Frequencies, Variant and Wet Man Can’t Burn, 73,000 Left Stranded…

New Variant has been launched… what will happen is unsure, but there are many fear filled ideas. Stand strong, and fear not. Keep your faith strong and your head on a swivel. Pay attention to all things. Remember they say one thing and DEW another. They lie and can not be trusted at all.

W.R. Schock, QBD @iontecs_pemf – The new variant has already been launched to create a zombie apocalypse using 5G towers to activate the mRNA nanites in the blood that shuts down the frontal cortex (awareness) and causes people to bite. This is not fiction, but already sealed in contract. WHO has the control now

Just in case they pull these tweets, or are they now called X’s? Click on link to listen:

image 27 #8289

Remember, you can’t catch a virus. A virus is your body’s reaction to a pathogen, bacteria or fungus! But you can be zapped with frequencies!

Big pharma and the mad scientists have a habit of lying to you. The ones who took the jab have a compromised immune system, pathogens, and some have extra strand of DNA, and some have graphene that 5G can interact with. But, what they aren’t telling anyone is that 5G is lethal and can harm EVERYONE. You don’t need a jab to get zapped with 5G. Our bodies are largely water, electric and magnetic and sensitive to frequencies. So do not be fooled by all the extra hype. All of their frequencies are deadly.

They are trying to blame the Russians for direct energy hits… but it is not the Russians. It is our own rogue dark hat government.

Humanity is being experimented on without their permission by the same wicked ones who want to jab everyone and depopulate the planet. These are not my goals, nor did I make any of their ideas up. These are what they have spoken at their own events and whether what they say is true or false, they are saying these things which are also a form of mind control for people believe it. Klaus Schwab and his side thorn Harari have gotten a lot of kicks spouting this type of transhumanism bla, bla, and jab pushing along with every horrid mandate imaginable, even to the point of claiming to be able to remove a persons ability to think and saying those days of free will are over.

That being said, there are many people now who are reporting “voice to scull in the head” health issues also known as mind control.

I am not pushing fear porn here, I am letting you know what they are doing so you can discern all these things for yourself and not buy into the gas lighting, and psyops. It is true that we can convince ourselves of having something that we don’t have…especially when we believe it to be true and fear it. So, whereas it sounds easy to say “fear not”… and “have faith”. That is exactly the weapon God gave us to use against the wicked liars and all their fear propaganda.

So, that being said… pray unceasing, know they lie, and know that even if they have fired frequencies at you, God has given us herbs and foods to help our bodies resist these things and faith is more powerful than fear. Keep God first and hold up the shield of faith to combat propaganda and psyops. Now, I am not saying that you can in the flesh out think a microwave laser aimed at you … that is murder. I am saying not to make yourself sick from fear of believing they are out to kill you. God is with his children.

What A.I. really is….

It is not human, it has no soul, it is a program. What can happen to you if you allow the government to put their A.I. chips in you so you can be a living debit card, etc., you will then be one of their products and so, their property to be monitored, followed, and remote controlled like a robot. You will be programmed like all their other A.I. remote controlled programs. You will be part of their app.

It will not bode well for anyone to be computor chipped to any A.I. program. Our bodies were not made to function like that and you will destroy your own health.

That being said, “Burning Man Ritual” leaves 73,000 people TRAPPED IN MUD with no way in or out after a storm floods their festival!

image 31

Something went wrong for the Mad Max Thunder Domers in Black Rock City, Nevada as 73,000 modern day partakers of a “Burning Man” sacrifice that they call a festival where many come to experience it because they heard it was cool, and some come to engage in rituals of which reports say include sexual undertakings like orgies, drugs, whippings by dominatrix priestess and other degenerate abominations. The rain came and muddied up every idea of their imaginations that they had planned to do. There was no way in or out and the thousands were told to shelter in place and conserve their water and food. It looks like it was pretty dire. They say you need a bike to get around… and that’s on a flat surface without fighting the miry clay.

image 28

It was reported that the Burning Man attendees referred to as ‘Burners’, prayed to the ‘playa gods’ to make the rain stop, but it kept on a raining!

image 29

Whether the rain fell from the sky by the hand of God, or whether the white hats intervened… it was spoiled and as they were told no one was leaving due to the mud making it unsafe to even try… they were told there was no way to get in and no way to get out for the roads were unable to be traveled. So they were stuck in the mud.

Whatever it was that caused it to rain in the desert, their sacred sacrificial burning was not done… and now time will tell just how many survive the cold as the temperatures from the rain are reported to be very cold. Burning Man has turned into Freezing Wet Man!

According to reports, this year’s Burning Man was planned to be exceptionally degenerate and had already been said it was to be the “wildest festival of the year.” But according to regular attendees, this is just a way to have fun and build a doomsday city and get the feel of what that would all be like.

Below is a tutorial from 2021 of what goes on in Black Rock City.

After the rain, the flat pounded earth looked as though it was now like walking on top of peanut butter.

image 32
image 33

Here is an article By Cristina Laila Titled, “Burning Man Turns Into Freezing Man! Things Turn From Bad to Worse: Attendees Suffer From Hypothermia as Torrential Rain and Wind Batter Festival”.

Read: Burning Man Turns Into Freezing Man! Things Turn From Bad to Worse: Attendees Suffer From Hypothermia as Torrential Rain and Wind Batter Festival | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

After the rain there was a stark contrast from the smooth flat Playa … the mineral clay was grabbing and pulling at anything that walked on it.

So all of this Playa god thing got me curious. I had no idea that 73,000 people gathered to do such things in a Nevada desert. So I did a quick search to see what this form of ritual was that looked a lot like some form of Baal/pagan worship. It was obvious that most of those attending had no clue as to anything going on other than a festival that was fun. In all fairness here, there have been many times I attended something only to find out later that although it looked like fun, it was something I shouldn’t have been doing.

I found that the word Playa was spanish for shore or beach and also called pan, flat, or dry lake. It was a flat-bottom depression found in the interior desert basins, and adjacent to coasts with arid and semiarid regions. At times it is covered by water and when it does, it takes a while to penetrate into the ground and or to evaporate into the atmosphere. Playas are the flattest known landforms and their slopes are generally less than 0.2 metre per kilometre. If filled with even just a few centimetres of water, the surface can be inundated and when they get a lot of water, as they just did in Black Rock, where the evaporation exceeds the inflow, they require interior drainage. So this did make for a rather dire situation for the 73,000.

So the Playa appears to be a pagan god of the desert basin or dry lake? The burning man ritual is performed to PLAYA in a MEGALITHIC CIRCLE. This stood out as these type of megalithic circles show up at places like Epstein’s ranch, D.U.M.B.S., and other odd sites.

Below is an overhead photo of Burning Man at Black Rock, Nevada August 28, 2023, in preparation for the event. From the Las Vegas Review Journal.

image 30

I ended my Playa back search there, for I had found what I needed to know… as with the internet now scrubbed… I was finding very little more except this interesting piece that tied it into Isis and Egypt. Read: nabtaplaya1.pdf ( Whatever they are doing at Black Rock… it is a secret that is out in the open, performed in plain sight. Like Halloween and other pagan holidays. And most of the attendees go about it with the same mindset as most who go trick or treating do. They join in for the fun and it is a so called tradition… and no one tells them how and what it actually serves. For that matter, it is actually no different than hunting for Easter eggs which was also a tradition of the Gods dating back to Nimrod and his queen of heaven Semiramis and Tammuz her son who was Nimrod reincarnated, and in Egypt they were known as Osiris, Isis, and Seth, who made themself gods on earth, following the religion of the fallen angels before the flood. Which appear to be along the same vein as Playa Burning Man.

Yet, there is something about the Megalith shaped city with all the streets laid out like a clock so it is easy to locate where they are. Streets at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00. Telling your friends to come and meet up with us later, we are at 2:15? I pondered the megalith of time… named after time… staying in line with what time it was next to on a clock… was the name of the street they were on.

None the less, the Gate and airport in and out of Black Rock City remain closed as of Saturday morning September 2, 2023.

image 34

The entire “Burning Man” sacrifice, in a city named Black Rock… just left me feeling a bit like dot connecting. Especially when it rained on their sacrifice before they could offer it up to their playa. And ending with the double rain bow after the water subsided… and the ground unable to absorb it….well it made me think of Elijah and the prophets of Baal and their god not being able to light their fire. 73,000 stranded in the mud… told to shelter in place in the cold rain? It just makes a person ponder.

But of all the things i found… the ticket sales website told the story that connected the dots I had been pondering.

Work on a project

“Burning Man is all about community and creativity, and what better way to be a part of that than to join a team that’s doing something truly awesome? Every year, Burning Man issues tickets to critical theme camps, art installation crews, mutant vehicle crews, and other core Black Rock City infrastructure providers, creating some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring pieces at the festival it would be an honor to work on.

“To earn your ticket this way, find a team that’s doing something that sparks your joy. Maybe it’s building a sculpture or helping to set up the city itself. Whatever it is, you’ll be part of a family of creatives who are working together to create something wonderful.

Not everyone who contributes to a project will get a ticket. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Start looking for a project now, and see if there are any honorarium projects near you. These are projects that received funding from Burning Man, and they’re a great way to get involved in the community and show off your creativity.

Go to a Regional Burn Instead

There are over 70 Burns throughout the world, including Israel’s MidburnNowhere in Spain, and AfrikaBurn in South Africa. These regional Burns are smaller but that means they can be more intimate. Plus, each Regional Burn has its own flavor, environment, and energy, and you’ll get to experience Burner culture in a new place.Visit there website and dig in…What to Do if You Didn’t Get a Ticket to Burning Man – Conscious City Guide

Burning Man is a world organization and Black Rock being the biggest location is no coincidence. It’s all about the global thingy…. Read: About – Conscious City Guide

In 1Kings Chapter 18, Elijah a prophet of the LORD challenged the prophets of Baal, a false god, to a contest on Mount Carmel. He asked the people to choose between the LORD and Baal, and then proposed that each side should prepare a bull and call on their god to send fire from heaven. The god who answered by fire would be the true God. The prophets of Baal failed, but the LORD sent fire and consumed Elijah’s sacrifice. Elijah then ordered the people to capture and kill the prophets of Baal at the brook Kishon.

I believe this is a heavenly sign from God … He is watching all things and asking one more time… choose today who you shall serve? What do you believe?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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