Let Us Be Thankful and Watchful

There is nothing new under the sun, except the things you never knew until you searched to discover the truth. And once you find truth… you will see there truly is nothing new under the sun.

Meaning, just because you might not see it nor hear it… that doesn’t mean it is not so. The truth will always set you free.

This is a good day to look and see what the Lord did for us and what he endured so we could have eternal life. He was mocked, deceived, lied about, and the elite of his day hated him because he told the truth as a witness against their wrongful ways.

Our Lord endured unto the end all of the evil things that those without the truth thought up to do to Him. In the end, death could not hold him and the gates of hell were broken down and He returned to His Father, God with all the glory and the keys to death and hell.

The words and instructions of our Lord and the prophets he sent before him and those he sent after… live on and although man has translated and mistranslated, interpreted and misinterpreted the Words spoken of the prophets, the apostles and our Lord…it lives on for the Holy Spirit was sent to all who believe to show the way and the interpretations of the words so we would see the truth.

So on this day as we read and hear the many different stories and interpretations of what happened on the first Thanksgiving Day in America… one thing is sure, every day is a blessing and every day is one to give Thanksgiving. In that rejoice, and bless your meal for the Lord God has provided it for your nourishment.

God bless us each one and know the Lord is within you and the Holy Spirit is there to teach you wisdom, to guide you, protect you and to comfort you. With that… it matters not what man shall say, nor what man shall do… for God, and God alone determines your purpose and knows your heart. And God is the one who parts the seas and brings down the giants. Ask and you shall receive. Amen.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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