It’s Not About Trump, It’s About American Lives and Freedom!

There comes a point when the Party’s over and it’s time to go home. Joe has overstayed his visit.

Feds arresting Feds… all in the Joe show… Complete with Rhetoric to compliment the J6 bull that is being spread while the Pelosi centered crime Congress has their eyes on revenge for the Supreme Court. Oh if we only had honest reporting… the sham would be over and the real arrests would be made.

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Is that day coming or are we to just shudder in fear because there is nothing we can do about any of it? Well, I believe since over half of the nation knows what is taking place… and the other half are feeling the shock and awe at the pump, and the grocery store… and about to triple their electric bills… added to the wave of deaths in all who took the jab … like our kids…. the two Joe voters and their dogs will take to the streets and there will soon come an end to the Joe Show. It will be a mass wave of ballot harvester’s remorse. They may even come forward in droves to confess how it all took place?  Who knows….???

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Meanwhile there are more special optics that are getting old and trust me this one is as lame as it gets.  Give me a break! It makes no sense for patriots to even be concerned nation wide with anything the Idaho Pride Festival is doing? None whatsoever! Especially when the real crap taking place is in DC, at the border, and in our own cities. And to have the bunch all dressed up and the entire thing on film is a joke. How many takes were there? Maybe they got this false flag in one try? Who knows?

But don’t look at what the congress is allowing to take place to Supreme Court Justices!

The real protesters are in front of the Supreme Court Justice homes and shouting threats to seated Supreme Court Justices and NOTHING IS BEING DONE TO STOP IT. 

That right there tells you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

So the shout is “WHITE SUPREMIST, WHITE SUPREMIST! LOOK A GROUP OF WHITE SUPREMISTS! Something sure smells like an organized group alright…like a Fed group. Look at how they match the crowd feds seen at other gatherings…the same who are placed to make real patriots look bad.

But gee…Oops! Patriot Front Member Was Arrested in Idaho Carrying Megaphone Marked with “FBI” On It!

image 167

Trust me…they aren’t coming from all those states (ten of them)… to bust a pride group in Idaho. If they were going to be any, where it would be is in front of the Drag shows luring kids into their dens! Like the ones that have been in the news right there in Dallas, Texas where we are told some of these guys came from! These guys blew it big time… they didn’t seem to show up at the Texas event even though it was advertised well ahead of the day it was to take place.

Good grief this is a false flag in your face.

Oh just look at that serious cop point his finger at the camera. And look at all the proud patriots on their knees. And look…it says “Reclaim America” on the back of that proud patriots shirt so it must be true???? We always see patriots wearing full face masks right? And sun glasses? Right?

Trust me if this were real patriots they would not be seen like this and there would not be such an easy organized pull over and arrest. Not if they were truly who they described them as. Good grief another whopper to go with those fake fries.

Do please tell me, where are the police at the border?  Where are they?

Maybe we should send Joe and his congress and senate down there? And His Generals and his AG? 

Pay no attention to the fact that the left progressive Dems are on a full-blown campaign to accuse all who want law and order restored as the NAZI party that they are pushing on full display! Judge Jeanine said, “Their rhetoric is a call to arms for unstable people and it always will be.”

Well Nervous Nancy… take a look at the footage you don’t want people to see!

Starts about 14 minutes in. You will want to see this.

The mob rulers in the Democracy liar bunch don’t want to answer any questions. That sure is telling….

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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