Pacific Worlds Project Psyop, and Lava Tubes?

Follow the money, follow the Globalist goals, follow the KM Oligarchs, follow the false projects that hold alterior motives. Connect the dots… call them out… expose the lies and psyops.

How many believe the global Institutions organized and funded by KM Oligarchs are really concerned about preservation of Indigenous peoples in the Pacific Islands? Have you heard about the Pacific Worlds Project?

image 118

Putting the “Pacific Worlds Project” into perspective… what do you see? Why is this important?

Who is under attack, DEW you know? Who is having earthquakes, wind fires, and other disasters? What’s happening now in New Zealand? How were the islands formed? Who discovered them? What are lava tubes? How are they formed and where are they located? Which islands have the longest Lava Tubes? Why is the pacific islands now the target? Why on a globe does it all look so different than when you look at all of it with, let’s call it the United Nations Map of the World? Why do they use it and we are told not to? To understand what is happening and why… we need to ask some hard questions about things we have never been taught, nor discussed openly with the public. We need to go beyond basic tourist information, like the things we are told that are partly true with a whole lot left out.

Let’s begin. Do you know what this picture is of?

image 119

It is what is called a Lava Tube… also known as a “pyroduct”.

Most all know that the Hawaii islands were created by volcanoes. What most may not know is the islands are criss-crossed by countless lava tubes that have formed underground passageways, also known as pyroducts. These were and are created by lava flows themselves and are capable of transporting great quantities of lava long distances underneath the surface. When the supply of lava stops at the end of an eruption, or if it gets diverted elsewhere, it leaves behind an empty cave.

The process in a nutshell:
When a lava tube is active, lava travels along its floor at temperatures that exceed 2,000º F (1090º C). Winds of superheated fume may blast through the tunnel, yet the only sound may be the constant soft hiss of the relentless flow.

Once lava subsides, these subterranean corridors become home to unique ecosystems of troglobites, animals specifically adapted to live in this dark isolated world. Distinct species of crickets and spiders develop alongside special microbial colonies found nowhere else.

For those who want it… here is the longer scientific version:

1. Large rivers of lava flow in natural channels of their own creation. Fast central currents keep the core hot, while the slower moving edges cool and thicken as they are exposed to cooler surface air. As the surface cools, the top of the flow crusts over from the sides, like the way ice freezes on a river.

2. The crust eventually joins completely and insulates an interior flow. When fully insulated, the flow becomes superheated.

3. The superheated lava flow then begins “downcutting” through the ground or lava flows beneath it, in a process known as thermal erosion. This results in a deeper, narrower cross-section.

4. When the eruption stops, lava often drains from the tube and leaves behind the vacated conduit beneath the surface. Dripping formations may begin to develop as the lava level subsides. It may take about a year for the tube to cool down, but soon the new underground passage will be colonized by insects, spiders and their cave-dwelling kin.

Cultural Significance

For Native Hawaiians, these caves have also had great cultural importance. They could be used as shelter from both the elements and human enemies. Food stored in the cooler, more thermally stable lava tubes would last longer. Middens within lava tubes have contained ʻopihi shells, stone tools and other evidence of daily life, testifying to their usage.

image 120

Now this is the chart they give us. Remember, our education is limited to what they want us to understand, accept and believe.

Lava Tubes are underground passageways…

Hawaii is criss-crossed by countless lava tubes, which are underground passageways created by lava flows themselves. These tubes are capable of transporting great quantities of lava long distances underneath the surface. Lava tubes are found throughout the Hawaiian Islands and are the plumbing system for volcanoes, transporting lava to different eruption sites. They come in many discoverable shapes and sizes, some ancient, and others more recently active.


image 122

The Huehue lava tube is located about 2 miles north of Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport. The islands have many lava tube openings.

As of January 2019 no-parking signs and concrete barriers have been installed at the Huehue lava tube entrance. A no trespassing sign is also posted at the entrance to the lava tube. The state is currently looking into ways to manage access to the Huehue lava tube as there is no parking available. Move along, nothing here to see.

Maui’s largest volcano is Haleakalā, and it is now a tourist attraction. People can visit Ka’eleku Caverns, and Wai’anapanapa.

So that being said, let’s look at DUMBS and Human and Child Trafficking… along with drugs, guns, and money laundering.

There are many places throughout the world, and especially in the Pacific Islands where the Lava Tubes and underground caves make a perfect built in underground trafficking system and that includes Lahaina and other areas on Maui which the NSA has already targeted for surveillance for such illegal criminal activity. But, moreso, let’s look at the multi billion dollar market that the white hats are interferring with and their Pacific Worlds Project.

What we have learned is the Deep State always does things in plain site. So while tourists clamor to see a glimpse of Lava Tubes… and caves… taking pictures and marveling at natures wonder… others are using underground systems to stash and cash out. Through recent sting operations, we have learned that there are many store fronts that look like small businesses geared toward catering to tourists, that have gambling, drug dealing, gun running, sex slaves and money laundering taking place in the back.

We have also learned from locals that it is very difficult to buy property and make a living on the Hawaii Islands due to developers buying the land and selling to the rich and famous and seasonal vacationers. Many of the native born have had to leave the island in order to survive. Why is that? Especially with all of the support from Pacific Worlds Project? I thought they were out to help the native islanders?

We also know that every island has lava caves, and even in North and South America, Australia, Africa, Asia, and European Nations. Many of these areas have been of interest to KM Oligarchs in running their illegal operations… or so it appears.

image 124

So let’s look at the Pacific Worlds Project which have been sponsored and supported by the following organizations and institutions:

The Smithsonian Institution – the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex. Funding was made available for the Pacific Worlds He‘eia project through a scholarly studies grant awarded for the project “He‘eia, O‘ahu: Researching and Presenting a Biocultural Landscape.”

The U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region, provided funding for the revision and update of the Hā‘ena website to increase the focus on conservation of land, sea, and traditional culture. Funding was managed through the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) is a nonprofit corporation that serves the U.S. in the Pacific region. PREL helps Pacific schools improve educational outcomes for children, youth, and adults by providing research, development opportunities, training, technical assistance, group facilitation, information resource activities, dissemination, and evaluation services. PREL is a major benefactor of the Pacific Worlds Project.

The Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities is an incorporated, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, educational organization established in 1972. It promots and supports activities that further awareness of the worth and value of the humanities among the general public in Hawai`i. HCH is a recipient of funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), a federal agency, to conduct humanities projects and support humanities projects proposed by other non-profit groups for the benefit of Island communities, particularly under served communities. HCH is one of 56 humanities committees or councils based in each state, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. HCH provided the seed money that started the Pacific Worlds Project.

Hawai‘i Geogaphic Alliance is a grass-roots organization of educators and citizens concerned with excellence in geographic education. HGA is one of 50 such alliances in a national network. They enable teachers in every U.S. state, Canada, and Puerto Rico to benefit from shared ideas and experiences. HGA’s mission is to promote geographic instruction, actively foster standards-based geographic learning in the K through 12 classrooms, and help students prepare to be productive and responsible citizens in a global economy.

The University of Hawai‘i Center for Pacific Islands Studies brings together people and resources to promote understanding of the Pacific Islands and issues of concern to Pacific Islanders through teaching, research, dissemination of information, and community involvement. It is the focus for these concerns at the University of Hawai’i, in the State of Hawai’i, and in the United States. It seeks to develop cooperative relationships with institutions in the region and around the world that share its concerns.

The Atherton Family Foundation is one of the largest endowed grantmaking private resources in the State of Hawai‘i devoted exclusively to the support of charitable activities. It perpetuates the philanthropic commitment expressed during the lifetime of Juliette M. Atherton and Frank C. Atherton, and of the family who have followed them.

Towson University Towson University is the second largest university in Maryland and a member of the University System of Maryland. Towson enrolls more than 16,000 students, including international students from nearly 100 countries. Towson’s 328-acre campus is located in the suburban community of Towson, Maryland, eight miles north of downtown Baltimore. Established in 1866, Towson is nationally recognized for its excellent programs in the arts, sciences, business, communications, humanities, health professions, education and computer information systems.

Pili Productions Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established solely for scientific, literary and educational purposes, including to document the traditions of the Native Hawaiian culture and of other local cultures in the Hawaiian Islands; to support creative and artistic talent on the island of Hawaii; and to produce, perform for the public, publish and distribute to the general public documentary or artistic productions in various media.

The project has further been endorsed by the following organizations:

*Pacific Island Forum Secretariat

*Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International

*New Zealand Ministry of Education, Pasifika Education

*Centre for South Pacific Studies, The University of New South Wales

They tell us on their website that: This project serves two roles: first, it is a vehicle for cultural preservation and the perpetuation of indigenous traditions in the Pacific. In this role, it presents Pacific Islands—from Pacific-Islander perspectives—to the entire world. Whether you are a tourist or a scholar, this site will transform your understanding of Pacific cultures and environments. Second and more specifically, Pacific Worlds comprises an indigenous-geography education project serving Hawai‘i-Pacific Schools. Read: Go to the Pacific Worlds project homepage.

But wait… we also have the World Bank involved who last year approved a third new project for Solomon Islands, which is included in the Pacific Worlds Project!

image 126

“WELLINGTON, June 14 (Reuters) – The World Bank said on Tuesday that it had approved a fisheries project in the Solomon Islands, its third new project announced for the Pacific country in as many weeks.

“The $13.5 million project will strengthen regional fisheries management to better protect it from illegal fishing, according to the World Bank. It is one of four projects worth in total $130 million that is part of the World Bank’s historic increase in support to the Solomon Islands.

“Stephen Ndegwa, the World Bank’s country director for Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands told Reuters last week that the boost in funding was a culmination of several years of engagement supporting the Solomon Island’s development.

“Ndegwa said the World Bank expected to announce 40 new projects in the Pacific this financial year worth more than $1 billion.” Reporting by Lucy Craymer; Editing by Stephen Coates

But wait… sooner or later they always tell us what they are doing….

A New Pacific World Order

“Former commander of Pacific Fleet highlights strategic competition between U.S. and China at School of Global Policy and Strategy’s 30th Anniversary event. We have the largest and most accomplished research centers on China and Mexico in the U.S.,” Cowhey said. “The Pacific had become the fulcrum of international relations. In becoming an authority of the Pacific, we have the leading edge of thinking about the globe.” Read new think tank ideas: A New Pacific World Order (

Which bring us to Keith Robinson and his battle with the US Military to keep his island in its natural state and preserve the lifestyles of the natives who lived on the Island.

It was this compelling photo that made me curious about the island. I’m sure you can see why.

What the heck is that entrance to?

Robinson’s Hawaii Island of Ni’ihau is pronounced Nee-Ee-how.

image 128

Oh how the military must have lusted after this prize Pacific island. To make a long compelling story short, Keith Robinson fought hard to keep the family island isolated from the global world of commercialism and preserve the flora, fauna and indigenous people in their native culture as his family had always done. Standing his ground to not allow the US military to put a missile defense system on the island… he found himself with battle after battle with the government taxing him out of business, but he would not cave into the demands of the government.

Backstory: Robinson and his brother Bruce own the approximately 70-square-mile (180 km2) island of Niʻihau in the Hawaiian island chain, which has been in the private possession of their family since their great-great-grandmother Elizabeth McHutchinson Sinclair (1800–1892) purchased it from King Kamehameha V for US$10,000 in gold. He is also the manager of a private botanical garden on the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi.

Robinson has repeatedly expressed his desire to keep Niʻihau privately owned so as to preserve the environment and traditions of its 150 to 200 native Hawaiian inhabitants, and has occasionally taken large financial losses to do so. As under their predecessors, the Robinsons have kept Niʻihau largely closed to outside visitors, though a few hunters and other tourists are admitted each year—but with limited or no contact with the islanders.

In 1997, Robinson estimated that between $8–9 million was spent to keep people employed, not counting the free housing and free meat provided to the 150–200 Niʻihau islanders. After 135 years of operation, the ranch on the island shut down in 1999, rendering all its inhabitants unemployed.

Robinson expressed concerns about his family’s ability to continue to maintain their ownership of Niʻihau, due to pressure from the federal and state governments and environmental groups. Taxes on the island have taken much of the profits from the Robinsons’ interests in agricultural companies.

I was reading the comments from the YouTube video below, Part 2, and soaking up all the ridiculous and selfish ones. Some were definitely angering to read. At least for me. In doing that I had a thought of how God knows our hearts and everything we think, say, and do. In pondering I wondered what might go through His thoughts when he reads such comments?  Then I wondered what he thought when he reads mine? It made me thankful that God judges the heart and not just the actions. Smile. We know in part… and understand in part. Nothing is as it appears and the mystery of this island… only God knows. Same as the designs on the military for desiring to put a missile defense system there. I wondered of the times he decides to lift off his hand of protection for our waywardness and say… have at it with your ideas, call me when you are ready to repent and let me lead you.

Then I wondered a bit more and thought it is probably His angels that have to listen to us and our pea brain ideas and unkind opinions toward others… and how they report back to their Archangels and how it is when it gets to God. Wondered what they thought of how wayward we are at times.

I am positive that there are indigenous people who love each other and do good to their family and neighbors who are favored in God’s eyes much more than many right here in this so called civilization. Just saying… I was pondering.

I can only imagine what would have befallen Niihau had the military got their feet on the island. It would have had restricted zones and little by little the islanders would have been pushed out and the entire thing would have been Military. That is how they do.

But, then again… something tells me there is much more to this entire story. There is much to dig into here. It just doesn’t feel right to believe everything the way it is being told. Something feels like it just may have never been as told. Especially knowing how the past administrations worked and the corrupt Pentagon deep state and all their leverage. The pattern in this psyop is they always do a documentary to push the propaganda we are supposed to believe. It is simply the pattern.

In 2005 Robinson released a documentary titled Robinson Crusader exposing all the troubles with the military and his fight to keep Ni’ihau a in its natural state. Where was the Pacific World Project at? Why weren’t they coming to Robinson’s defense? Perhaps the Pacific World Project wasn’t actually out to do what it told the world it was doing? Haven’t we seen this pattern many times before? Like the UN, CDC, Health and Human Services, and oh… you name it! Or is Robinson not telling us everything?

Connect the dots… new world disorder rearing ugly head in Pacific waters… Islands are tourism and tourism is being destroyed. The islands are being hit with strategic military direct energy weapons by globalists. What the master minds of evil deem necessary or something like that?? The question is why? Is there evidence they need to destroy? Or is it something else?

image 123
Overview of lava tubes, caves and the underground world.

Nothing is as it appears. Remember we are at war! Wind does not cause fires!

Meanwhile, more reports from Maui island tell stories of an overwhelmed fire force — fighting flames all day amid powerful winds — could do little as flames ripped through the historic community, destroying dozens of homes and businesses in what onlookers believe is the worst natural disaster in Hawaii’s history since Hurricane Iniki, but for some reason the fires jumped around and left some structures in its path untouched, along with trees, where just feet away everything was melted into a scorched earth. But, as selective as the wind blew the fire… no one dared to make a railing accusation against the wind. For the wind may gust up and spit fire in their faces, while it tippy toes around select structures, avoiding them all together. After all, this is how the new climate changers DEW. Or so it appears that is how it ought to be told.

All the buildings in red are destroyed. UPDATE: Around 1,000 people are missing from Lahaina, Hawaii fire — several could be alive & just haven’t been contacted yet.

image 125

The Pacific World Project, is it a project to restore? Or is it part of conquering the indigenous peoples who are left to take the last bit of land and force it in a perceived legal manner? Little if nothing these Oligarchs have done is for public knowledge. Their actions appear moreso to be for hiding true history and present actions. It has all the signs of being a new method devised from hireling think tanks to find the last bit of natural instinct and knowledge to further their relentless mind mastering techniques to control all mankind. I’m sure they want to discover the knowledge of how UNPROGRAMMED INDIGENOUS PEOPLE have survived a culture without man’s interference.

Articles like this one from the Smithsonian Institution titled, “A Brief, 500-Year History of Guam”, (One of the Pacific World Islands) seem to echo that idea.

“The Chamorro people of this Pacific island have long been buffeted by the crosswinds of foreign nations.”

image 127
Members of Chamorro organizations, including the children from the Hurao Cultural Camp, perform a burial ceremony. Associated Press

Selected Excerpts: “That Guam once again finds itself in the crosshairs of foreign adversaries is nothing new. It was 500 years ago, in 1521, when Ferdinand Magellan’s ships, weary and hungry, pulled up to this island, beginning 300 years of Spanish conquest.” 

“The Spanish then began transporting Chamorros from the northern islands to Guam, where they could control them—a process that took nearly a century, as the fast native canoes could outrun the larger and slower Spanish ships and elude capture. Canoe culture was then banned to keep them from escaping.

“Once on Guam, the Chamorros were resettled into newly created villages, each under the watchful eye of a Spanish priest. And so began the assimilation of the Chamorros. They lost their millennia-old connections to the land, their traditions and their stories. Today, the Chamorro language retains its traditional grammar, but 55 percent of the vocabulary borrows from Spanish.

“Nonetheless, indigenous culture continued in other ways—in values, in traditions surrounding weddings and funerals, in housing styles, and many other forms not obvious to the outsider. Small-island living requires a system of codes and practices, evolved over millennia, which no outside culture can replace, even today.” READ:A Brief, 500-Year History of Guam | At the Smithsonian| Smithsonian Magazine

How did these cultures survive all these centuries without modern influences, and how through the passing down of traditions did they maintain a knowledge so instinct that contained such wisdom in survival and memorized truths invaluable to their own cultures? Man has at every turn devised, conived, conjured and implemented every evil idea to steal the minds, lands, and every ounce of independent living from humanity and yet, still… islanders exist and survive. Evil rears its head and wonders at how, yet still, can they somehow get inside the minds of those guided by instinct… especially when they, themselves, cannot function without technology and the servitude of mankind obeying their crusty ideals and greedy desires.

If one could enter into the mindset of even one of these oligarchs with null and void understanding of the greater things… one would be astounded to find, empty and pathetic ramblings of “off with their heads” in fearful tones for they know not what to do with true intelligence. They only know how to kill, steal and destroy. That shall be their downfall, and is ordained to be their destiny. Do they see the shoreline yet for such folley as they have devised for mellenia?  Alas land is in sight and their little boat has lost its rudder… try as they may to paddle their way into devouring that last piece of humanity… God has another plan for these mad in the head as mad as any shipwrecked sailor deserted on an island with nothing but their own twisted thoughts and imaginations.

We are alive to see the destruction of all masters of the same… their conquering boats are being dashed upon the waves striking them as iron… and upon the shore… a little past the sands of time, we see the clay… unmired by the iron… as  the last of such sinks deep into the sea of humanity it could never, ever master. Weep and wail you shipmasters, for no one buys your goods any more.

The question remains… what on earth are they doing to the Pacific Islands? One thing is sure, the evils are now being exposed.

image 121



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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