Kathy Barnette Neck to Neck With Dr. Oz!

Is Newsmax behaving like CNN and the rest of FAKE NEWS?

With only a few days before voters go to the poles and vote in the primaries, Kathy Barnette was scorched a bit by Newsmax who pulled a fast one in an article using the power of suggestion with selective sound bytes and allowing Dr. Oz to lie on their show about his opponent’s past. What are they up to? I thought they were a reputable conservative news program? Dr. Oz was crude and acted desperate, he had no idea he was going to have such a close race… and now he’s pulling sound bytes and playing dirty and he just looks ratty doing it. Newsmax entertained Dr. Oz’s style which raised some questions to those viewing it. On social media some are even amused at the perceived loss of the Trump’s “Midas touch” in his endorsement, but even more confused in Trump’s latest political announcement.


Oz is narrowly leading the pack with 23 percent, followed by Barnette at 21 percent and McCormick at 19 percent. The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus 3.6 percent, meaning the race is essentially a statistical tie.

The Newsmax headline read: Barnette Fades as Erratic Record Comes Under Fire

The article skirted around accusations and failed to do any investigative research or they would have found a lot to write about that was opposite of what they threw together to slam and try and save a failed Oz who is off on all the issues. His past is clearly more damaging than veteran Kathy Barnette who is proud to be an American and holds her inheritance as a gift. Read Newsmax article: Barnette Fades as Erratic Record Comes Under Fire | Newsmax.com

Newsmax went into a suggestive idea that Kathy wanted a hero type statue of Obama erected when she had NEVER EVEN VOTED FOR HIM IN EITHER ELECTION HE RAN IN! But then again, that was what Dr. Oz said.

In 2020 when all heck was breaking loose Kathy spoke up in support of the police and the real black issues that were not being addressed. She called out the root of the problems and it wasn’t the police!

Kathy was one of the first to call out the NFL players to get off their knees!

Kathy Barnette is a conservative commentator, and proud mother and wife. She is a veteran, proudly serving in the Armed Forces for ten years and was accepted into officer candidacy school. Barnette is a former adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance, a speaker, and a political commentator. When Kathy ran for office in 2020 she ran on conservative values and truth. In fact she boldly discussed the issues in the black community. She has chosen to homeschool her two children for the past six years and views that as a cherished opportunity.

But this story isn’t a political ad to vote for Barnette, this is to create awareness that even the news sources you think you can trust, are not so unbiased. We must cross reference EVERYTHING at this time.

You see, CNN (video below) is expected to out someone who stands up for Biblical and conservative values… but not a conservative news outlet. So the fear they plant is that she can’t win the general election against a radical democrat….oh but they think Oz can??? Is that an admittance that he’s a RINO? Have we not learned our lesson doing that? But, then again… no one really knows what Trump meant by what he said in his latest post?

I read an interesting article on how the never Trumper RINO infiltrators take and set up the people, and specifically President Trump and move the needle little by little to create doubt and suggest betrayal. When in fact the betrayal is coming from the ones writing the very same articles presenting it.

So now the Newsmax article and Oz rant is finding its way around the social media circles as a one-sided slam that’s beginning to boomerang – return to sender and return hard and double! People are sick of political lies and dishonesty.

But the message here is to remind people they have to do their own research because there are many who put a sign out saying conservative and it is simply a sign to attract the audience they want to infiltrate with their own cheap shots. Beware for we are in an information war and it is getting deep and dirty. It is what it is… we need to hold them all accountable.

Below is the controversial video on George Floyd. Listen to the end. Don’t take a sound byte. She explains her view thoroughly.

It’s time to have the RINOs stop winning seats away from real conservatives and spare us of their infiltrating games and cheap shots.

Everywhere the news has subtle suggestions and half truths flashing like great big blaring red lights! They have done the same thing to Trump and watch for that snowball to start picking up speed and grow as it rolls. Every place is infiltrated. Trust no one and discern all things before the Lord. Seek truth in all things and think, feel and choose for yourself with the Holy Spirit guiding you. Vote for the candidate you deem best to serve, but get the truth before you do. Stay clear from unreliable sources.

In many ways CNN is easier to deal with, because you know what they are. What is worse are those who put on sheep costumes and lead you little by little into their little grifter pods filled with biased bla, bla, bla … and it is even worse when they have built their base off of good trusting people. TRUST NO ONE… AND DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING THESE SOUND BOXES TELL YOU!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God…press, press, press!


Do YOUR OWN RESEARCH on EVERYTHING, especially the candidates.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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