Tales From The Crypto…Follow The Money They Said… Jeffry Epstein?

FTX is just a cog in the Wheel of Fortune!

And we thought it was just congress to Zelensky to FTX in Bahamas back to congress… ponder and study this a bit.

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Lots of fingers in this web… and FTX is just one of many means… wait and see!

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The not so honorable Gary Gensler – no credentials thrown into MIT Labs Crypto as Front Man! And Jeffry Epstein was a key funder of the Mit Lab Digital Currency Initiative!

It’s part of the DC playbook scam: act like you are for the consumer and you are here to protect them… no credentials… and BAM – you’re hired to oversee fraud and do as you are told. All the while you act like the one concerned about the people. This seems to be their democracy and their bureaucracy! But hey… it worked for Hunter and it appears a lot of companies working for democracy do it too, it just doesn’t end well when you get caught. At least not for some.

We have an array of heads that have no clue how to actually do any of the things we’ve been told they do when they entered into public light, from Uncle Sam’s Bankman FTX, Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and looking a lot like Space X Elon Musk as well. Time will tell. There are many and now we know about Gensler.

In a recent Forbes Article it exposes the front man Gensler, stating- “Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler’s crusade against cryptocurrencies has surprised many. His three-year stint as a senior advisor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative before leading the SEC suggested that he would bring an enlightened approach to crypto. No such luck.

“It turns out there is little record of him writing or speaking about the technology until the school hired him in 2018. His few academic presentations were co-authored by the driving force of the school’s crypto program, Media Lab director Joichi Ito. Gensler’s MIT speeches and interviews were not about the substance of blockchain but rather commentary curated to make him look like a policy expert.”

“The archive of Gensler’s MIT bio shows almost no background in technology. After two decades at Goldman Sachs, his stint at MIT was a needed stop on the Democrat power train, conferring the academic bona fide to secure his nomination as SEC Chair. In retrospect, the Ito’s Media Lab policy strategy becomes clear: keep retrograde bitcoin unregulated (it’s not vital to Wall Street anyway) but every other crypto asset is up for regulatory grabs.

“Gensler was the perfect front man for the Lab. According to reporting by Charles Gasparino in the New York Post, Gensler moved quickly after coming aboard and requested a meeting in March 2018 with then-SEC Chair Jay Clayton. The SEC just emerged from a rash of enforcement actions against crypto frauds and scam coins throughout 2017 and was pondering whether to declare the three top cryptocurrencies – bitcoin, ether and XRP – to be unregistered securities and subject to costly enforcement actions.

Not all is well at MIT however. While Gensler is golden, Ito took the fall for revelations that the MIT Lab was financed in part by Jeffery Epstein and Leon Black.

Read full story here: SEC Chair Gensler’s War On Crypto Is About His Resume (forbes.com)

This is looking like it all leads to Epstein Island and a lot of people in high places who love to use crypto for dark deals. It is appearing that the crypto was created for such a time as this. And what a scam on the average investor who has no clue to the trail of tears these coins are paid to fund!

This is also looking like it wasn’t anything new for Ukraine or Zelensky. It is also appearing to look more like an international crypto currency dark web money exchange bust! You can’t blame Putin for he has outlawed Crypto currency in Russia, and you can’t blame Trump because he was never for it and never bought into it. This is truly one for western democracy and all their dark stuff!

Putin Outlaws Crypto as a Payment Means in Russia

While people can invest in cryptocurrencies in Russia, it also passed a bill that prevents them from using them as a means of payment. Read: Putin Outlaws Crypto as a Payment Means in Russia (cryptopotato.com)

Stay tuned this is just beginning!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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