DEW You See it? FIRE, FIRE!

“It is like Barbie suddenly turned into Oppenheimer.” stated someone in Hollywood fashion!

From an article titled: “Maui, A Hollywood Favorite Hawaiian Getaway, Faces Tragic Fire: A Report From The Heart Of Paradise”

It is all kind of strange, as Wailea is untouched and still in vacation mode, while just across the ocean, you could see massive smoke clouds and orange skies. The mood went from idyllic to horrifying. To put it in movie terms, as someone said to me earlier today, “It is like Barbie suddenly turned into Oppenheimer.” West Maui still has no cell service, internet, or power in most areas of it. Last night, the Four Seasons lobby, usually pretty chill, was practically overrun by tourists and some locals fleeing the fire in search of rooms. The hotel is now completely full.Maui Devastated by Wildfires. Hollywood Helps Out – Deadline

So what’s going on in Maui?

Then there are other things that just don’t add up:

A few days before the fire, the news announced a fire warning due to high winds. How would they imagine high winds would be causing a fire?  And just like that….fierce fires break out? It has been procedure that when Hawaii gets high pressure winds of 40 miles per hour plus, they would give the typical warnings of flying debris ocean safety NOT fire warning!

So how does wind START fires? We know wind can spread them, but who knew it can start fires? Or can it?

Then we see pics like this and ask… is this real of a fake?

image 104

We read and see things that raise all sorts of questions!

Is this some Satanic Ritual or is this a coverup of evidence of some sort? Why is Maui considered a Hollywood retreat for Actors, Producers, etc? Why are Oprah properties following a fire trail? Is this a land grab?  Part of the United Nations Agenda 21 Wildland Project? Was this caused by Direct Energy Weapons? Why would KM Oligarchs/deep state create such devastating fire destruction in Maui? What would they gain? Are they hiding something? Is there evidence of something they have to destroy? Would the government be destroying Hawaii? If so, why? Who else might have a reason to set it on fire? Are there Federal human and child trafficking stings taking place in the Islands? Drug trafficking stings? Was there money laundering and dark market trails that needed erased? Was this another island that did things in the shadows… less obvious than Epstein Island? Didn’t they say that Epstein’s Island was just one of many?  Why are some of Maui’s biggest land owners connected to Hollywood?

If there are more questions than answers, you can rest assured there is another story, another motivation, and another thing taking place behind the literal smoke screen!

Which lead us to finding old articles that give us clues…. such as this one from August 13, 2020 before the election.  There was an article titled “Human Trafficking in Hawaii”.

Here are some key excerpts:

“The National Security Agency (NSA) announced today that they have concluded their corruption investigation targeting Maui County and the State of Hawaii. They discovered a $45 million annual drug ring operating through the Maui Police Department (MPD) selling methamphetamines and heroin, planting false evidence including pipes and drugs on innocent people, and protecting affiliated drug rings.

The corruption spread into the Maui County administration and nearly all of the departments. Over 700 public servants are complicit and will be brought to justice, NSA predicts.

Similarly, the State of Hawaii will soon be indicted in a massive human trafficking/enslavement ring. (Note they said “will soon be”).  State workers have been selling Hawaiian babies on the black market for $30,000 apiece. To date, 232 babies have been sold, netting $6.96 million for the human trafficking ring.

“Maui County is a central hub of our operations,” said NSA director GEN Paul M. Nakasone. “We were appalled when it came to our attention the massive corruption in Maui County, and we decided it was National Security issue, and it became our perogative to investigate immediately.”

“An NSA team of 400 analysts sprang into action and completed their investigation in about 5 hours, amassing about 2000 hours of research. They analysed all MPD-issued phone records as well as personal phone records of all members of the Maui Police Department in late July.

NSA has targeted all the guilty parties.

Now it is just a matter of time that the drug dealing, protection of drug rings, planting of drug evidence on innocent parties and corruption will see the light of Justice served,” GEN Nakasone said. (Marshall Report Side Note: they said “now it is just a matter of time…”)

NSA expects a massive backlog on the legal system and has suggestions to aid the processing of the accused, such as reopening a Wailea hotel for inmate housing.

For the State of Hawaii baby selling operations, NSA is expecting an immediate shutdown, with all State workers involved immediately jailed. The CIA and FBI will be expected to spearhead an international baby hunt to bring the babies home to Hawaii where they belong to be reunited with their parents.” Read full article here: Human Trafficking in Hawaii – Era of Light

Look long and hard at this video. Look at the leaves on the trees, and shrubs next to melted houses. Tell me again this was not DEW!

Watch this and look at the details. Please DEW.


It’s time now to take a deep dive and see what else we can find!

WARNING: When you deep dive and report on the fires, there are many people who are shouting… “that’s not so”, “I know because the news said”, and “I know because someone who lives there said on Twitter X bla, bla, bla”, and the famous “I know because I live there”. Well, that reminds me of the neighbors in our cities who wore their masks, six foot distanced and took the jab because the news said there was a plandemic and they know because they lived there and saw it all. Oh my head hurts.  Psyops work that way. Once someone is told something, (especially fear based) and they believe it to be true, they are very hard pressed to show any new information to. They already believe the lie and will not move off of that mindset. At least not without a major truth shock. The only dots they connect are the ones provided by fake news, shills, Biden, mis and dis information, and some still use SNOPES.

Why does this photo look like the ones from the California fires? Remember the DEW fires?

image 107

So, since this is a developing story… we are presently in the gathering the facts phase and seeing what puzzle pieces may fit, which don’t, and which are merely coincidence. Remember everything we see today, had a beginning and a middle.

We will add to what we now know for sure. We have been shown that Billionaires run the corporations and hedge funds control the money, Wall Street, … BlackRock and Vanguard. These control the billionaire’s corporate investments. We have learned that there is a Committee of 300 and Tavistock who decide who gets famous and who doesn’t, who gets rich and who doesn’t, who has power and who doesn’t. Who owns what and who doesn’t get to own anything. Who is mind controlled and Tavistock controls Hollywood.  We have learned to always follow the money.

We have also learned that there are serious trafficking stings taking place for drug cartels, human sex and child trafficking, and many of the rich and powerful are the ones who purchase such sex slaves… per Epstein Island, and all that was uncovered with the Maxwell, and Epstein blackmail, and how such things that took place on Epstein Island, Epstein’s Ranch, and other places are used to control the actions of the perceived powerful rich and famous figure heads.

We have learned that Epstein Island and other properties were not the only place these type of things took place, but it was where some of the most powerful names involved in purchasing human sex slaves, pedophilia, etc.,  were found participating.  We also learned that there was a large elite billionaire client base who were controlled  via blackmail by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The list is international and both Epstein and Maxwell worked for KM Oligarch spy networks and Mossad.  The lions share of the truth on all of that is still sealed and kept secret.

That being said, for today we will simply give the basic information on the mysterious island of Maui.

image 105

So let’s take a deep dive and see who owns what in Maui?

We go to a recent article by “Travelopedia”, written by Michael Thompson, titled:

WHO OWNS MAUI? The Billionaires’ Paradise In 2023

Key Excerpts: “Maui Island Has Become A Popular Destination For The Ultra-Rich, With Many Billionaires Investing In Real Estate. However, Understanding Who Owns Maui And The History Of Land Ownership In Hawaii Is Crucial To Understanding The Island’s Economy, Culture, And Environment.

“Maui Is The Second-Largest Of The Hawaiian Islands And Boasts A Diverse Range Of Attractions, Including Beaches, Waterfalls, And Scenic Drives. The Island’s Tropical Climate And Stunning Natural Beauty Make It A Desirable Location For Those Seeking A Luxurious Vacation Or Second Home. Additionally, Maui Offers An Array Of High-End Amenities, Including Exclusive Golf Courses, Spas, And Restaurants, Making It An Ideal Destination For Billionaires Looking For A Lavish Lifestyle.

image 108

Who Owns Maui

Maui Is Owned By A Combination Of Private Individuals, Corporations, And The State Of Hawaii. The Island’s Largest Landowner Is Alexander & Baldwin, A Real Estate Company That Owns Over 55,000 Acres Of Land. Other Significant Landowners Include The Parker Family, Who Own The Parker Ranch, One Of The Largest Cattle Ranches In The United States, And The State Of Hawaii, Which Owns Significant Amounts Of Land On The Island, Including State Parks And Conservation Areas.

“Maui’s Most Extensive Landholdings Belong To The State Of Hawaii, Alexander & Baldwin, And Mahi Pono. The State Of Hawaii Dominates The Land Ownership With Over 154,000 Acres On Maui, While Alexander & Baldwin Follows In Second Place With Over 65,000 Acres. Mahi Pono, The Newest Addition To The List, Is Now The Largest Private Landholder On Maui, Having Acquired Approximately 41,000 Acres Of Land Formerly Belonging To The Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company.

The article goes on to ask the question, “Why Is It Important To Know Who Owns Most Of Maui?” The answer is because he who owns it writes the rules, and impact the Island’s economy, culture, enviornment and politics, i.e. controls the governing. Rich and famous landowners influence everything from housing prices to conservation efforts such as pertain to climate change.

Which bring us to “A Brief History Of Land Ownership In Hawaii” and more excerpts:

“The History Of Land Ownership In Hawaii Is Complex And Often Controversial. Much Of The Land On The Islands Was Originally Taken From Native Hawaiians During The United States Annexation Of Hawaii In 1898. Since Then, There Have Been Numerous Legal Battles Over Land Ownership, Including Efforts To Restore The Land To Its Rightful Owners And Preserve The State’s Natural Resources. Today, The Issue Of Land Ownership In Hawaii Remains A Contentious One, With Ongoing Debates Over Development, Conservation, And Indigenous Rights.

Onto the modern day issues: We return to our excerpts:

The Tension Between Billionaires And Locals

“The Sale Of Large Properties To Billionaires On The Island Of Maui Has Sparked Controversy, With Locals Expressing Mixed Feelings About The Issue. While Some Believe That These “Big-Money” Investors Have Genuinely Helped Hawaii, Others Are Concerned About The Impact Of Billionaire-Owned Properties On The Local Community.

Some Of The Positive Impacts Of Billionaire Land Ownership Include:

  • Larry Ellison, Who Purchased 98% Of Lanai In 2012, Has Invested In The Island And Moved There Full-Time In December, Contributing To The Local Economy.
  • The Sale Of Former Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company Lands On Maui To Mahi Pono, A Venture Between A California-Based Agricultural Group And A Canadian Investment Manager, Has Been Seen As A Positive Step Forward As The State Seeks To Increase Local Food Production.

However, There Are Also Negative Impacts Of Billionaire Land Ownership, Such As:

  • Locals Believe That Billionaire-Owned Properties Drive Up The Cost Of Living And Housing, Making It Difficult For Locals To Afford To Live On The Island.
  • Billionaire-Owned Properties Contribute To The Gentrification Of The Island, Which Can Lead To The Displacement Of Locals And The Loss Of Cultural Heritage.

Impact Of Billionaire-Owned Properties On Maui’s Economy:

Billionaires’ Purchases Of Multi-Million Dollar Properties In Maui Have Had A Significant Impact On The Island’s Economy. Here Are Some Ways In Which Billionaire-Owned Properties Have Affected Maui’s Economy:

  • Driven Up Real Estate Prices: Billionaires’ Purchases Of High-End Properties Have Increased The Demand For Real Estate On The Island, Leading To A Rise In Real Estate Prices, Which Benefits The Entire Real Estate Industry On Maui.
  • Increased Demand For Construction And Maintenance Services: Many Of These Properties Require Extensive Renovations And Upkeep, Leading To Increased Demand For Construction And Maintenance Services, Providing Job Opportunities For Locals.
  • Generous Spending On The Island: Billionaires Tend To Spend Generously During Their Stays On The Island, Supporting Local Businesses Such As Restaurants, Spas, And Shops.

Billionaires’ Influence On Maui’s Government And Politics:

Billionaires’ Immense Wealth And Status Also Give Them Significant Influence Over Maui’s Government And Politics. Here Are Some Ways In Which Billionaires Influence The Island’s Government And Politics:

  • Political Donations: Many Billionaires Have Made Substantial Donations To Political Campaigns And Advocacy Groups, Which Can Sway Policy Decisions And Government Actions.
  • Advisory Roles: Some Billionaires Have Served On Advisory Boards Or Commissions, Giving Them A Direct Say In Important Decisions That Affect The Island’s Residents And Visitors.
  • Lobbying Power: Billionaires Have Significant Lobbying Power, Which They Use To Influence Lawmakers And Policy Decisions

Read full article: WHO OWNS MAUI? The Billionaires’ Paradise In 2023 (

Tell me if this looks like the aftermath of a wild fire or DEW?

image 110

Maui, the land of luxury and extravagance for all, or just the rich and powerful?

How do all the rich and powerful affect the economy? To listen to the rich they would have you believe they brought civilization to the dull and impoverished islanders. Jobs, jobs, jobs. The truth is, the top 1% of households on Maui have an average income of over $1.5 million per year, while the bottom 20% average income is $19,000. So much for the jobs created to serve the rich and powerful???

And if that isn’t striking enough, billionaire land ownership in Maui has driven up real estate prices making it hard for locals to afford housing. And the sad part of this is most of the real estate bought up by the rich and powerful is empty for most of the year.

You may be thinking… what does this have to do with the fires in Maui? Well, it has a lot to do with the pattern used by those who are given great wealth by the same system we are exposing. The same great merchants of the earth who are behind all the global disorder and all their puppets who carry out their desires.

Let’s look at some of the billionaires who now own property on Maui and see if you recognize any of the names?

Billionaires like Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, net worth 145.55 billion USD! , He owns 98% Of The Hawaiian Island Of Lanai, and property on Maui.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook boy wonder, net worth $44 billion (at one time he was worth $100 Billion but he is losing worth). Owns Several Properties In Hawaii, Including A 700-Acre Estate On The Island Of Kauai and large amounts of land on Maui, Hawaii.

Oprah Winfrey, said to be worth 3.5 billion, with an annual income of $315 million. She’s been reported as being the richest female host of all time.

Jeff Bezos, founder of was once the richest man in the world at $160 billion, is now worth $127 billion.

What else are these rich and powerful people known for in the global world?

The Rich Tend To Live In Exclusive Neighborhoods On The Islands Of Oahu And Maui. Other celebrity names such as The Bishop Family, which owns The Kamehameha Schools, is the largest private landowner In Hawaii; Bill Gates Owns A Beachfront Property On The Island Of Oahu; Pierre Omidyar, The Founder Of EBay, is the richest person in Hawaii. Ben Stiller, Pierce Brosnan, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; Steven Tyler, Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Kris Kristofferson, among many more. Mick Fleetwood not only lives on the island, but has a popular restaurant, Fleetwood’s On Front Street, that was situated right in the path of where the fire was most fierce in picturesque Lahaina, a city described now as looking like a bombed-out war zone.

image 106

As of yesterday, West Maui still had no cell service, internet, or power in most areas of it. It was reported that last night, “the Four Seasons lobby, usually pretty chill, was practically overrun by tourists and some locals fleeing the fire in search of rooms.” The hotel is now completely full. The sudden demand had the staff scrambling to return after leaving for the day. The hotel even opened its ballroom for employees affected, as well as other locals needing a place to stay. Quite a scene. I even spotted people sleeping on lounge chairs or couches until hopefully getting a room. No doubt other hotels in Wailea experienced the same influx.

Which bring us back to the article mentioned at the beginning of the article about the NSA predictions of a trafficking take down in Maui…. NSA expects a massive backlog on the legal system and has suggestions to aid the processing of the accused, such as reopening a Wailea hotel for inmate housing.

Now, I am merely pointing out a prediction made by NSA from Aug. of 2020. But, I am finding the entire event very fascinating and await the details as they roll out. Meanwhile… many are digging and many are suspecting some of the very same things. It’s puzzle time folks. How many pieces can you find?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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