The Fall of The Dark Ones!

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Epstein Islander Alan Dershowitzt was the first to push mandatory vaccines. Who was he appeasing?

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Who does he work for? What do the puppet masters have on him? What has he done that makes him a puppet? Was he always a puppet? Is he by nature one of the ones that love the Island and its many toys? Is he a good guy or a bad guy?

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So we have an Epstein Victim Says She Was Forced Into Threesome With Alan Dershowitz whose name is Sarah Ransome. Dershowitz denies the claim, which was made in a 2017 deposition that was just unsealed and described Ransome as “a sick, disturbed perjurer” before taking aim at Maxwell’s attorneys for broaching the topic with Ransome in the first place.

So we, the people of the public, are supposed to figure out, like a jury, what we believe is the truth based on the evidence presented to us by the fake news and any investigative reporting stories that don’t get placed in the disinformation trash.

This is where the mind control propaganda machine uses their infiltrators to bear false witness and set up more side shows to distract those who have awakened to their matrix games. They have events upon events taking place at the same time. This is easy for them to achieve for there are more liars than there are investigative truth detectives. Yet, once you all know the game… it will be easy for each of you to sleuth out the truth. They all use the same pattern and the key to all of their success is memorizing.

For if you ask questions that are not on their memorized list, they get angy and yell obscenities at you. That must either come naturally or is something they are told to do to change the subject and get the other person off center, off focus, off the subject. But, when you stay focused and remain calm while they yell…they are found wanting and they are exposed. Patience and persistence is needed to stay the course. But your secret weapon is the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit of God. Amen. So pray unceasing for wisdom, knowlege, protection, truth, protection and comfort. Rebuke the devil in Jesus name and he shall flee.

Remember the same group of puppets that actually do bad things and entice others with honey traps to do bad things… of which some are put under the influence of bad things and then enticed to do bad things, this same group does bad things to good people too. They love to lie and rearrange things to give the appearance of bad behavior to many of whom are innocent of any such doing. It is part of the puppet masters mode of operations to go after someone who poses a threat to their secret order of things, and or their private operations.

If someone poses a threat to their swampy world goals, the swamp heads create a scenario that leaves them in a defaming situation. Whether an accusation is true or false, it doesn’t matter. They find a victim and present the scandal to fake news to run with a story that will ruin the victim. Or they threaten to take a story to the press that isn’t true, unless they do as they are told or pay a bribe to keep a false scandal out of the public view. These are experts at setting up (framing) innocent people for character assassination. Once they present a lie to the public and follow up; with a media wrap up smear… the person is guilty until proven innocent…and even then when found innocent, in the minds of many, the person is still guilty.

Remember the movie “Ransom Knives Out”, by the same who brought you “Glass Onion” Knives Out.

So, these puppets are masters of deception for their puppet masters. They know how to create false stories to set up the innocent just as well as they know how to keep others protected from the truth that is incriminating. i.e. They make money bribing the innocent just as much as they make money off the bribes of the guilty who willingly do the bad behavior. They even tell you what they have done, are doing and will do in movies. This conditions people to not even look at what they are seeing as a real possibility… because they have a line drawn between real life and things that are just a movie…or “THE SHOW”. Those who see their show playing out in real life… are told they have seen too many movies…and told to get real. Are you seeing how this works yet?

Now, what they do to people who see and show….are send out the mis and dis information paid informants to dis the truth tellers. Many still cling to the paid fact checkers who work for the dark side and have no clue they are being programmed by the same ones they actually trust to fact check. I can hear the swamp laughing. Can you hear them yet?

That must first be understood in order to navigate through the swamp and the RESET war/show we are in.

Below is a video of the “Ongoing Cover Up of the Global Elite’s Child Sex Blackmail Operation”… it is very informative and exposes the antics of their operation.

Which bring us to understanding more of the back story… but where do we start?

To understand the present mystery, we have to look at the money. We have to understand how this always has been the mark of the beast and its’ operations. So let us go through some quick backtracing to the root of all evil. This may be the hardest pill to swallow. But you will never wake up all the way until you understand how the money out of thin air is used and God abhorred it from the beginning. It is not a new thing at all. It is ancient.


The Babylonian Rādhānite Talmud finessed the subject of usury by making a distinction between personal and business usury; allowing business usury. The Pharisees at the Temple in Jerusalem in Jesus’ time regularly sent their rabbis to Babylon to study the Babylonian Talmud.

In the video below, start about an hour in… and listen to the facts that you will not hear from other news sources and few pod casters. Learn whose FBI was behind the Twitter findings…. you will be surprised that this was done by President Trump in order to flush out the voter fraud and expose a chain of FBI abuses.

The plans to flush out the corruption in government and human and child trafficking is a lot deeper than any of the men behind mammon ever saw coming. There is absolute proof that there was FBI interferance in the 2020 election. Trump had special agents interjected to catch them all and expose Obama’s brainwashing and propaganda campaign and all the energy deals Obama and Biden made with China. Government thugs were infiltrated to transform and destroy America by the Obama Administration.

Video above…start at 137 minutes in and hear about Trump and the FBI…. and then listen at two hours in to hear about Obama the puppet, hear General Vallely at 2 hours 37 minutes in. At 3 hours 9 minutes in listen to Michael McKibbens speak on how his technology was stolen by the patent office and how he discovered usury after digging to find out who in the government stole his social media technology and slapped Zuck’s face on it. He explains the Khazarian empire and its history and the deeper part of that story. Discover the Radhanite Jews who were the bankers in Babylon and how Rothschild became the banker for those behind Babylon the Great and what that means for us today. Listen to all of it, but because it is long… I am pointing out some of the key time slots to listen to.

Fig. 12— John B. Wells. (Dec. 07, 2022). McKibben launches truth torpedoes into globalist operations. Ark to Midnight. YouTube Version. Source: (Raw *.mp4 video file).

So, why do we accept usury as our way of life today?

Credit cards, house mortgages, loans, bonds, consumer debts, college debts, car debts, business debts, debt, debt, debt.

Let this information soak in first.

Once you understand the money trail… all the rest will slide together and you will be able to understand the entire game they are playing and the infiltration. It is all Biblical! Literally Biblical!

Keep on Pressing Into The Kingdom Of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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