Globalists and The WEF Whose Bidding Are They Doing?

“Will President Trump be able to go up against the establishment and all their evil plans to enslave the world under their tyrannical dictatorship?” And  “Will the good people of the world rise up to take a stand and say – “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!?

That being said…the WEF is still having their annual meeting and things are about the same as usual.

The biggest world threat is…

So, this guy said something the child of Cain didn’t like and was supposed to apologize… but???

More and more are speaking out…

Good grief what kind of things are making decisions for nations?

The problem is not with technology, it is in technology in the hands of the lawless and corrupt mind controlled children of Cain. A.I. in the hands of bad people is not good.

When unelected mind controlled things lick the boots of their masters… nothing good can come from it. Here comes “Disease X”.

These disease experts need to discuss what happens at a Nuremberg Trial and military tribunals. That would be more helpful to the members than the open plots to genocide the world. Do you ever wonder how many attendees even consider that they are failing and God is not going to let their Satan masters destroy all of His children? How mind washed are these people?

And now no WEF would be complete unless they try to figure out how to control the BRICS who they can’t control.

Putin and the BRICS are leading the world on the Gold Standard and the WEF puppets have no clue that their fiat air dollar bubble has busted and all of their games are exposed and they are fallen, fallen.

By the way… Little Zelensky is out of money and no one seems to want to fund them anymore. Why is that?

Missing at Davos this year is Henry Kissinger, R.I.P., he will be remembered for his past contributions:

image 212

“China and Russia will not go along with our borderless society, so we shall begin with the US and then progress into the Europeon Union. This will create such a chaos there will be no choice but to begin world war three. The Western Zionists will be forced to fight against the Islamist extremists. Those nations who have refused to align with our cause will be forced to fight with us against the extremists. In the end we shall emerge as a one world order.”

And then there is Yuval Harari and his A.I. human hackable animals… will he ever repent? God only knows.

We are yet contending with Klaus Scwab’s little minnie me, the little WEF minion Yuval Harari. He is still pushing his world of A.I. to transhumanize the world population as he shouts that there is no God, no souls and no Jesus – that is all a myth? He will soon find out God is real and so is hell.

What the WEF and their videos look like to me…

Sociopaths and children of Cain playgrounds. They have it all at the magic show of hidden hands and stupidity on display.

Satan is real and his creation the KM lizard people are out in the open for all to see. They have been meeting all week revamping their plans to rule the world. World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2024 | World Economic Forum (

That being said…Dan Scavino posted this great photo. Smile.

image 211

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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