WEF Global Goals For Hawaii Include Smart Cities!

Hawaii Mayors and Governors Embrace the World Economic Forum! What could go wrong?

In August of 2018 Hawaii made plans to be the first US state to run entirely on clean energy, whether the citizens wanted it or not… the rich and famous did!

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In a significant move, four mayors from across the state have signed an agreement to run Hawaii’s public transport system using only clean energy by 2045.

Making the announcement aboard a traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe, Maui mayor Alan Arakawa said: “The goals we are setting today are not only desirable, but attainable, and help send a message that Maui County and Hawaii are open for innovation to help ensure the greater health of our communities and the planet as a whole.”

So even though when President Trump took office and removed the United States from Climate Change, Rights to a Child, Free Trade Agreements and other WEF goals and mandates which were destructive and restrictive to individual rights … there was a constitutional loop hole. For you see, it was up to the states and municipalities to decide for themselves whether or not their cities and states wanted to partake in the United Nations and World Economic Forums goals or not. And that is why we have such a mess across the nation. Deep state infiltrators have ways of pushing the global agenda for sustainable development for the 21st Century (agenda 21 now agenda 30).

Even though pushing a global agenda with mandates that force people to comply to unconstitutional actions is in defiance of individual liberties and our Bill of Rights… most people are clueless to understanding this and comply. Others are on board via deceptive propaganda and gaslighting. Psyops and mind control have been successful, as many have bought into the fear based scenarios and refuse to believe that the UN, WEF, etc. would ever depopulate the planet by committing crimes against humanity. And others can simply be bought for a price and some with promises of positions of power.

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Hawaii was already in the process of destroying the beauty of the land with solar panel placement. What this really does is power their space based missile defense systems and assist their DEW operations. These panels also kill birds. They won’t tell you that. I wrote about this in 2017 in the Marshall Report. Read all about space based weaponry here: SOLAR PANELS – THE SECRET INGREDIENT TO SPACE BASED WEAPONRY… – THE MARSHALL REPORT (wordpress.com)

None the less… after the 2018 WEF meeting, they reported on its website their plans for Hawaii.

“It may have a reputation as an ecological paradise but Hawaii is also one of America’s most fossil fuel-dependent states. This is largely because of its isolated location in the Pacific Ocean – jet fuel accounts for more than half of all transportation fuel consumption in the state, according to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA).

“The state economy depends heavily on tourism and the military, and such is the demand from military installations and commercial airlines that jet fuel makes up a larger share of total petroleum consumption in Hawaii than in any other US state except Alaska.

“President Donald Trump decided last year to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement, which is dedicated to keeping global warming temperatures below 2C and if possible, under 1.5C.

“Soon afterwards, Hawaii became the first state to turn the agreement into official policy, which led the island’s governor David Ige to say: “Climate change is real, regardless of what others may say.”

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“To cut the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, the Hawaiian government launched the clean energy initiative in 2008, which pledges to establish new green credentials and aims to use 100% renewable electricity to power the entire state by 2045.

“Having introduced ambitious renewables goals for power generation, Hawaii is now looking at cleaning up ground transportation, a major source of fossil fuel consumption.”

Well who knew that cleaning up the ground transportation would be so radical… have you seen the aftermath of the DEW weapons? And now they are ready to “build back better” their new smart cities in Maui. Just like that!





The present invention relates to providing a non-nuclear weapon of mass destruction, wherein a plurality of orbiting solar power generators (microwave and/or laser) coordinate their energy to a newly launched death star that focuses this coordinated laser energy to a target.

image 142

Referring first to FIG. 1 the earth E is shown from outer space with Canada and the northern half of the United States of America showing. Three geostationary orbiting solar generation cells are numbered 1A, 1B, 1C. Cell 1A is in orbit 10. Cell 1B is in orbit 11. Cell 1C is in orbit 9. Each cell collects solar energy on its panels. Each cell has a microwave converter which converts the collected solar energy to microwave energy. The microwave energy is transmitted to earth in beams 6, 7, 8. Each beam has an earth diameter D1 of perhaps five miles wide so as not to disrupt the atmosphere. Earth collector 3 converts microwave energy beam 6 to local electrical energy. Earth collector 4 converts microwave energy beam 7 to local electrical energy. Earth collector 5 converts microwave energy beam 8 to local electrical power.

Thus, this space based energy harvesting system 16 is a commercially viable earth power generator. The sun is labeled S.

image 143

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS (to see all drawings better, and understand the descriptions see the entire patent in link attached.  Note here that solar panels in fields collect the energy needed to be converted.) Patent Link: US8757552B1 – Dispersed space based laser weapon – Google Patents


In 2017, I said, “Imagine the incineration of an entire city… do you think they won’t?” Well… now aside from what took place in California fires and others… we have now seen an ENTIRE CITY incinerated. And incinerated is the best word for it.


The patent stated: “Death star super weapons have been designed but not implemented. One key reason is the vulnerability of a giant orbiting weapon from ICBM’s and/or killer satellites and/or space based nuclear explosions.” Well, since the original patent they have not only implemented them… they are using them like a video gamer would! Sitting there just itching to knock out target after target!

The present invention eliminates that vulnerability. Many dozen small orbiting solar generators (cells) are launched so that each cell continuously generates solar energy as exemplified in the international space station. Each cell communicates not only with earth control stations, but with each other. Each cell has an onboard processor that continuously calculates how the group of cells could quickly organize into a small area and focus their energy to one death star.

This death star can be launched at a moment’s notice from earth. It is not a sitting duck. Ideally a group of death stars would continually move about the earth on tracks, ships, airplanes or in orbit. Also see: Could solar panels in space power Army operations on Earth? (defensenews.com)

Where have we seen this before? FEMA is good at this.

The more residents present… the wider our eyes are opened!

Did for the truth and expose all the lies and cover up. Know what they are doing and shout about it! Nothing is new or all of a sudden. This is a long thought out plan and it is being implemented full scale. Pray for all those who are standing up and fighting to save humanity, and all who are suffering in this war. May the Lord guide them and keep them everyone!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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