Stupid Meter Stuck As J6 & Joe Show Boils Over…

It’s not coming down?

It has been a steady rise and now the stupid meter has risen off the charts and it is stuck on ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

People have been talking about the lack of law and order and the fictitious story that is choking the rights of We The People! Tempers are flaring and if they were wanting the average honest person to wake up and get mad as hell…they have succeeded!

Listen to Mark Levin tell it like only Mark can!

Their playbook is old, it’s obvious and we all know what they do. They gaslight their fear, creating huge problems then shove their agenda down your throat. Just wait until next month when Americans get their new electric bills… the electric suppliers have already announced prices three to four times higher and power outages. Why? Because Joe has a new energy policy…the same as all of his other policies only he has put the suppliers in his pocket so … you as consumers are out of luck. You will just have to pay the price of having an election stolen, and little by little EVERYTHING ELSE YOU HAD~

image 163

Members of Jan. 6 committee claim Trump can be indicted (

This is not being negative, this is reporting what they are doing. It sounds wild and far fetched… but this is what they are doing.

image 161

Meanwhile we have the Joe Blow Show in Los Angeles… also known as the Summit of the Americas. But, even that was smacked in the face by Joe when he decided to not invite all of the people of the Americas. He went too far there too. He crossed the line and a boycott of the summit by the leaders of several Latin American nations — including Mexico, a regional powerhouse — refused to attend this little Joey Blow Show gathering disorganize and held in the United States.

Joey’s attempt to assemble the leaders of the hemisphere as a show of American strength and unity of purpose was a complete insult to the summit as he decided to not invite nation leaders such as Cuba and Venezuela to attend. This bold, insult to the Summit of the Americas prompted the leaders of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia and El Salvador to refuse to attend.

Johnny Briceño, the prime minister of Belize, publicly chastised Biden in a remarkable speech just moments after the president had left the lectern. Mr. Briceño said it was “inexcusable” that the United States had blocked Cuba and Venezuela from attending the summit, a decision that sparked the boycott by four countries.

“At this most critical juncture, when the future of our hemisphere is at stake, we stand divided,” he said. “And that is why the Summit of the Americas should have been inclusive.”

President Alberto Fernández of Argentina also lashed out at the United States and called for a change in the rules that allowed Mr. Biden, as the host of the summit, to decide who was invited to the gathering.

“We definitely would have wished for a different Summit of the Americas,” he said. “The silence of those who are absent is calling to us.”

So as the news touts this as an achievement for Biden it is far from the truth. Read: Biden Faces Skepticism at Summit of the Americas – The New York Times (

But, hey…look at the border…the real Americas Summit was taking place at the same time and is still!

image 162

So while Joe hosts his Summit of the Americas….there is a bunch of humanity coming across the border…so many one wonders if there is any population left for Joey to aid in south America?

Why isn’t Joe hosting his Latino summit on the Border among the wave of humanity coming across?  Hey aid them Joe….aid and abet them to fight ICE, maybe the Military….that sounds like war…are we at war on the border Joe?  Or are you just at war with the American Citizens?

Below Stuart Varney asks Arizona Attorney General about the massive caravan coming over our borders. When asked, is it deliberate by Joe, Arizona AG Mark Brnovich answers Yes it is deliberate.

Then there is this little glimmer….is that a black eye like in…???

image 164

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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