What Is This  Piedmont  Atlantic  Megalopolis [PAM]?

And what on earth is the new Southeast SuperCity Region? When were they going to tell us about this?

Suddenly, and just like that… the weather wars are beginning to make more sense in its tactical battle strategy! It’s appearing to take direct aim at achieving multiple goals.

What are they trying to tell us in this new film release? They always tell us. DEW you see and hear?

Once you know the globalists goals, you can connect the dots and see the warfare strategies.

image 14

Until then… you are guessing and screaming at the wind fires for someone to do something.

The Wildlands Project is part of Sustainable Development for the 21st Century and has been pushed up to 2030 and the new beyond date of completion 2050. In short this project seizes land (earth and water rights)into the hands of the gobal government and places the population into zones where they can live in their concentration style SMART camps WORLD WIDE! They have divided the US into zones and regions to achieve their goals, as well as the entire world. Wonder what the BRICS think of their plans for Africa?

image 26

The question is, “Who will be allowed to live there?” Watch video in link: Inside world’s first megalopolis – a 1,000km-long city spanning 5 countries to house half a billion people by 2100 | The US Sun (the-sun.com)

Which bring us to The Piedmont Atlantic Megalopolis  Think Tank Plans –  Spring 2005

A team of globalist think tank thinkers discussed ways to determine the preliminary boundaries of the southeastern SuperCity region and to identify the urban core. They were out to determine the boundaries on this new Megalopolis that would make up the new and improved Southeast. Kind of like the south shall rise again… South of Richmond.

image 15


Also known as the Southeastern SuperCity Region.

So this appears to line up with the new push to unite the south and give the good ole boys a voice to sing along with and follow the new pied piper. Don’t trust any north of Richmond… but come one and come all, let’s form our own cluster to rise above the corruption and create a new division. After all, the clusters are already laid out and division is in the lizards plans. Now we Know that these parameters are the initial focus on a six-state subset of the southern region of the United States. These states include  North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. 

These thinkers considered existing transportation flows, possible future growth patterns and environmental factors such as watersheds, natural boundaries such as mountain ranges, rivers, and permanently protected park and wilderness lands. During this process they reached unanimous agreement that their new urban core would run along an area consisting of Atlanta, GA; Greenville and Charlotte, SC; Greensboro and Raleigh-Durham, NC. They decided to add Birmingham, AL, located to the west of this area, because of its ports. Which enhanced the urban core which included the nearby ports in Wilmington, NC; Charleston, SC; Savannah and Brunswick, GA; Jacksonville and Pensacola, FL; as they decided they were all related to this urban core through transportation and freight networks. Thus making up their new urban core and regional network.

So it appears that the new goal is to destroy the old and build the New Piedmont Atlantic Megalopolis!   

image 16

Of which Hurricane Idalia sure looks like it (along with others present and past) was planned to create a head start on such a disaster zone that would require land seisures back to the government and a massive rebuilding project… along with meeting some depopulation goals.

Recall Idalia land fall predictions were to strike Florida’s west coast all the way up to Tallahassee, with a never ever heard of before, hurricane driving through dry land smack through Georgia? Rare and unheard of??? and Franklin hurling at the east coasts BOOMS OF DEVASTATION ….. and somehow in the weather wars… it weakened and the devastation was not as predicted. All blamed on climate change.

image 19

And so the greater the hurricane destruction, the greater they get to rebuild. It’s all a sadistic evil goal to tear down and rebuild their smart city zones and divide the nation into segments…more easily controlled by lizards. So sing your song Oliver… while Peterson gathers the sleepers to his couch giving them a place to lay their weary heads as he psychoanalyzes them and lovingly carries them off into his ARC. After all, the WEF billionaires decided that old approach “have nothing and be happy” really sucked, it didn’t work… and now the new and improved Alligiance to Responsible Citizenship… well now that ARC will “save the earth” Peterson says…that’s the way to go. After all our consumption is causing all this climate change.

They even have a new movie coming out – Megalopolis… remember, they always tell us what they’re DEWing.

So… how many years do they tell us ahead of time? Or have they run out of time and a film is all they got left?

And now we see their world… and how their world ends????

BLAMING IT ALL ON CLIMATE CHANGE… AND SENDING OUT THE FAKE ARC- paid for by the same billionaires that invest in all the WEF sustainable development projects.

Peterson tells you, your choices are, we either volunteer to the flaming sword or they will impress it upon us as a neccessity? Free will, inalienable rights and liberty are gone. So, you either obey or die. I say stand and behold the power of God as he protects all of His children from the evil lizard monsters.

To me this is Harari light with sheeps wool wrapped around his tongue… and yet the fangs still show through. How about this idea Peterson… how about you fall on your flaming sword and all the mammon they gave you to wield it and we change the earth around back the way God intended it to be without the lizard people? How about that idea?

But wait…. there are more hurricanes coming in round two!

image 20

They are desperate to kill, steal and destroy. They hate humanity. They want their own world without God’s children in it. They will soon be sent off to have just that… beneath the earth.

The globalists have plans for the entire world. Regions and Islands… their list is long! The pattern is exactly the same.

image 21

The globalists and lizard people always disrupt and plot to destroy something and then come in and act like they are rescuing something with ‘off the wall’ answers to help that turn out to be deadly to our lives and destroy freedoms. This is how deceit works and the wolves who operate in sheeps clothes. Learn their patterns. Discern how they deceive.

They always tell you what they are doing and laugh at you when you can’t see it.

image 22

Above is a photo from the Atlanta Mercedes Benz music event… look at those strange lights. DEW you see what I see? April 2023…. BOOM!

What Constitutes a Megaregion 

“For more than a century, the heavily populated region stretching from Boston to Washington, DC, has drawn the attention of geographers. In his 1915 book Cities in Evolution, Patrick Geddes gave the swath of urban development running from Boston to New York the decidedly unlovely term “conurbation.” In 1961, French geographer Jean Gottman called the region a “megalopolis.” And in 1967, Herman Kahn gave the whole corridor the equally unlovely name “BosWash.” 

“It would take another three decades before these boundary-busting phenomena began receiving more comprehensive academic attention, but the pace has been picking up over the last 20 years as the University of Pennsylvania, the Lincoln Institute, and others have worked to advance people’s understanding of what megaregions are and how they function. 

“Definitions vary of what, exactly, constitutes a megaregion, but they are generally defined as regional economies that clearly extend beyond an individual metropolitan area. “I think of megaregions as a way of thinking about space, more than as real things that are out there,” says Carbonell. “I see it as a construct and a tool, [but] megaregions are not fixed and they change.” 

“Researchers have used a variety of innovative approaches to identify and delineate individual megaregions. One analysis looked at the commuting habits of more than 4.2 million Americans to identify megaregions. Another used satellite imagery to identify contiguously lighted urban agglomerations across the globe, then—with a sort of Seussian whimsy—gave those places names like So-Flo, Chi-Pitts, Char-Lanta, Tor-Buff-Chester, and Am-Brus-Twerp (Florida, Gulden, and Mellander 2008). To estimate economic activity in each megaregion, that study combined the satellite-imaged light footprints with population and GDP data, extrapolating a “Light-based Regional Product.” It also used the number of patent registrations and highly cited scientific authors in each megaregion as a measure of technological and scientific innovation. Read:(PDF) The Piedmont Atlantic Megalopolis [PAM] (researchgate.net)

End goal for US is 13 Megaregions… welcome to the HUNGER GAMES!

image 23

In Megaregions and America’s Future, the authors focus on 13 megaregions in the United States (see map). Those are the venerable Northeast; Piedmont Atlantic, a southern stretch that includes sections of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and the Carolinas; Florida; Great Lakes; Gulf Coast; Central Plains; Texas Triangle; Front Range in Colorado; Basin and Range (Utah and Idaho); Cascadia (the Pacific Northwest from Portland to Vancouver, BC); Northern California; Southern California; and Arizona’s Sun Corridor (Yaro, Zhang, and Steiner 2022). 


“What will it take to push the megaregion concept—which essentially invites those metropolitan planning organizations to an even bigger table—more squarely into the public consciousness and the policy realm? “


Bob Yaro thinks one answer is the climate crisis, which could push regions to work together in new ways. “I think it takes a crisis to do anything big in this country,” Yaro says. “You read these stories about whole counties running out of water. And that’s only going to get worse. [To address] the climate issue, you need both adaptation and mitigation strategies, and those mitigation strategies probably become most efficacious at the megaregion scale.”

Well Mr. Yaro, it is actually called “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY”. You will soon understand what that all means.

Bob Yaro founded and co-chairs America 2050, RPA’s initiative to create a national development and infrastructure plan for the United States.

If what they are planning was good for you… they wouldn’t have to do it behind your back! They would tell you openly and you would be excited and cheering it on like a Trump plan. But they KNOW YOU WON’T LIKE IT! ESPECIALLY IF THEY TOLD YOU EVERYTHING!


“I think one of the things we need to do is redefine ‘home,’ and the Southwest is Exhibit A on why that needs to happen,” Yaro says. “I think it’s redefining home at this larger scale. The final boundaries are going to depend on an individual community’s sense of association with their neighbors—but the place doesn’t succeed unless we do that.”

By redifine home, does Yaro mean as in tent cities, closet apartments, or just homeless?


In 2015, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Sacramento Area Council of Governments, and San Joaquin Council of Governments signed an MOU to create a Megaregion Working Group. Their goal: to begin tackling issues that transcended the boundaries of the 16 counties and 136 cities they collectively represented. 

James Corless heads the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, but previously worked for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the agency responsible for planning and financing regional transportation in the Bay Area. In the mid-2000s, he says, regional agencies began looking at the swath of cities running from the Bay Area to Sacramento as an emerging megaregion, and gave it a name that put it squarely in the ranks of places like So-Flo and Char-Lanta. “We actually coined the phrase ‘San Framento,’” Corless says. “Everybody hated it. But it got people’s attention.”

The arrival of COVID, and the resulting turn toward conducting government business via Zoom, helped bridge that distance and give the effort momentum. “At first, we were struggling a little bit to find our focus,” Corless says. Gradually, though, the participating entities began asking a simple question: “Where are we stronger together?” 

This is not Lahaina wind fires aftermath. I know it looks just like it, but this is California aftermath of the very same unnatural climate change “DEW” Fires.

image 24

Late in 2021, the Megaregion Working Group announced a list of a dozen transportation-focused projects, from highway improvements to expansion of three regional rail lines. The California high-speed rail system that’s under construction—but far from completion—doesn’t much play into the working group’s plans, Corless says. “I have no doubt that high-speed rail will be a game changer,” he says. But “if we could just get reliable medium-speed rail, we’ll take that.” Read: The Promise of Megaregions | Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

DEW you see where these wind fires are clearing the path for California to DEW whatever they want with other people’s property? It’s happening around the nation and the world.

And so the greater the hurricane destruction, the greater they get to rebuild. It’s all a sadistic evil goal to tear down and rebuild their smart city zones and divide the nation into segments…more easily controlled by lizards. So sing your song Oliver immitator with a stage presence Chris lacked … while Peterson gathers the sleepers to his couch to once again give them a place to lay their weary heads as he psychoanalyzes them with their new scares and lovingly carries them off into his ARC. After all, the WEF billionaires decided that old approach “have nothing and be happy” really sucked, it didn’t work… and now the new and improved Alligiance to Responsible Citizenship… well, now that’s getting exposed little by little. The sleeping are listening. Add some Christianity to it and who is going to holler at the new convert?  Dare I say, only those who see the wolf?

The southeast region of the United States has its own unique heritage, historical perspective, customs, musical styles, and cuisine (Wilson, Ferris, 1989). The region is home to timeless films such as “Gone with the Wind” and award-winning authors such as William Faulkner, and is considered the birthplace of blues music. The southeast has built upon this rich history to become a dynamic and ethnically diverse region that is now home to Fortune 500 companies, the busiest airport in the world, critically acclaimed art and museums, national banks, and media powerhouses. The region has a charm that can only be understood by examining its rich history and historic development patterns. But now it’s a damn shame that it’s got people selling their soul, working all day for bull shit pay. It’s a damn shame.

But, we can listen to the new song that’s a new kind of Blues… and think of a damn shame 5’3, 300 pound short people on food stamps, and a guy messed up, with no help and living in a sad lot south of Richmond, with no hope at all for anything…but paying the rich men north of Richmond. But that is how they DEW IT!

image 25

I keep asking where did the original Chris Anthony go? I liked that guy. He isn’t like the 2.0…. it’s a damn shame.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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