Alliance For Responsible Citizenship? ARC?

Are we talking a global ARC here? It sure sounds like it. Will they get rid of all the scalar weapons or just use them to keep you in their ARC?

After all this is a billionaire driven think tank teaching who is left, after depopulation efforts, how to be a good alliance for responsible citizenship, so what better time to start training the little people than now?

And now that the World Economic Forum have a bad reputation for all of us having nothing and being not so happy and having our thoughts reprogrammed… it makes sense that they have to change their name and approach to lure empty vessels into their way of thinking. So, now they present to you their new guru, Jordan Peterson who is also messed up but can recruit more liberals who were waking up and jumping ship. Why? Because he has that growling gutsey demonic style to accuse in the fashion of Satan to a wayward Christian.

So they had to rethink their approach and now we have that snarky style in our face now saying… what they think people need to hear to be swayed.

So pay no attention to the script being played out on a world scale… they will never admit it is their own space based weaponry… it is climate change.

The ARC is not denying climate change, they are just presenting the package in a different wrapping paper with a big fat bow on top! And inside that box is a good guy, bad guy, new and improved version of the same thing… just a new pied piper and a new fluted tune. Follow me… I will show you the way to freedom. WEF was bad, ARC is good…see we are for you little guys… come follow us. Even though we still work at the same Universities that taught you all the other, and supported it. Today we are here to tell you we have found a better way.

Meanwhile, the rogue military are using their wicked HAARP, Scalar space based weapons to kill, steal and destroy with whatever your city/area has…. if you have hurricanes you get an “Ian” to wipe all out… they did this in Florida and had the military not come in and send FEMA away… they would have never gotten up and running so fast. Remember the officials had no plans to rebuild the causeways and the islands like Sanibel, and Pine Island were just going to be off limits – a land grab back to the state or counties. But… the military was sent in and built the causeways back in two weeks. We watched all that go down in real time and told you it was weather modification with HAARP and scalar weaponry. Many said… noway… well they did! FEDs are right now and still looking into who was good and who was bad in that mess. They know.

So, how this works is… everyone gets cloud seeded and they want to block the sun. That’s why so many have white skys. White skys are not normal skys for summer. At the same time they want you all to use solar panels for all your energy needs, but good luck with that as they continue to block the sun?

Just so you know. In this climate tampering war they hit you with what you believe is normal. So, if you are in the midwest, they give you a mega tornado! Because tornadoes are common in the midwest. They also dump mega snow, and cause floods with scaler HAARP rains, if you are in Yellowstone area… expect a volcanic eruption… and if you live on fault lines expect some explosive earth quakes. Everyone can expect extreme heat, cold and the new wind fires! These are sheer evil and they now have the gall to tell people wind fires are part of climate change. How about we climate change all of them?

The truth is, all of this is part of their Agenda 21. The ARC is just going to put you in the designated “green” ARC zones faster.

image 145


These are wicked people killing innocent people and driving them off their lands into FEMA tents and camps while they await their new smart cities. And alas, the rest of the contaminated or newly deemed uninhabitable land will go to their Agenda 21 Wildlands Project for government ownership. These are wicked demonic possessed people. Their chaos clock is seconds to midnight and they all go down!

We are at war. No one’s home is safe from a rogue military with toys they play like a video game. These are the real aliens. They have no care for life, are cold and alien to any form of humanity, nature, animals, birds, sealife, and quite frankly they want your children for all the horrid reasons satanic cults use them for… by now you should at least be aware of those reasons, even if you think that’s only a conspiracy.

Their Agenda Hasn’t Changed…It’s only been pushed faster than most can think!

image 146

They say, “Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

“Agenda 21, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests were adopted by more than 178 Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992. READ: Agenda 21 .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform (

These nation leaders agree to kill their own citizens! This is a secret meeting of world leaders who have signed the New World Order treaty. How did it leak?

Beware… the NWO, WEF, UN, EU, et al… need a new approach. They are now using (in vain as a sheepskin to hide their monstrous selves) God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and …. THE ARC!

The new approach is to save the world by billionaires for billionaires because billionaires own the world, and can build a big ARC to save the same world the billionaires are plotting to depopulate. Oh my head hurts. Meanwhile Jordan Peterson a pyschiatrist best known for his athiestic views and reasoning of man’s self made world of chaos is their new pied piper. So now, he is using Jesus to move the people into the ARC!

I went to the ARC’s website, and what Amazing Polly is saying…appears to be accurate. Check out the Billionaires and Think Tankers Tank here: ARC | Advisory Board (

So as Christians we are supposed to welcome these ones into our hearts and gather our free will and enter into their ARC?

Not so fast! It’s time to see the fruit here? So far all I see is a very deceptive tree of Knowledge and a serpent offering the people to eat all of it they want! Gather up enough for your trip into the ARC!

Peterson has recently been recruited by Daily Wire. Of course Peterson must be intrigued by the Tavistock Institute (Mind control, transgender studies, psychiatry, social programming, etc.) …that marvelous mind control think tank. After all Peterson is impressed with philosophy, history of mind control of the pagan gods, and lecturing on how those who follow Jesus are no different than those who follow any other god. He seems to have a flashlight where he can judge a persons past, present and future by analyzing outward behavior, after all he is a well known pyschiatrist and famous for his brilliant mind and lectures?? Or are they brilliant? Are they mind controlling? The world is his stage.

Now, I have to admit that I have enjoyed listening to his analysis of human behavior in the past and he lends a lot of interesting insights that trigger thoughts. However, recently in my listening, since he joined the Daily Wire, I find his views dangerous as he is so confident in all of his opinions and many are opposite of mine, unfruitful and certainly not scriptural. He is totally into revenge is mine saith the devilish self. But, I learn how these think tank sorts think by listening to them from time to time.

Recently he now believes in Jesus or is into Jesus…or something like that and has had a vision… and now we see he has an ARC? Well, I was moved by his coming to the Lord… but ever so cautious as he now has a mission to help God’s people of which I was all excited to hear…but the “glass onion” sorts he has aligned himself with is what alerted me to be aware. And after his emotional description of his “on the road to Damascas” moment… when he inverted back to his old thinking… here and there, I thought he was confused. Now with his alignments… I see he has a mission with billionaires who have a mission and if two agree they walk together. I am not in agreement, so… I’m not walking in that direction at all.

I present this because this is the next thing God’s sheep will have to detect… more wolves in good shepherds clothing… pied pipers calling in the winds of fire to come follow me. I once was lost but now I’m found. And who among us will ever judge his heart whether he has changed due to the Lord or not? Especially now that he has decided he can throw the scriptures back at Christians as his weapon of choice? And throw he does. At times he slaps and gouges.

Again, the reason I even brought Jordan and the billionaire ARK up, is because this is another global snare. The same people who are out to have one global order are the same ones who are agreeing to build this ARC for all of us to get into. Beware.

– Chapters – (0:00) Coming Up (1:45) Intro (2:01) Manifesting ARC (7:43) A preposterous idea (11:09) First meetings, early concepts (14:49) Putting forth an invitation (15:40) Diversifying energy without forcing poverty (20:56) The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) (22:40) Structure of the vision statement (23:40) The good news (29:32) The crisis of meaning and purpose (34:00) Dismal stories through which we see the world (43:43) The catastrophizing must stop (50:15) A collective, hopeful vision (53:12) Validation for contribution (54:02) First conference (55:55) Those coming to the table (57:34) Six fundamental questions (1:07:20)

I for one will NOT BE BOARDING THEIR ARC! He’s reworking his own religion at his own peril. Be not deceived.

This is a good example of vain philosophies and deceits!


President Trump retruthed the meme below telling us that he is the real COMMANDER IN CHIEF!

image 147

We who have been following President Trump’s executive orders, his travels, events, and etc., knew this. Many have been wondering and asking why President Trump hasn’t said anything publicly about Hawaii yet? I have been pondering that too. Yesterday, I recalled his words spoken many times, in many ways. Pretty much he has told us that if we are at war, I will never tell you, or the enemy what I am going to do. He said that was stupid and critized past military and presidents for doing just that. To me… his silence has to be driving the enemy crazy. I am confident that President Trump is very busy with his 5-D chess and has been making some big, aggressive moves.

Remember to read the scriptures for yourself and DO NOT have a cunning pyschiatrist interprete them for you. There was one Ark in the days of Noah, and the ARC of the Covenant given to Moses. Today we who believe in Jesus are the children of God and have been gifted the Holy Spirit to teach us wisdom, guide, comfort and direct us the way to go. We are now a living Temple and the Kingdom of God is within us. There is no need of an athiest, now struggling to be found… and a billionaire ARC Program… to save the world. The message of Jesus is to come out from her my people and come follow me. Follow the way of the Lord.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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