Predictive Linguistics?

Twenty Year Deltas? Q’s intention? Basic Training Side Effects? Emotional Crash? Crash Minds to Come To Temple Clues? The War is On!

And so the story goes that some were already warning of the systems and some were completely wired into it when the mysterious Q came along… there was a following that had to be, so they say… initiated into waking up in a boot camp style. They needed to wake up and redirected to now think for themselves, yet follow their leader.

And indeed many leaders appeared. Some to direct to the truth and some infiltrated to direct to deception. It was a big “Illuminati” game and the earth was the game board.

Those who were already awake knew what it was, but the ones just waking refused to take their eyes off their new found message boards. To the regular conspiracy theorist, they caught on quickly that the new freshly awakened needed to know their past and the truths of their present and where the dark side was leading them into the future, because the truth or factual history had been either buried under the rug, rearranged and mistold, made up, or erased all together and or IGNORED.

The ones drawn to “Q” the easiest were those who were military minded for they were already trained to follow a chain of command. Now there was a new form of that familiar military command coming into view.

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The other easier ones to be drawn into this were the younger generation who had already been lulled and geared up with computor gaming and loved entering into the Matrix type of real life game solving as initiates.

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And some were just drawn out of the sheer excitement of finding clues and going down rabbit holes. They had discovered the fun in researching and were of competive natures. Now they were all coming together to venture out on a quest for truth.

Who Let The Frogs Out?

Gate keepers appeared and anyone who questioned the Q was clobbered with a verbal warfare, and yes it was a “where we go one, we go all” type of clobbering. So the frogs were guarding their new found King who sat on the lilly ipad giving the crumbs that led to the bread. They called it “Q”. They were the knights of “Q”, guarding the newly found brotherhood, open and transparent… exposing the secret things and bound to the cause of truth, justice and liberty for all.

image 227

Welcome to the Revolution?

Anyone pointing this out, was quickly slapped upside their wits. And now, today on Truth Social… I found this video circulating that says what many have already figured out. It indeed was a waking up to come out from the matrix… gamers wake up and follow the Q out from the digital A.I. prison. Now I don’t know of this man Clif High, whether he is speaking truth or confusion… but he is followed by many in the “Q” movement. Call him a psyop or call him the maker… I am just reporting what he has said.

Then came the go fund me “Age of the Podcaster”.

The next thing we know social media was flooded with podcasters, everyone having answers to the questions, and the rise of “go fund-me-ville”. What was perceived as starting out as a Reddit 4 Chan “Q” of mystery and challenge to independent thinking, turned into a lucrative business. Many questioned if that was the intent or just part of the funding for the intent? Others reasoned that if psyops had entered into all forms of the truth, calling those who sought it conspiracy theorists, then of course the same sort of psyops would naturally seek its own level, as water always does, inside this new fluid movement of truth. This causing quite a challenge for the new minds of reason.

Oh what a game of intrigue it has been to unravel the truth from webs and webs of lies, cleverly weaved by masters of deceit. Psyops bought and paid for by those who had already infiltrated into EVERYTHING. Everything has been infiltrated from the church, the government, social media, big food, big pharma, science, and Q. So buyer be ware. Discern EVERYTHING!

It’s all about the children! In all the rabbit hole diving…it always comes back to the kids!

Trump has a way of exposing “Pizza Gate” openly and the guilty ones hate it!”

image 230

Child and human trafficking is a billion dollar business for the KM Oligarchs. The same ones who invert and pervert laws into legalized lawlessness, are the same ones behind pushing new legislation at the United Nations that would make pedophilia legal.

“Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,” the Geneva-based International Commission of Jurists wrote in March with an assist from UNAIDS and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.” Read: New UN-backed legal recommendations normalize sex with minors, outraged critics say | Fox News

President Trump made a strong announcement when in Ft. Myers at the Lincoln Day Dinner…. He said:

“Together we will defeat the globalists, Marxists, communists, and the RINOs! This is what we must do to save our country from destruction.”

Trump named the key enemies of humanity and all of these are funded and controlled by the KM Oligarchs. These same KM Oligarchs are at the top of the Illuminati Pyramid… and they are behind the infiltration of EVERYTHING via their secret societies.

As President John F. Kennedy said when he called them all out for what they were…

image 232

Kennedy called out Karl Marx and communism. He called out the secret societies and made known the infiltration in the US government agencies. They killed him. But, before they did Kennedy had well exposed them and their secret plans.

JFK passed the torch forward to those who will come one day after he is long gone… he predicted exactly what we who are awake are all saying this very day.

image 233

He knew this task required a great awakening of “We The People”, and not something a few good men could accomplish on their own. He knew it was a world problem and it would take many nations coming together in an alliance to take down the dark giants behind this veil of secrecy whose web now dominated the USA and the entire earth.

That day has come and it is here.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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