We all know Joe is a sock puppet, but we have to act like he is really Joe, doing real Joe stuff. Why?

Just when the news is blasting their best rhetoric we raise up and demand justice! From Judge Jeanine to Marjorie Taylor Green we have to act like Joe is real! We all know he is a rubber mask but still have to call it president in reports. Does anyone else’s head hurt? Matt Gaetz is and has made the rounds saying his form of “stupid stuff” that’s supposed to be patriotic… but falls short of having any real meaning other than??? Not real sure? I haven’t really listened to him much since he said he was going to nominate Trump for Nancy’s job – Speaker of the House.

It was obvious from the beginning that the Joey show was a show and the treasonous theft was intervened from the start. That being said, we have to keep returning to the original days of the original events or you will get sucked up into propaganda land.

Now I am not talking about returning to the grifters for they were always out to deceive for cash and they said the most ridiculous things. And we aren’t talking about the organized road show from Hell’s Gate with white Ouija boards.

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It does rather conjure up feelings of Saul on his way to Endor to see if the witch can conjure up the old Prophet Samuel. But, hey… I’m sure this just gives me the creeps and there’s nothing much to it. Not sure who is on the head of Trump… does anyone know? Is that a mini-Trump or something else? Is this some sort of crowning of a king thing? Lots of names on this and many fiery darts…I mean arrows.

Even the Daily Mail was intrigued with this strange thing and did an article on it. They never really got an answer to its magic. But, it seems to be making money for someone.

So we have generals who are involved with their own slew of foundations that have gone the way of conjuring up the universe working whatever side brings the most gain… and we have law suits piling up against this one and that one… so give, give , give…. they need bailed out and the US stupid sheep are the perfect prey. Watching them continue to usurp America in their own style of psyop … has grown old. At this point, save your breath and let them all do their grifter thing for they are dang good at it.

By now they’ve all been warned and those who are still loving the way they are going let them do their thing. Let them band together on the lower levels of the Titanic while the piano plays its tune. That is their choice. What this has shown us all is that there are a lot of non-critical thinking Americans, so after two years… it’s time to just let them band together and have the grifters all fight over who gets what.

So as the markets crash and the liars push their wicked agenda onto the states… we have some governors who are taking a stand. Grifters don’t report much on this… they like snake venom stories and selling survival food, hats and t-shirts. And predictions… oh the many predictions.

Meanwhile what we have before us is the reveal of all systems that are broken and corrupt and that means ALL THE SYSTEMS. There is not a one of the government systems that has not been infiltrated including the church! But we won’t go there. People don’t like that. Oh…they also don’t like exposing grifters. They also don’t like exposing their favorite politician and they certainly don’t want to hear the vax is causing death and side effects. They don’t want to hear anything that isn’t what they already fact checked or goes against what they have memorized. That is why we watched all these people promote Zelensky the NAZI as good and Putin the NAZI slayer as bad. We watched Putin free the people who were being bombed and killed since 2014 and before by their own government (NAZI) and take out the bio labs…and lived to see that the US finally admitted to having at least 46 of those!

If they were benevolent…why did they lie? Perhaps because they weren’t!

Read: Russia unveils new info on US involvement in Ukraine biolabs | Al Mayadeen English

Propaganda is everywhere, which brings me to the truth we all need to remember…. and that is most everything we are watching and being told is a lie until they get caught then it is a partial truth with a new lie. Give it a few months and more facts come out and we get another change of their excuses and another new lie. So as we fear then go… oh see it was a lie. Then we see it was not a lie…back and forth, back and forth. Liars are liars and the biolabs are real.

It is our minds that make their lies a reality. Just like the ones who believe they are a wolf or an animal they identify with. It is all mind washing and there are a lot who fall into their liar pits. Some just perpetuate it for money. Especially those who are the foot soldiers in the streets shouting the garbage in support of the crazy dictates of congress. These mostly are organized and paid groups from DNC sponsored dot orgs funded by Soros and put together by marketing groups such as Precision Strategies.

image 172

This is criminal to create a shortage of everything, not to mention the genocide from jabs. So who is doing this? Who is allowing it?


Fox news reported: “Blackouts are life threatening and extremely dangerous. President Biden, the Department of Energy, and FERC must take these threats and their responsibility to ensure reliable and affordable energy seriously,” McMorris Rodgers told Fox News Digital in a statement.

“We are demanding that the administration provide specific plans for how it will prevent potential electricity emergencies this summer,” she continued.

“People are suffering enough from record high and unaffordable costs created by President Biden’s energy crisis,” the Washington Republican said. “They deserve and need every assurance their lights and air conditioning will come on this summer to keep themselves and their families safe.”

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The letters were sent to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) chairman Richard Glick and pointed to the recent NERC assessment warning “more than half the nation will be at elevated risk of power outages this summer.” READ: House GOP press Biden energy officials on prep for potential summer outages amid green energy push (

That being said… what’s really taking place is people making money off of peril from the top down. And the sheep keep doling out their dollars like that is going to save America?

Then we have Larry Kudlow saying there is probably no way out of this…meaning Biden’s inner destruction of America’s economy that is causing high inflation. Kudlow reacts to the consumer price index report and calls out Joe shifting the blame to Vladimir Putin on his show.

The irony of J6 is that while they are putting on their fake kangaroo court, their other hand is gathering their minions to riot at the Supreme Court building tomorrow. Can we indict Pelosi for domestic terrorism plots?

Some people are just moving to Mexico! No more Joe Show for them.

So how bad is it? This is certainly a mess… now we must all choose to come out from her my people… or suffer in her plagues. Hang in there and know that this was all foretold. And half of this mess is a lie and the other half is true. Good luck sorting it out.

And remember some of it…most all of it is man made and manipulated!

Surprise, surprise??? Not! OOps there goes crypto! How many grifters told you crypto was safe? A lot of them!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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