The Beehive Is Out Of Honey…

In the case of Global RESET Epstein Island, the Queen Bee has fallen and the worker bees are restless and can’t make any honey.

What is left is an abandoned hive, some male drones and lots of misplaced worker bees. So, the question is… “Will bees swarm without a queen?” In nature, the answer is no, except on very rare occasions.

It is possible to come across a swarm without a queen. This is what we are now watching in the show.

As the bee keepers have lost a whole lot of their busiest little queen bees.

image 404

As for the beekeepers (those whose names we never say and faces we never see) they try at all costs to avoid queenless swarming. Swarming breaks the brood cycle and reduces productivity and the bee keepers can lose the larger part of their colony. That being said, swarms happen and when they do, it’s not always easy to control.

For when others who are not of the bee keepers hive farms come upon a stinging swarm, they smack back at those swarmers and seek to catch those stinging bees. And when they do, they relocate them in a nice cozy new beehive of their own. Generally one where they can’t escape and go swarming again. A hive with bars and lots of cells. The kind where there is no honey to be made, nor found.

image 405

So what we are now watching is a bee keepers worse mess. It’s called a queenless swarm. There are a lot of lost worker bees. You see, when something happens to the hive and it’s time to find a new place to make their honey, the swarm leaves the hive with the queen and they find a temporary resting place until they decide upon a new nest location. The scout bees fly off in search of a potential new nest site and return to the temporary swarm cluster to report their findings. If while the scout bees are out and a bee catcher comes along and collects the swarm, when the scout bees return they find their queen and fellow workers have disappeared. Yikes!

image 406

This is when a swarm is split. You get a bunch of lost bees who didn’t get the right information! Some will go back to the original queen swarm and when they get there, the cold hard fact will soak in that they are without a queen. The worker bee then usually just goes back to where it came from.

But sometimes, as in this show… we find the bee keepers working hard to raise a new queen… and many queens to replace the many empty hives. This can take some cultivation… and cultivating is taking place. And that is what we are watching.

image 407

Enter new Queen Bee Wanna Bees…The drones are buzzing Part 2

The white hats stole the front men and put their faces on the front faces of the deep state. How brilliant. If they rat… the jig is up.  They can only play along and try to outsmart the white hats… but they are going to have a hard time… because there aren’t that many good guys. Laughing… I see it now as they remove let’s say Boris Johnson… they give them a dumpier Boris who says stupider things.

image 409

They still have leverage for none of the villians were named at Ghislaines trial. They are in fear mode and panicked trying to bring down the white hat giant in their midst before any more names are shouted.

Let’s face it King Charles is looking so much like Joey avatar that he’s gone. Andrew is gone…they just made the King Charles avatar strip Prince Andrew of any kingdom royal rights. The question is, “Who is writing the script for the House of Windsor?

image 408

And then there is The Royal Whistle Blower who dared to open Pandora’s Box…

25 Years Ago the world mourned the loss of who came to be known as England’s Rose, Princess Diana.

There are a series of secret tapes that contain the raw truth of Princess Diana where she told her story in her own words. Of course people’s opinions have filtered in to mis and dis information what was said (they always do), just tune those out and listen to Diana tell her story in her own voice and video streams. She shares her heartfelt thoughts and feelings. Please enjoy this video that tells how Diana told her real story in spite of all the propaganda.

To view all of the videos, click on link: Remembering Princess Diana… – The Marshall Report (

It’s always been a show…

image 410

America is waking up in the episode called the “Joey Avatar Show”… and now we are looking at the Puppets and how they have danced for their Masters… All who refuse to dance are removed from the world stage.

Enter Robert Maxwell… and his pleasure to serve the Queen. Or shall we say… serving the bee keepers drones?

image 411

It was the drone Robert Maxwell that acquired Jeffry Epstein and recruited him into M16 and Mossad. Epstein became a face… a new front for a new swarm and bee hive to make honey. A queen, some drones and lots of female worker bees. A few busy hives called honey traps.

Questions to ask are: “How many of these hats did Epstein wear?  What other hats did Epstein have?  Who were his masters?

image 412
Back in the day when they were looked upon as socialites. Now they are stains on humanity and that’s the nicest way to put it.

Fake news buzzing…

It was thought by some that Prince Andrew and Ghislaine might have been lovers? Does anyone really care if they were? That is not the big issue here, but that is what the bee keepers want you to focus on.  The big issue is child and human trafficking,  blood drinking satanic rituals with torture and death sacrifices. It is enslaving humanity and hoarding wealth and resources. Did I mention cannibalism? This all has to be exposed, dealt with legally and eliminated. The perversions of those without conscious, and a moral compass is the biggest danger to all humanity and creation. It’s not the fake and phony climate change or any of the lies the swarmers sting us with.

image 413

In a report from the SUN, it was stated that PRINCE Andrew’s lawyers were locked in emergency talks  amid fears his pal Ghislaine Maxwell could “name names” following her guilty verdict. Fake news was all a buzz trying to figure out an angle for a wrap up smear.

What if Maxwell did “name names” in a bid to cut her lengthy prison sentence?

Why would or should she show any loyalty to those who snuffed out her father? (spoiler alert, it wasn’t suicide or a heart attack)  Or any of those with hungry perverted appetites? Or any of the bee keepers who set up all the faces to do the dirty work? Those days are over. The hive is empty and the bees are swarming while many have been rounded up by bee catchers who hate the stingers.

So what if the groomed socialite and Epstein’s partner in crime Ghislaine, now 60, and Andrew, 61, are believed to have known each other for over two decades and she is alleged to have introduced him to Jeffrey Epstein?  What does that do? Who cares? That’s old news and a nothing burger…but people are hungry so they eat it all up.

It was obvious they all ran together, but looking at photo ops of all the darlings together smiling in their upscale attire says nothing of the real story. We know that even in our own lives, most all will act nice in public and argue at home… or at least that is the way it used to be before the last ten years or so.  The proof in the London bunch is all tucked inside Princess Diana’s true story and her tapes. But no one is talking about that. Why not? The bigger question is… who introduced Ghislaine to Andrew? To Jeffry?  And why did her father groom Epstein and get him involved in his ring of fire? Did the bee keepers tell him to, or was this his suggestion to the bee keepers?

Which bring us to the friends and foes of Jeffry.

image 414

Harvard’s George Church (left) and Lawrence Krauss (far right), and MIT’s Joichi Ito (center), are among the many scientific super stars caught in the honey pot scandal involving hobnobbing with, and accepting funding from, the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Visual: All images via Getty

It appears “Scientists at MIT, Harvard, and Elsewhere Face Continued Fallout Over Epstein Connections.” Gee why is that?

In an article published by UNDARK on August 30, 2019, Tom Zeller, Jr.  wrote,  “Buzzfeed News compiled a who’s who of physicists, biologists, neuroscientists, and other researchers who benefitted, in large and small ways, from Epstein’s pet interests in science. “Some say they are sorry,” Buzzfeed reported. “Others didn’t comment.” Among those identified were the mathematical biologist Martin Nowak, MIT professor of mechanical engineering Seth Lloyd, and “celebrity physicist” Lawrence Krauss. Read: Scientists at MIT, Harvard, and Elsewhere Face Continued Fallout Over Epstein Connections (

But, their opinion of Epstein is moot … what did they do that has them in the midst of the fallout and why are they nervous?

The question to ask is what did they do for Epstein and what did Epstein do for them?  What were the projects Jeffry was funding and why were these yahoos all on board for these projects.  We all know one little man named Epstein is not that powerful. It was the system he was operating through and those who owned him in the matrix they built… the ones we cannot see, the bee keepers, those are the real power holders.

As brutish as it is… it is nothing more than the same hive system from the beginning of time.  Broken down in the easiest terms…it is offer money – and watch the foolish ones do exactly as you say or they will not even live to regret it. It’s no different than the mafia who mark their territory and take their cut of other peoples work or fill them full of lead, or they drown, or commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head five times. Sometimes they are just found in a dumpster.

So, that being said, they all are very careful what they say for they know that Even the biggest shark can be harpooned!

On November 5, 1991, Robert Maxwell went missing while traveling on his yacht near Spain’s Canary Islands. His body was later pulled from the Atlantic, showing no evidence of foul play. Different theories surrounding his death arose almost immediately – did he fall or was he pushed? And what sort of impact did his death have on his daughter, Ghislaine? We break down the entire story here. Read: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Father Mysteriously Died 30 Years Ago (

image 415

Back story: Robert Maxwell- born on June 10, 1923, in the Czechoslovakian mountain village of Slatinské Doly, now known as Solotvyno and is part of Ukraine. His parents and four of his siblings died at Auschwitz after Nazi Germany occupied Hungary in 1944. Maxwell escaped the Holocaust in March 1940 by going to France and joining a group of Czechoslovakian volunteers in the French Foreign Legion.

After the Fall of France, Maxwell was evacuated with other Czechoslovak troops to Britain. He joined the British Army under the name Ivan du Maurier, apparently taken from a cigarette brand. While on assignment in Paris in July 1944, Maxwell met his future wife, Elisabeth Meynard. After the Second World War, Maxwell spent two years in occupied Germany with the British Foreign Office as head of the press. There, he was able to make business contacts that would help lead to the purchase of his first company, Pergamon Press.


By the 1960s, Pergamon Press was a thriving company that specialized in making technical journals “written by scientists and academics.” In 1964, the business was valued at about $3.5 million, or close to $29 million today. Ultimately, Maxwell would lose Pergamon Press in a financial scandal in 1969 but he repurchased it privately in 1974.

In 1981, Maxwell bought the British Printing Corporation – England’s largest printing source which was headed for bankruptcy. Maxwell revived the company and sold it back to its managers in 1987 for a big profit. In 1984, he also bought Mirror Group Newspapers, which published six major newspapers, including the Daily Mirror tabloid. He also purchased Berlitz International language instruction, Macmillan book publishers, (that controls the western educational system) and Official Airline Guides in 1989. In the last years of his life, he launched the European and acquired the New York Daily News.

Robert Maxwell’s goal was to build a media empire with transnational influence. At the end of the 1980s, Robert Maxwell had spent nearly $500 million trying to get his newspapers to compete in the United States. Those efforts seemed to have paid off for his entities generated nearly $3 billion in annual revenue.

image 416

Maxwell knew all the decision makers. Even Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Who would have ever dreamed that it would be Princess Diana who in her humble cry for ‘her truth to be known’ would end up turning the the Royals and the fake news empires on their heads with her own biography?

Puzzle pieces and questions….

image 417

In an article “Robert Maxwell & The KGB”, from Dec. 20, 2019 by Mark Hackard we learn that:

“According to new revelations, the ultra-wealthy financier and elite sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had a mentor who recruited him into Israeli intelligence early in his career: billionaire media tycoon Robert Maxwell. And nearly three decades before Epstein’s highly suspicious death, Maxwell would suffer a similar murky fate. What did Soviet intelligence know about Maxwell? KGB veteran Col. Nikolai Shvarev tells Moscow Center’s side of the story:Read article here: Robert Maxwell & the KGB | Espionage History Archive

We Now Look At Maxwell’s Death…

On November 4, 1991, Robert Maxwell had a phone call with his son Kevin, which turned into a screaming match. The next day, the two were scheduled to have an important meeting with the Bank of England, (Rothschilds) but instead, Robert was said to have gone vacationing on his yacht, named Lady Ghislaine, near the Canary Islands. (Now why would he do that?) According to his son, Keven, when asked by ‘The Sunday Times’, “We needed to prepare for the meeting, and I was a bit hacked off that he was going to leave it to the last minute.”

Remember they do one thing and tell us another.

Kevin would go on to tell The Sunday Times that this meeting focused on the Mirror Group’s liquidity. Robert Maxwell had defaulted on £50 million in loans from Goldman Sachs, and not only was the bank beginning to sell off its collateral, but this news was about to go public.

Kevin Maxwell never got to speak to his father again after their fight for the next day, on November 5, 1991, his father’s body was pulled out from the Atlantic Ocean.  It was said, that early that morning, just before 5 a.m., Maxwell complained to the crew that his room was too cold then some time after he simply took it upon himself to get naked and walk to the stern of the yacht, and just fall into the water. After all he must have fallen for the only mark on Robert’s body was a scrape on his shoulder. But if that’s hard to swallow, they added a bit more to the story and said Robert’s death was deemed to be caused by a heart attack combined with accidental drowning. But, if that’s still to hard to believe, fear not for they hired three pathologists to give a report, but…alas they could not agree on an official cause of death.

So out of the blue and just like that, those dang conspiracy stories started and Maxwell was said to be murdered, or he was pushed off the yacht, or that he committed suicide because it was about to be revealed that his business was in financial trouble. (Sometimes it takes a while to get the right story to stick. That’s what we now know is a false flag event. Something that took place on purpose and they lie to us about what really happened.)

His death left the Maxwell family reputation in tatters and within weeks around £460 million was found to be missing from the pension funds of Robert’s companies. His death caused lack of confidence in his publishing empire, with banks calling in their massive loans and Maxwell’s companies soon collapsed. Oh and someone picked up the golden nuggets and salvaged what they could. They always do. Even if it just reemerges under a new name. The pattern is still always the same with the shady side. Trust me, everyone wanted their hands on the fake news wrap up smear apparatus that Maxwell created. That’s the naked truth.

image 420

But, that’s the story that seemed to satisfy those who were seeking answers at the time. Yet, knowing what we know now, it leaves people to wonder about a lot of other possibilities. Such as, was Maxwell trying to gain some fast cash with some Blackmail stooge?  I mean… he went out to sea in a strange manner…and was meeting the next morning with bankers. Was he trying to get some leverage? Do you really believe after complaining that the room was too cold he just took it upon himself to get naked and walk on out to look out over the stern of the yacht?  I don’t.  And I don’t trust any words his crew said after they may have watched him naked at the stern.  Or whatever happened at the stern of the yacht or anything that took place that evening into the wee morning hour.

But, as for now…that’s the story written. It’s HIStory. Or should we say CREWstory? Wasn’t that Goldman Sachs he was owing?  Yes it was. But wasn’t he a billionaire? Yes he was. The question is…what did he do to have the big bankers after him? What were the bee keepers mad about?

And of course it took ten years for Goldman Sachs to accept any blame. And in the end it was still Maxwell’s fault. But then again, that is how they do.

See “Report on Robert Maxwell Blames Goldman Sachs, Accounting Firm”

By G. Pascal ZacharyStaff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal April 1, 2001

Excerpt: “The report stopped short of saying that anyone broke any laws in the Maxwell mess but noted that “conduct can be blameworthy without being criminal.” The report makes only a set of weak recommendations for avoiding such investor calamities in the future, saying — in its most stern guidance — that “severe sanctions” should be imposed on professional firms that don’t report “fraud” by their clients.

“Both Goldman Sachs and PricewaterhouseCoopers, the successor company to Coopers & Lybrand, deny any wrongdoing. In 1993, Goldman was fined $240,000 for violating British-securities rules in its dealings with Mr. Maxwell. In 1995, Goldman and Coopers joined with other companies named in lawsuits over the matter and paid $430 million to trustees of the Maxwell company pension funds in an out-of-court settlement.

“A spokesman for Goldman Sachs in London said Friday that the report “correctly concludes that Goldman Sachs wasn’t acting in league with or on the basis of any agreement with Robert Maxwell.” He added that Mr. Maxwell “intentionally and successfully deceived” the investment bank. “We deeply regret this and with the benefit of hindsight, and with the information now available to us, we would have acted differently,” the spokesman said.

“A spokesman for PricewaterhouseCoopers said: “This all happened a long time ago and a lot has changed since then. We could argue with specific points in the report, but we’re not. We accept the criticism. We accept that we fell short of the very high standards we set for ourselves and we are extremely sorry for that.”  Read the entire story: Report on Robert Maxwell Blames Goldman Sachs, Accounting Firm – WSJ

Ironically, Epstein’s New York City townhouse went up for sale in July 2020 with a whopping $88 million price tag, and was reduced to $65 million in January 2021 and sold to retired Goldman Sachs executive Michael D. Daffey and his wife Blake for $51 million in March.

So after all of those years… it was still a big thing? It took that long and old Maxwell wasn’t all to blame. So silly bankers, we apologize and accept our blame and “poof” just like that, it’s all over. Something was sure stinking on that entire fiasco.  But, after all they were still dealing with Maxwell’s 007 (man of mystery) prodigy Epstein and his daughter Ghislaine. And these are all front faces. Remember none of these wonders are a wonder. They have puppet masters and they dance for dollars and power.

So what about Ghislaine – what did Diana know?

image 418

Oh the stomping grounds and the imaginations can run wild now that we know a bit of the Epstein story and his sex slave Island and Ghislaines part in all of it. Who would not be so angry at the evil ones…shedding a tear or a river… over the evil these have done and all who partook in it and still to this day are.

What did Diana know…and what did Diana say on her tapes. Especially the ones that have been hidden?

image 419

I’m sure it was something that would cause a man to get naked and jump in the sea. Did he have a millstone around his neck? Just asking for a friend. After all, it’s obvious her father Robert set Ghislaine up for this business endeavor with Epstein.

Imagine it… Diana has her marriage then, surprise, surprise here comes Ghislaine Maxwell almost like a scene from the dark side poking her fun at the little lamb trying to fight against all the wolves. There was much written on how Ghislaine poked fun at Princess Diana, and bragged about making her ‘cry’ Read: Ghislaine Maxwell poked fun at Princess Diana, bragged about making her ‘cry’ (

This is so like a fairy tale…of good versus evil. And it is still being played out. The scenes have been real curtain pullers and the stage is still set for twists and turns in this historic take down between bringers of light and those who work in darkness.

Remember before the days of social media…there were the tabloids, of which that was Robert Maxwell’s empire. And fake news always did their wrap up smears.

In another report: 


 “Ghislaine’s like: ‘Look, there we made her [Diana] cry, isn’t that funny? We hated Diana,’” Maria Farmer, who was a victim of Epstein and Maxwell’s, said in the BBC documentary House of Maxwell. “That’s what she said. I was like: ‘Oh my god, that’s horrible.’ They were very mean to her, like abusive, but they thought it was really funny. Very, very sick.”

Virginia Roberts, who was also a victim of Maxwell and Epstein, sued Prince Andrew for allegedly raping her when she was 17 years old, but they later settled. For her part, Maxwell was found guilty of five crimes, including sex trafficking. Read: Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly ‘Hated’ Princess Diana, Was ‘Mean’ To Her ( It appears that saying she is a mean person is the kindest thing that could be said of Ghislaine.

There are five tapes that are said to be missing.

Kevin Sim, who produced the stalled BBC documentary and is also behind the new Channel 4 program, said: “I believe we’ve got seven tapes. “There are more but who knows where they are and what is on them.”

If they are found, will they have any Epstein clues on them?  Any Maxwell connections?  Remember, Maxwell groomed the Epstein and his little fire starter Ghislaine.

Those who follow Q have always said Diana was still alive. Whether she is or not, her name is yet in the show and the Epstein didn’t kill himself is yet up for discussion. As far as the Ghislaine goes to jail for 20 years but has named no names…just doesn’t sound right. It sounds like she named quite a few. If the trial was even actually held. There are some that wonder if the entire thing was staged for public entertainment and a wrap up smear while a real trial took place on some other island. Like GITMO.

And so we have Joey in the Virgin Islands and our attention is still on what Musk is doing and what was taking place on Zorro Ranch… now that we know the players were playing and today’s social media technology has basically taken the place of the tabloids and tracking devices are much more advanced.

We know that all the same players are yet infiltrated and the great merchants are still playing the same games. Only now, they are losing. They don’t have the same strong hold they once had, but they sure are just as nasty and their new toys are a lot deadlier.

Remember, things are not as they appear…they never are.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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