Is it Klaus Schwab’s have nothing and be happy? Or do they even have one?

More than half an inch of rain did the burning man in. Do they have a plan B? C? D? or are did they go straight to plan F as in FAIL?

So much for the wind fires… it’s hard to dance in the mud. Or so that’s what it’s looking like. Let’s see paper covers rock, rock smashes scissors, fire burns paper, but they didn’t allow for water for water douses fire and turned their playo into miry clay! I hear more rain is coming!

I just learned today that Burning Man is in the dry lake bed desert called Black Rock! I have to apologize to my readers because I thought it was outside Black Rock City, Nevada. I had no idea this was a “if we build it they will come” type of city? But… I guess it fits considering the name Black Rock is the hedge fund that controls the corporate world.

So, once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They call it a crucible of creativity, and all are welcome. Whereas it is actually an experimental city, they have named BLACK ROCK. And I thought it was outside of Black Rock City? Oops.

It looks like the plan is for Black Rock Virtual City and its ‘burner’ citizens is to go full playo and have nothing and be happy. At least that’s what’s taking place so far. The question is….”How’s that working for them?”

Given the huge amount of rain, the low temperatures, and the miry clay that when it dries it hardens like pottery…. it’s a very real possibility that nobody is going anywhere until somewhere beyond labor day. So right now some escaped from New York, I mean Black Rock City…. and those left behind are running out of supplies.

Rumor has it that many are getting sick. One such rumor being pushed is they have Ebola… and some say boils and spitting up blood. (It could just be a hang over).

They are reporting that everyone in a tent is hurting for shelter, many people did not prepare for an extra 3 days, and very few are prepared for cold, wet conditions that have lasted this long and could go on for days. Someone pointed out that much of their food is reliant on daily ice supplies, which isn’t going to happen due to the mud flood road and no one able to drive in or out. So a lot of food may spoil, further distressing the provisions situation. But, isn’t this all just like Schwab’s SMART cities where you have nothing and are happy…. and you don’t get anything? You get rations if you obey in your tiny spaces.

Out in the playo there is no cell service, no running water, and no electricity. They are off the grid on a dry lake desert “Black Rock”, which that name is a definite Vanguard, symbolic of world corporate control. Solar is going an issue until the sun comes back, hopefully Monday and generators can’t be run while there is standing water. Nobody can move and the porta podies are going to be overrun before they can get serviced.  

There is a real chance this experimental city in the desert moves from an extremely unpleasant situation to a full blown humanitarian crisis. You see it’s one thing to try this out like a Woodstock weekend get away and a far different thing to imagine it as your LIFE! The burners are getting the real dose of hunger games and having nothing and no one coming to save you… and seeing if they can be happy. What happens when the beer is gone? The drugs are all used up? Did they think of that? I’m sure not all the 73,000 drink alcohol and get high, but a large number of them do.

What I want to know is where are the emergency response people? Helicopters can easily drop down ice, water and food. Even blankets and other items.  The entire thing reaks of a plan that was devised to see reactions from those at the “not burning man” event… and how they respond when they are stuck in their city… and they are in a zone that they are ordered to shelter in place in with nothing but whatever they have left that they brought with them. It is looking very much like the Burning Man guests who bought tickets weren’t let in on the big fat experiment. An experiment of survival and I’m sure monitored by surveillance to see how these sorts work together when they are starving, thirsty, clay foot bound, cold, wet, with overflowing porta podies and outside communications and no artificial stimulants. Can they actually be happy?

BlackRock City reminds me of what the actual smart cities will be… concentration camps with no supplies and obey orders to shelter in place. Hope they get a good taste of what they’ve been promoting so they wake up and come out from her. The entire thing is beginning to look like a big fat ritual for sacrifice… and it’s starting to look like the sacrifices are in the mud. Whatever’s left of the 73 K. It’s certainly not the burn man made of wood. Real offerings must have been required. How many will they sacrifice in this mess?  Televised News reports said that one has died, will their be more?

There are many rumors going around aside from people dying. Many are said to be spitting up blood and bodies covered with boils. Rumors of Ebola going through their make shift city is another one. Does anyone believe there is any truth to the rumors?  So far… I don’t believe anything being told about it… just what is seen and obvious and even in that… there’s no surety in what I’m seeing…just observing. I do believe these people who attend this are messed up. It’s not the nice stuff they said…they lied about that.

This chain of events has now made national news.

Even other nations are talking about the 73 thousand in the desert with their wet burning man. Has Trump said anything about it yet?


So it looks like they don’t exactly clean up everything when they leave? But, actually they do clean up better than L.A. and Baltimore. Check out the 10 Principles of Burning Man, it reads like something out of the WEF….Read: The 10 Principles of Burning Man | Burning Man


In 2021 there were 25,000 people and the narrative is “they were on fire, the night they not burned the man”. Whatever that means? The man says, “In 2021 everything stood in their way, but despite the rona (disease caused by Covid-19), the fires, the restrictions…some brave burners still made the pilgrimage home.”

These burners are serious about their fire starting. It appears more and more they are as serious as any at Bohemian Grove. Which it is looking more and more like this was along the same lines of burning an effigy to “care”. But, what do I know?

Fire dancing? Who knew that was even a thing? And what is fire spinning?

What do these shapes mean? I’m not into this sort of thing so… all I know is this doesn’t look good.

image 35

Fire spinning seems to attract a certain crowd. What do you think? I’m just observing here. What’s this fire effigy about? What are those symbols representing?

image 36

The video below is rather creepy… but the city they are building is post apocalyptic they say…??? It’s the WEF world for certain.

Their goal is to build a permanent city… but just 1? I’m sure it’s an introduction into something that won’t be as presented. It never is with global.

At Long Last, Burning Man Is Building a Permanent City (surfacemag.com)

Are the floods hitting in Las Vegas from man made rain or from above? There is crazy weather throughout the US and the world. Is it man or is it God’s nature or both?


And now for a Scriptural perspective… watch the video…

Letter of Jeremiah 1:71 Context

68The beasts are better than they: for they can get under a cover and help themselves. 69It is then by no means manifest unto us that they are gods: therefore fear them not. 70For as a scarecrow in a garden of cucumbers keepeth nothing: so are their gods of wood, and laid over with silver and gold. 71And likewise their gods of wood, and laid over with silver and gold, are like to a white thorn in an orchard, that every bird sitteth upon; as also to a dead body, that is east into the dark. 72And ye shall know them to be no gods by the bright purple that rotteth upon them: and they themselves afterward shall be eaten, and shall be a reproach in the country. 73Better therefore is the just man that hath none idols: for he shall be far from reproach.

As always… discern all things for there is a lot of psyops pushed out there.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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