governor.

It’s just terrible what the extreme ones are doing… (Satire)

So now we know masks are everywhere and both sides are using doubles. And the beauty of the story is that people are catching on. The question today is not about what they just said, it is about… is that a double or the real person?

Is this photo shopped or is he on something? This has to be C.G.I. because DeSantis pantless has bowed out of making any New Hampshire appearance.

We have to be mindful of all the tricks and antics on both sides of the aisle. Some things are just satire… even though reality is just as fantastic. But, then again… that is what the nature of the beast.

We’ve said this many times in many ways and now people are listening to this for the first time with new ears.

And now you know why nothing is as it appears.

image 217

President Trump said today on Truth Social:

“WOW! Just released Credit Card records (showing a small sample only) irrefutably prove that Fulton County, Georgia (Crime-ridden Atlanta) D.A. Fani Willis colluded with her Boyfriend/Lover to wrongfully target me in order to ENRICH themselves, and to live the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous! Cruises, Wineries, Shopping, and so much more – paid for with money they got by persecuting me and other honorable American Patriots!

“The Lovers knew that I did nothing wrong, that the phone calls were PERFECT, and that the 2020 Presidential Election in Georgia, and many other crucial States, was Rigged and Stolen. But, they saw Dollar Signs, Fancy Living, and Fame, so, together, they concocted a Fake Indictment targeting me, because they knew that the Witch Hunt would pay more than for anyone else in the Country. Now, they have been exposed. The Hoax has to be Totally and Completely DISMISSED, and the Lovebirds should face appropriate consequences. I, and many other Good Citizens of our Nation, are owed damages for the Dishonest Turmoil and Fraud we have been forced to endure.”

And this is what is meant by resisting the systems the WEF have put in place. At least in the United States of America… the USA, Inc. is done. It is bankrupt and all but closed, it is over and run by masked bandits. The question is… how many of the lizard people are still free roaming lizards? They sure look different and sound funny these days. And some of the biggest loud mouths have seemed to disappeared all together, where are they hiding? Just asking for a friend.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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