Closing The Border and Drill, Drill, Drill~Dictator?

Here comes fake news chomping at the bit to call President Trump a dictator because he said on day one he would put good policies back in place? Yep.

MSMBC, which I won’t show here because they lie, have a youtube video titled: “Coup bombshell: Trump busted for ‘dictator’ plot as trials loom”, where they show poor little Liz Cheney as a patriot and Trump as the tyrant. They said, “Amidst legal setbacks, Donald Trump is also facing renewed scrutiny from former Jan. 6 committee co-chair Liz Cheney, who says supporting him equates to “sleepwalking into dictatorship.” MSNBC Chief Legal correspondent Ari Melber reports on the history of authoritarians rising to power and the parallels to Trump, the GOP’s current 2024 frontrunner.”

If you want want to see that turn on your tv or go hunt it down.


Meanwhile the climate changers are destroying the nation with open borders and one anti-constitutional mandate at a time! Can we say that? Probably not, but Trump can and he did!!

Fake news dares to use Trump’s good words as bad words? That’s all they got folks, they’re really scraping the bottom of the swamp! Russell Brand, brands it for what it really is!

Democrats are running Nikki Haley’s campaign and funding DeSantis?

After listing the things the fake media is saying about Trump and accusing him of abusing power, Trump responds…. “You mean like they’re using right now.”

The term, “you can’t make this stuff us” is so common place right now that it holds little impact to say them, so we won’t. Smile. Instead we’ll point out the fact that America has the ability to be self sustaining and prosperous, but because of the present regime pushing for a global RESET, we have fallen into a state of destruction beyond anyones imagination. Due to propaganda, mind control, and complacency.

As long as people look to a greedy lawless government, stock markets, gold, wars with ethnic genocides, and a number of manmade ideas to save them… they will be enslaved and impoverished. It’s Biblical.

As we look at the state of the nation, all signs point to the fact that the Federal Reserve Board, which is the controlling power of the KM Oligarchs, is on the verge of collapse. When that goes down, so does the entire World Banking system and all the puppet organizations like the UN, EU, WEF, BlackRock, et al.

image 46

Many are shouting yea, not realizing this may not be a smooth transition and as a nation of people, we are also divided as far as being a nation called by God’s name. At least at the moment. We sit as a very complacent and divided people…a very classic example of wheat and tares growing together. The wicked are in our face shouting more restrictive mandates at the top of their lungs and are not hiding anything.

So while many are shouting “Yea, NESARA, GESARA”, they are oblivious to the fact that many are warning that there will be a terrible “Black Swan” event (upheavel) preseding any of the joyful event they are so gleefully awaiting. I’m just the messenger here, and trust me… I want the joy, joy, joy as much as anyone else… but not at the cost of devasting my neighbors. There will be plenty of time after we make it through the storm to find how we shall rebuild. Loss of life is not replaceable and we are watching lots of death world wide between wars, abuse of power, Big Pharma, jabs, and overal depopulation goals. Many are complacent against this as they appear to be stuck in their own little world of ideas.

image 44

There are a few things that come with restructuring… and before that, there are a few things that we will deal with to get to that point.

People turn to Mammon for their answers with Wall Street and politics… what could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile in South Carolina….

And then we have the puppets at the big Universities who testified great swelling words….

And now we have been told Netanyahu will be tried as a war criminal, but, some have said this happened a few weeks ago…

Where were you? I know where I was….

Prayer and fasting…. Matthew 17:21 where did it go? Why are they omitting that verse now? That must be a very powerful verse!!!!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, Press, Press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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