From TV to Podcasts… Schills, Grifters  and Generals…

Top it off with “Thus Saith The Lord.”  Now where were we…oh yes… who to vote for and remember, when you need to go to the bathroom, raise your hand for permission.


Twitter makes money off fake accounts – Bots.  Imagine why Elon Musk didn’t know this before he pushed a so called 45 billion at the bird? Or whatever insane amount he finalized on? Imagine also why he didn’t know Prince Alwaleed no longer held twitter stock? And hadn’t since 2019? Imagine what a lousy background check he allegedly did or paid others to do on something he was going to purchase for all those billions.  Imagine it and ponder it… and if you still believe this is anything truthful…. Then indeed you will never see the real story here.

So while 3 star generals and even Sidney Powell are asking people to tell Elon to add them back, Trump has said In an interview with Sirius XM’s Americano Media,  he “probably wouldn’t have any interest” in returning to the platform, where he had almost 90 million followers. “You know, Twitter has become very boring. They’ve gotten rid of a lot of their good voices … a lot of their conservative voices.” Trump said.

Earlier this week, Twitter Chief Executive Officer Parag Agrawal announced he is freezing hiring and taking other cost-cutting measures now that Musk’s bid to purchase the company has been accepted. But, now there is a catch… they are looking into the 5% bot truth or lie to fact check that. I believe they are going to find a whole lot more bots than 5%. Those who are checking independently just to see what they can find are already finding hundreds of bot accounts just linked to Go Brandon’s account alone.

image 63

Was this all a marketing ploy?  Or were people supposed to finally discover that the social media platforms are owned by DARPA’s, In-Q-Tel and the CIA, and is a part of the NSA and ultimate spy program complete with tracking and surveillance to track and target?

NEW – Bot Sentinel, a platform that monitors millions of Twitter accounts, estimates that 10-15% of all accounts on Twitter are inauthentic.

So, while grifter geeks and 3 star generals ask you to beg Elon to put their accounts back up… ask yourself… what is the real distraction?  And how many truly still believe the birdie is a private social media thing? The general knows what it is…and what all of the social media sites are…why do they not tell you?  Why do none of them tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth on their so called quests for telling you the truth?

image 65

Can it be they are not truthers nor exposers of truth?  Could it be they are part of the ones hiding truth? Part of some sick obsession to take over the masses because they work for those who believe humanity as a whole are not smart enough to deserve to think for themselves or be free to pursue their own life held ideals for themselves? What are they thinking to do, other than finding ways to deceive the masses and lead them into the direction they want them to go? And if they can have their prey donate and pay them in the process, how grand is that?

Each one says…come, let us build you a defense….and they set up a foundation for YOU TO DONATE TO and you wait and you watch as they build for you a picked fence when an iron wall is needed. Wake up.

image 64

So, while many follow Twitter and dumb birds…we have a serious matter with the man with dementia in the office he stole…the matter is rather treasonous to say the least.  This man needs to be hauled off and quickly. These are treasonous acts that go against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is New World Order and Joey is siding with the enemy again, in our face… as though Ukraine and US infrastructure destruction isn’t bad enough, he is now giving US Citizens over to the hands of a foreign entity.  

Your social media sponsors of the little 3 star leaders and heroes are prancing around having internal high school war antics and doing lots of pages of who’s who while the news is pushing their street armies in front of Supreme Court Residents homes and shouting no formula for your babies, and Joe gives billions to Ukraine…. And full coverage is given to a group of Dems organizing vigilante mob action, sponsored by their dot orgs…. But at least their attempt to over ride the Supreme Court failed. But, the road shows are not talking of any of this for they are still building snake venom and trying to figure out man made visions and where the all seeing eye of Clark is going and when he first knew God was using him to save the world???? 

image 67


So, if you’ve had enough of that channeling…then you can switch over and watch Musk and the birdie, and follow the 3 star generals, who aren’t saying a word about the United Nations vote coming up  on May 22nd, to turn our rights over to the WHO, the World Order and the Great RESET….. can you even imagine the next phase of this insane take down of the USA? 

If that is too much…turn and listen to Putin and the ranting of fake news as they give you the upside down and inside out view of Zelensky as some great liberator and leave out all the Nazi reveal and the fact Putin is now eyeing Poland where many of such are hiding out. But no one will tell you anything you need to know because the primaries are coming up for many seats for 2022 and we are all going to vote out the Khazarian Mafia once and for all.

Does anyone else’s head hurt or is it just mine?

image 68

Discern all things is not a slogan…it is a must  Word from the Lord to all of God’s people to follow so you are not deceived. The Holy Spirit is given to all of God’s people to guide, comfort, protect, teach truth and give wisdom.  It was given to all who believe freely, the Lord paid the price so you could have life everlasting and now you who believe are the Temple and the Lord dwells in you and you in Him.  Come out of her my people is a warning…not a cliché’.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God….press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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