Bitcoin, Blockchain Debacle Just Getting Started…

Now that we are learning how the world of Crypto works…. let’s look at these big fat DOTS!

First of all the fairy tale story of Bitcoin goes like this: Bitcoin was created in response to the 2008 financial crisis, by a mysterious Japanese man named, Satoshi Nakamoto – who was actually a made up unnamed programmer – who allegedly wrote a paper outlining the economic and societal impact of central banks printing too much money. If you believe that, then we did land on the moon and the jab is safe and Klaus’s prodigy Harari is your best friend and you believe a soul and free will are a thing of the past. Read:When And Why Did Cryptocurrency Start? Its History And More (

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Meet Patrick Byrnes, his backstory real or not…it’s his story. Maybe paperclipped? (He has several versions.)

From an article in “Bad Crypto Podcast” titled, “Patrick Byrne Changes the World (Again)” from Feb 20, 2019 

In 2012, Byrne’s pro-freedom political orientation led him to challenge Overstock to become the first business with more than $1 million in revenue to accept bitcoin as a payment method. Using the familiarity gained with the blockchain technology from this venture, Byrne created Medici Ventures, a subsidiary within devoted to advancing blockchain-based technology solutions. In 2015, Byrne used a blockchain-based trading platform built by Medici’s portfolio company,, to become the first person to purchase a digital bond entirely on the blockchain. Byrne made history again in 2016, when Overstock was the first public company to offer preferred shares of a cryptosecurity on an SEC compliant and FINRA-approved alternative trading system (ATS). Today, Overstock, accepts dozens of top cryptocurrencies as payment on its retail website, and through Medici, remains a leading force in advancing blockchain technology in an attempt to democratize capital, eliminate middlemen, and re-humanize commerce.

ENTER PATRICK BYRNES… who receives $100 million dollars from…. GEORGE SOROS FUNDING to create its BLOCKCHAIN and more!

See: Overstock Gets $100 Million from Soros Fund for Blockchain and More – CoinDesk

So What Is A Blockchain?

  • Blockchain forms the basis of cryptocurrencies. …
  • It records all the crypto transactions and stores humongous amounts of data in small clusters or groups called blocks.
  • When blocks are filled, they close and get linked to the previous block forming a chain of data known as blockchain.

So a Blockchain is the technology that enables the existence of cryptocurrency (among other things). Bitcoin is the name of the best-known cryptocurrency, the one for which blockchain technology was invented. A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, such as the US dollar, but is digital and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds.

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From a COIN DESK article written Jan. 6, 2018, the headline reads:

Overstock Gets $100 Million from Soros Fund for Blockchain and More just got a fat chunk of change from a big-name investor, and CEO Patrick Byrne says much of it will fund the company’s blockchain work.

By Michael del Castillo

AccessTimeIconJan 5, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. CST

Updated Sep 13, 2021 at 2:20 a.m. CDT

In the article, Byrne bragged that the new investor was from Quantum Fund, managed by billionaire George Soros. And of the $100 million that Overstock received, Byrne said around $20 million will fund DeSoto Inc., the blockchain property rights joint venture he was working on in partnership with economist Hernando DeSoto which in December of 2017 he stated in another interview that he felt a moral obligation to center his life around this blockchain dream of his, even if it meant selling his company “”.

Those who have come to know Patrick Byrne as a clown participant in the Clay Clark, General Flynn Road Show… will not be surprised. Those who view him as out to save the world with self annointed CC… may balk at these things. Presently Byrne is best known for his attacks on the integrity and reputation of Lin Woods and Sidney Powell. He also boasts of knowing more than President Trump and wrote a scathing book where Trump appeared to be an idiot, and Giuliani appeared to be a washed out drunk, but Byrnes was a savior of truth and Justice…kinda like CC is the self annointed prophetic fulfillment of the Kim Clement prophecy and now out to save the world along with a three star general who is out to have his paytriot digital army do the same. But, these are simply the facts they have stated.

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You too can be part of CC’s Podcast Program… where for a monthly mentor and handling fee of around $1,700 and a tiny little percentage of your podcast’s growth fee (paid monthly) you too can join the CC podcaster program and help push the same narrative they are pushing, along with your own message and guest appearances from their very own, hand selected all star cast of notables, including CC.

They don’t hide anything… it’s not their fault you can’t see or hear the real deal…! They are all out to save their democracy!

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So back to Patrick Byrne… Overstock was one of the first online major retailers to accept the use of Bitcoin currency for payment for products. Overstock began moving it several years prior to Dec. of 2017, to build its blockchain-powered securities exchange, which it used last year in part to raise $30 million in new funding. So, Byrne’s company was one of the very first Bitcoin retail exchanges.

His partner De Soto stated in an article about the new venture with Byrne that he positioned the technology behind the new venture as a means to help alleviate poverty. De Soto is also involved in a land registry project involving BitFury and the Georgian government. Read: Republic of Georgia to Develop Blockchain Land Registry – CoinDesk

Note: This was the same type of deal between the government of Honduras and crypto startup “Factom” that was stalled amid negotiations in 2016. But, later in 2020 the “Honduras Prospera” was established and allowed to be used in a special zone to help encourage investment with administrative, fiscal and budgetary autonomy. At that time, a Hondouras Prospera representative stated, “Prospera’s flexible regulatory framework enabled crypto-innovation and the use of Bitcoin by residents, businesses, and governments.” In April of 2022, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were adopted as legal tender in that same economic zone on the tourist-island on Honduras’ Caribbean coast. Read: Honduran special economic zone adopts bitcoin as legal tender | Reuters

De Soto also stated that, “Billions of people have resources that cannot easily be transformed into productive capital. Blockchain is a powerful tool to solve these structural issues, which are some of the principal causes of poverty and conflict.”

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In a statement, the Ambassador of Sweden to Peru, Anna Ferry, congratulated de Soto on the good news at his home. “It is an honor for me to congratulate Mr. Hernando de Soto on winning the prize. His contributions have had a large impact on policy formulation for improving people’s living conditions and livelihoods. I am certain that the current work of Mr. Hernando de Soto and the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD) will continue to make a difference. I am also very happy that the prize goes to a Peruvian national this year.” Read: Blockchain Proponent and Economist Hernando de Soto Honored With Global Award – Bitcoin Magazine – Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights

From another article De Soto explained that BitFury will help develop the platform for the National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR), an office of the Georgian Ministry of Justice and he would be assisting in the development of the platform and gave a lecture on related issues during an event in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi.

According to BitFury, the platform would utilize a permissioned private blockchain operated by the NAPR and tied to the bitcoin blockchain, suggesting a form of merge-mining would secure the land registry.

At that time (April 2016) the Chairman of the NAPR, Papuna Ugrekhelidze said, “By building a Blockchain-based property registry and taking full advantage of the security provided by the Blockchain technology, the Republic of Georgia can show the world that we are a modern, transparent and corruption-free country that can lead the world in changing the way land titling is done and pave the way to additional prosperity for all.” Read: Republic of Georgia to Develop Blockchain Land Registry – CoinDesk

Here is a map of Georgia, just so you can get a feel for the partnership and the scope of the interest of Soros Funding… FYI.

image 331

It’s beginning to look like the end goal is to change the voting system into a BLOCK CHAIN VOTING SYSTEM and to have a BLOCK CHAIN MONETARY SYSTEM that is controlled by the transhumanism, free will chip pushing Khazarian Oligarchs that are out to save their democracy and rule the world with their RESET! These believe they own everything…including all of God’s creation and this means you and your children and especially your mind!

It looks like we have a financial and international coup that includes FBI, CIA, NSA, WEF, UN, EU, USA Inc., KM Oligarchs and the Great Merchants of the Earth all leading and all financing it while at the same time they shield their dark money purchases, their dark money bribes, kickbacks, deals, payoffs, campaign financing, money laundering and their human and child trafficking…. and all on the backs of the sheep who believe their disinformation.

Have the Podcasters been played? Have they been deceived? Did they believe the lies or were they star struck by a General and a 501c3 Carnival Barker?

image 333

It appears that a key function of the patriot/religious road show in addition to lining pockets, and feeding Mega Churches $90 K a pop per venue, was perhaps to push a camoflaged block chain concept designed by Byrnes… but… something didn’t go as well as expected, for in Byrne’s “Last Hoorah” at Thrive Time, he was diagnosed with cancer and building a narrative to block chain his own arrest and possible death. What could have gone wrong…must have gone wrong. And it started way before Soros invested a hundred million dollars. Byrne had a tiny little thing before all that with initial Bitcoin Blockchains and with the dirty trick squad who were the ones out to get rid of President Trump before he won the election and every minute of the day up to this very second. Who knows what is true and what is “Deep Rigged”? We know what we’ve seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears and it’s been a lot of direct bla, bla, bla designed to push his own narrative(s).

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So, now we must take a good hard look at the entire web of block chain and the mystery of the money laundering machine… that they desire to use to control EVERYTHING!

image 329

But… just when the trio believe their own madness…. the ratio goes down and they have no where to hide!

So as this unravels, which has layers and layers like an onion, and is connected to all the cyber wires imaginable… and possibly has been crashed by Space Force Cyber Command…. that is now the sixth branch of the military in 2018 the same year he wrote the executive order to confiscate assetts for election fraud and interferrence both domestic and foreign.

Along with the call for the “space force,” Trump also called for a build-up in the long term presence in space, threw his support behind the nascent commercial space travel industry and signed a directive to manage space traffic. Read: Trump orders establishment of ‘space force’ as 6th branch of military | Fox News

Remember there were generals at the pentagon and politicians that didn’t want the new Space Force Cyber Command. I think we now understand WHY THEY OPPOSED THIS! EACH DAY IT BECOMES MORE CLEAR!

image 339


image 340

Remember Space Force Cyber Command Center watched the 2020 elections in real time and they caught them all!

NOW…if you are wondering how they caught them all… and perhaps how they may have busted up some blockchains… that is yet to discover. I suspect we will be hearing about that at some point soon.

It is a very big mess. And many are scrambling, and Byrne is actually having a meltdown for the first time in his genius bitcoin, blockchain life! Is it related? Time will tell. What we know for sure is that he has been very instrumental in making the world of blockchain go round and round and round!

Now you know why the news downplayed Space Force and mocked the logo and laughed at President Trump as they tried everything in the book to take him down to this very minute. What else are they going to find? Or rather, what else have they found and when did they find it?

image 342

After spending 908 days in Earth orbit, the sixth mission of the U.S. military’s X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle-6 (OTV-6) has come to wheels-stopped at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility.

This Boeing-built vehicle was launched on May 17, 2020 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida.

Coasting in for a landing on November 12 at 5:22 AM local Florida Time, the robotic OTV-6 was the first mission to introduce a service module – a ring attached to the rear of the vehicle. That module expanded the number of experiments that can be hosted during a space plane mission.

image 343
X-37 Space Plane, US Military Drone – Secretive Space Force Plane Completes Mission

“The ability to conduct on-orbit experiments and bring them home safely for in-depth analysis on the ground has proven valuable for the Department of the Air Force and scientific community. The addition of the service module on OTV-6 allowed us to host more experiments than ever before,” said Joseph Fritschen, Materiel Leader, Experimental Space Systems, in the U.S. Space Force statement.

Just connecting dots…I’m sure some could fit in other places … feel free to move a few around.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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