Religious freedom is the fundamental right to be wrong, while the truth is somewhere in between that battle. The scholars have proclaimed religious freedom rights to believe and descend into disbelief… Jesus warned of this… He said in Matthew 15:14 “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the…Continue readingFundamentalism?

Scholars, PhD’s, Theologians, Are Leaving Christianity?

Were they ever really into it? Or were they just taking a course like “Literary Arts” and adding to their resume to be seen and applauded as great by man? Were they learning that they threw out a lot of books that told answers to the truth in order to comply to one of the…Continue readingScholars, PhD’s, Theologians, Are Leaving Christianity?

Awake and Open Your Eyes Wide!

Have you eyes that see? These days we can’t believe anything that we hear… it’s time to rely on spiritual eyes and ears! Most importantly…. look and see! Once you see it, you cannot unsee it! That phrase is very popular right now because most people have to see a thing before they will ever…Continue readingAwake and Open Your Eyes Wide!

“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 9

Are you prepared for Spiritual Warfare and The Attack To Destroy God’s children? People of Faith awake! Satan wants you to believe there is no God and disillusion Christians with confusing doctrines and lies. They fear you reading the books that tell of Baal, fallen angels and how Satan’s realm operates in this world. We…Continue reading“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 9

“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 8

It is a big task to take what we believed as tried and true and dig for ourselves to find what is and isn’t so. We must all use discernment, especially in Historic documentaries, which are heavily based on museum artifacts, archeology, and man’s interpretation of the collection of materials they have researched and their…Continue reading“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 8

“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 3

We are at war. It is and always has been a spiritual war between good and evil. We are in a great battle that began in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. Fear not for God has already won this war, but prepare for the battle for we wrestle not with flesh and…Continue reading“Oh Adam, Where For Art Thou?” Part 3

When They Say Boo – How High Do You Jump?

Being startled when someone jumps out at you is normal, but how many times can they do that before you catch on? It’s time to wake up and expose the psyops with the cold, hard truth! It seems most people have a hard time seeing the theatrics in the reality show the KM Oligarch lizards…Continue readingWhen They Say Boo – How High Do You Jump?


Then there is the world of Biden and the realm of Netanyahu… both in their own bubble, and each have their own thought police… or fake news puppets. So Biden 2.0 declares Netanyahu government is too conservative, meanwhile, Netanyahu is trying to wipe an entire ethnic group of people off the face of the earth?…Continue reading“TRUTH VERSUS A LIE”

Precious Living Stones? Analyze that one!

Horns, Beasts, Clouds, Horses and Sheafs….??? What do we make of all the symbology of the Word of God? There are many scriptures that tell us how when the prophets didn’t understand their vision, an angel(s) came to them to interpret it. Why is that? Because sometimes the vision was very symbolic and they were not…Continue readingPrecious Living Stones? Analyze that one!

Shedding A Light On The Truth-

Take courage, for the Lord has overcome the world!  John 16: 33, “I have spoken these things to you so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation. But take courage; I have overcome the world.” Above, this is a meme of what you are fearing. These old, corrupt liars…Continue readingShedding A Light On The Truth-