Pacific Worlds Project Psyop, and Lava Tubes?

Follow the money, follow the Globalist goals, follow the KM Oligarchs, follow the false projects that hold alterior motives. Connect the dots… call them out… expose the lies and psyops. How many believe the global Institutions organized and funded by KM Oligarchs are really concerned about preservation of Indigenous peoples in the Pacific Islands? Have…Continue readingPacific Worlds Project Psyop, and Lava Tubes?


DRONE FOOTAGE OF DEW FIRES IN MAUI… I mean the fires caused by wind. Wind always causes fires… weren’t you taught that in school? Didn’t you always see that growing up? Silly you for thinking wind didn’t cause fires. You must wake up! Fire always blasts through and selectively makes a burn trail… leaving leaves…Continue readingPSYOPS and OTHER FREQUENCY WEAPONS!

DEW You See it? FIRE, FIRE!

“It is like Barbie suddenly turned into Oppenheimer.” stated someone in Hollywood fashion! From an article titled: “Maui, A Hollywood Favorite Hawaiian Getaway, Faces Tragic Fire: A Report From The Heart Of Paradise” “It is all kind of strange, as Wailea is untouched and still in vacation mode, while just across the ocean, you could see massive smoke…Continue readingDEW You See it? FIRE, FIRE!